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  1. LF for Shiny Kalos Born Flawless Magmar or Magmotor. 5-6ivs.
  2. FT: Shinys/Competetive/Cloning services
  3. Seeking Kalos Shinys!
  4. LF: Shiny Froakie/ Have other shines for trade!
  5. FT:5-6iv shiny kalos born pokemon LF:5-6iv shiny kalos born
  6. 6V for trade
  7. Lf: Club nintendo pin FT: Legendary,Shiny,event
  8. Help a Trainer out?
  9. Future Giveaway: LEGIT Shiny Mew (old sea map event) that I will be SR for!
  10. looking for shiny Froakie 6iv honedge 6iv and noibat<3
  11. Giving Event Pokemon
  12. Need MegaStones!
  13. i need one more pokemon for the dex!!!
  14. Foofighter's Legendary and Shiny Trading thread!
  15. LF Shaymin and Keldeo! :D
  16. Looking For Keldeo! The only Pokemon I don't have
  17. wanting to trade my groudon
  18. Trading for PINs
  19. Shiny Pokemon Giveaway!
  20. Trading Genesect for Shinies!!!!
  21. Yveltal, Zygarde, and Meloetta Givaway
  22. Dex help
  23. Starters pokemons
  24. trading shiny ho-oh
  25. Shiny Bulbasaur Giveaway!
  26. Looking for heracross with megastone!
  27. Looking For May's Manaphy
  28. Workin on dat DeX!
  29. I want all the pokemon
  30. Free Shinies
  31. Looking for a shiny or two, shiny palkia and giratina up for trade.
  32. FT Shiny Crawdaunt.
  33. Manaphy for trade
  34. Trading Legendaries for Mega-stones
  36. Much for trade! Looking for shiny Jirachi! Also almost any other legends as well!
  37. Yamask
  38. LF Legends, Trading Perfect 5IVs
  39. Lf Legendaries, Trading perfect 5IVs
  40. FT: Trophy Gigalith LF Shiny Eevee
  41. LF: Tundra, Savannah, Sandstorm & Monsoon Vivillon. FT: see..
  42. I need a 5-6 IV MALE Chikorita/Baleef/Meganium from outside the USA
  44. Offering Legendary Pokemon for Shinies
  45. LF Contrary Snivy/Servine/Serperior
  46. Trade Out!!!
  47. Shiny Zebstrika
  48. Trading Yveltal for a Xerneas
  49. 3-for-1 trade! Lookin' for a Shiny Bunnelby/Diggersby!
  50. Lf kalos shinies
  51. Kalos shinies please
  52. LF F. Intimidate Qwilfish
  53. LF tsv 1864 offering a shiny
  54. Tons of Volt Tackle Pichu for trade
  55. entei trade for darkrai
  56. LF Blazicanite and Arceus!
  57. Help with friend code!
  58. Manaphy For Trade
  59. Need Dex help ;-;
  60. Legendary's!
  61. Shiny pokemon Giveaway!!!!!
  62. level 70 blastoise level 70 trade for a phione with blastoisnite
  63. shiny for trade
  64. Looking for the Holiday Codes from Walmart.
  65. Looking for Chikorita
  66. LF shiny litwick and so on FT victini, shiny giratina, shiny palkia
  67. wanting to trade my raikou
  68. LF:Items, Trading:Shiny pokemon
  69. phiones for trade
  70. Looking for: Pokémon Center Tohoku Victini
  71. Looking for Shiny Fletchinder and Shiny Duoblade
  72. LF Deoxys+Others (Have shiny Registeel)
  73. Shiny Giveaway!
  74. trading an articuno
  75. LF Lanturn!
  76. Shinies for trade!
  77. Looking for Leftovers
  78. LF: Palkia and other pokemon.
  79. LF::Ditto
  80. Anyone Willing to Trade Jirachi?
  81. Need 6iv shiny greninja ha plz
  82. LF Blaziken
  83. Looking for Swirlix
  84. Shiny Terrakion/Virizion/Cobalion for trade!
  85. LF Totodile and Chimchar
  86. Completing the National Dex--Your help needed!
  87. Need Maison Items
  88. Need Pokemon?
  89. LF: shinies and event pikachu/Meowth FT: event legendaries and some shinies
  90. Trading Phione for Legendaries
  91. LF: shiny Fennekin
  92. LF : Shiny Umbreon
  93. LF Blaziken with Blazikenite any level
  94. LF Destiny Knot
  95. Looking to Complete Dex!
  96. LF Legit Shiny Mew
  97. Have extra zygaurd and mewtwo
  98. Looking for a breeder, have shinys to offer.
  99. Looking For: Shiny Flawless IV Eevee with Hidden Ability.
  100. LF: Meloetta and shinies! Ft: Legendaries/event pokemon/other shinies
  101. Looking for Magnemite, Wingull and Porygon Evolutions
  102. Light Ball
  103. Looking for: Vivillon Patterns!
  104. Looking For Heart Scales
  105. lvl 70 shiny pokemon
  106. Looking for a shiny male electrike
  107. Looking for Charizard Y mega stone, have shiny
  108. Pokerus Snorlax
  109. Cloning please
  110. FT: Manaphy LF: Darkrai, Genesect, Mew, Victini, and Keldeo :)
  111. Random pokemon give away
  112. Trading Away Entei
  113. Legends Giveaway
  114. Shiny team...
  115. Hidden Ability Pokemon Trading Thread!
  116. Trading Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, and Mega Stones
  117. meloetta dialga and deoxys and many more all for the taking
  118. Looking for immunity gligar :)
  119. Voltaradragoness Trading Shop
  120. LF: Storm Drain Lileep
  121. Zero The Third's shop and Breeding service.
  122. FT: Victini LF: Keldeo or Meloetta
  123. LF Help Pokedex completion: Registeel
  124. Cloning
  125. flawless/5IV pokemon up for trades
  126. LF : Mudkip
  128. LF: Shiny Honedge. Trading Shinys, Legendaries, and Event Pokemon!
  129. Jirachi and Arceus needed! Please help!
  130. Shiny Grimer (Ew sparkly ikr?)
  131. (Almost) Anything for Vivillon
  132. Trade talk!
  133. Shiny Sableye
  134. Giveaway Alot IV4 Pokemons With HiddenAbility
  135. Foreign Pokémon needed
  136. Shiny Genesect For Trade
  137. LF: Battle
  138. Need Houndoominite, Heracronite, Charizardite Y
  139. Closed
  140. Trading: Trading only!
  141. Cloning pokemon :D (Pokemon X and Y only)
  142. Looking for some pokemonss :D
  143. I need a 6IV ditto please!
  144. Looking for Shiny Furfrou and Riolu!
  145. Looking for a growlithe/arcanine
  146. LF Dragonaire Safari or Multiscale trade
  147. Shadow_claw's gifting!
  148. *Velvet's New Hidden Ability Shop*
  149. LF Any 4IV, 5IV (preferably), or 6IV Ditto Please
  150. Need shiny altaria!
  151. Meloetta for help with evolving
  152. Assorted 6IV trades.
  153. LF 6Iv dittos and 5IV breeding rejects.
  154. need 6iv japan ditto
  155. Mew
  156. Looking for Items
  157. LF Modest Ditto
  158. Shiny Trading and Cloning!
  159. Lf houndoominite
  161. Closed
  162. I can make your Pokemon Shiny in 6th Gen!(X&Y)
  163. shiny trading
  164. Want to trade my Charizardite X for your Charizardite Y
  165. Want to trade a shiny male Vulpix/Ninetales for a female shiny Vulpix/Ninetales.
  166. Dream World Pokemon
  167. LF Protean Froakie
  168. 5IV Riolus
  169. FT 5IV egg move Pokemon
  170. Need Blazikenite offering a stuff!
  171. Shiny Giveaway
  172. Start over :(
  173. Looking For A Shiny Amaura
  174. Looking for Hidden Ability Pokemon!
  175. Looking for a Darkrai..
  176. Looking for legdendaries!
  177. Trading Shiny Eevee and Mega Stone (Charizardite Y) and Metwonite Y
  178. Looking for Gardevoirinite
  179. Trading shiny Gyarydos (Gen 6)
  180. I need some item trade evolutions
  181. Looking for a few pokemon for national pokédex!
  182. Trading my master ball for legends
  183. Trying to get rid of this Yveltal..
  184. HA service for shinies
  185. FT: Shiny Fennekin
  186. Kakaris breeding services
  187. LF: Raikou with Zap Cannon
  188. LF: Shiny Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard
  189. Can Make Your 6th Gen. Pokemon Shiny!
  190. FT: Zygarde holding a Master Ball.
  191. Shiny Mew...
  192. Shiny Phantump or Trevenant
  193. Looking for Hidden Ability Pokemon!
  194. Pokemon xy shiny flawless trade thread
  195. Trading Keldeo, Meloetta, Mew for Mega-Stones
  196. Evolution trade help, please?!
  197. rare pokeballs wanted
  198. Shiny Offer
  199. LF: Shiny Genesect and Keldeo
  200. Looking for a Ghost Friend Safari
  201. Legitimate IV breeding shop
  202. LF: Shiny Fennekin and Shiny Greninja
  203. Looking for a Focus Sash and a Assault Vest:
  204. Help me complete my pokedex
  205. Shiny Vivillons :3
  206. Leftovers
  207. Looking for legends and trade evolutions to complete my Pokedex
  208. Shiny legend trade
  209. Looking for Gen6 Events, For trade So much
  211. Looking for 5-6 IV Pokemon, Trading the same.
  212. Looking for breeding dittos
  213. Huge Shiny Giveaway!
  214. Anybody know where I could get a Blazenkenite?
  215. Shiny Rayquazas for trade
  216. Pokemon I need to complete my Pokedex
  217. 2 SHINIES FOR 1
  218. Greninja and Lucario
  219. LV. 100 GER PALKIA for SHINY GRENINJA? :^o
  220. Looking for Aggronite and Nobunaga's Shiny Rayquaza
  221. Tell me what to breed
  222. Anyone got Blazekinite?
  223. Shiny Staryu
  224. trading blazekinite even torchic
  225. Trading Celebi, Phione, Shiny Hitmonlee
  226. Trading Celebi/Jirachi/Manaphy/Phione
  227. FT: Legends, LF: 6th gen shinies
  228. Shinies for Trade, Looking For Shiny Zangoose
  229. Looking for a Male Shiny Bunnelby/Diggersby
  230. Foofighter's Ultimate 5 IV and Shiny Trading Thread
  231. HA Dittos FT
  232. LF: Spritzee with HA
  233. Need Items, trading shinies and good Ivs
  234. Y Megastones
  235. Looking for TOXIC ORB
  236. ANNOUNCEMENT: The Official PokeBay League is Returning!
  237. Dream Radar Pokemon
  238. New Gyms!
  239. looking for blazekenite
  241. Shines For Trade
  242. LF Friend Safaris/HA pokemon and Vivillon
  243. HA pkmn and 3-5IV pkmn FT
  244. Trading Shinys for Various Things
  245. Leftovers
  246. Trading shiny legends 2-4-1
  247. Looking for legends!!!WIll trade back!!!
  248. Shiny Chespin Fenniken or Froakie
  249. Shinies that aren't wanted.
  250. trading 5-6 iv kb shiny battle ready pokemon