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  23. September 2nd ~By Sparky
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  42. The war of Pokemon
  43. My Pokemon-only fanfic! (humans do make appearances)
  44. The life of Mew (aka me)
  46. should i end my writing career here?
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  48. Pokemon Chirstmas Tales of Advent
  49. should i make one last fan fic to go out with a bang writing storys????
  50. Is There Any Hope?
  51. Fanfiction Not an Ordinary Journey
  52. wat type od fan fic do u want me to do
  53. Dear Diary
  54. News on most of my FanFictions:
  55. Howl in the Wind
  56. A fan fic
  57. Shannon Knight’s Journey Through Hoenn
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  59. Redemption. A Pokemon Story.
  60. Run: A Pokemon Legend.
  61. PokéVignettes
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  63. The Strange House Mystery
  64. When the Tides Turn: A Journey Across Unova
  65. Deathfile, A Journey through the Sinnoh Region
  66. The Sleepover at Ash's
  67. Illusions of dream
  68. Ash's Homecoming
  69. My website updated for my fan fics.
  70. Pokemon Ultimate adventure(New)
  71. A Cut Above The Rest (A Pokemon FanFiction):
  72. The Unova Express (fanfic)
  73. My fanfic Nightmare in alamos town
  74. The fanfic short Mudkips adventure
  75. The mudkips adventure series
  77. Is It Fair? (One -Shot or Multi-Chapter?)
  78. IN PROGRESS: Black: Adventures of the Unova League
  79. A Heart of Gold and a Soul of Silver
  80. Dragon ball z: Father and son reunion.
  81. Kuchiyose no Jutsu - I choose you.
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  85. Calling All Collaborators!
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  88. Behind these blue eyes...
  89. ACTUAL STORY: Behind these blue eyes.
  90. [WARNING: Horror]Creepypasta,guardian fake
  91. [WARNING: Horror]Creepy pasta:the night of a monster
  92. [WARNING: Horror]Creepypasta:the ghostly girl
  93. [WARNING: Horror]Creepy Pasta-Skylanders, Deathlanders
  94. Unova Adventures
  95. [WARNING: Horror]Creepypasta:ghost girl part 2
  97. [WARNING: Horror]Creepypasta:the ghostley girl FINALE!!!!
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  99. (WARNING:Horror)The carnivel of darkness
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