Information for PokeBay League (Official) Season Two (League #14)
Welcome to the PokeBay League!

This is the home of the Official PokeBay League.
(Detailed Rules and Regulations can be found HERE)

Here the Objective is to earn at least 8 Badges to earn the right to attempt the Elite Four challenge.
By defeating the Elite Four in succession you earn the chance to challenge our Champion and claim the throne for your own!

Do you have what it takes to be the best?
We're looking forward to your challenge!

You have won 0 Badges from this league!
Active Gym Details
Leader Name Description Badges Required
Shenron Badge Dragon-Type Gym Leader 0
Depth Badge Water-Type Gym Leader
"The cold, dark waters of the abyss will be your grave."
Terra Badge Ground-Type Gym Leader
"Welcome to the Gaia dome!"
Cobalt Badge Steel-Type Gym Leader
"Welcome to the Armory."
Elwind Badge Flying-Type Gym Leader
"Welcome to the Throat of the World!
Here we shall battle on the highest point of Skyrim.
We shall make history of this great battle~"
Eternal Flame Badge Fire-Type Gym Leader
"I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match."
Eclipse Badge Dark-Type Gym Leader 0
Vlok Badge Rock-Type Gym Leader 0
- - - Elite 4 - - - Normal-Type Elite Four Member
"Welcome to the Fun-House. Please present your 8 tickets and enter. We wish you luck and hope you enjoy watching... The Greatest Show Unearthed!"
- - - Elite 4 - - - Electric-Type Elite Four Member 8
- - - Elite 4 - - - Dark-Type Elite Four Member 8
- - - Elite 4 - - - Fire-Type Elite Four Member
"Welcome to the Kanbatsu Chamber! Will you be worthy enough to wield a blade forged from the fiery flames of battle?"
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