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  1. anyone willing to trade a mega charizard X for a Y one?
  2. Early Gamers! Froakie for Fennekin?
  3. shiny eevee
  4. Pokemon X & Y Trades
  6. Version trade
  7. Need someone to help evolve Kadabra :)
  8. Dusk Stone
  9. LF 31 ATK Ditto
  10. Pokemon X and Y trade!
  11. Anyone got a spare yveltal?
  12. To anyone that needs any of the 6th gen or 1st gen starters
  13. Shiny Speedboost Torchic?
  14. Japanese ditto
  15. LF> Shiny Honedge FT: ANY pokemon(Look inside)
  16. need the Mega Stones from Pokemon X
  17. gengar
  18. Hidden ability froakies
  19. I'll give good pokemon for your unwanted ones!!! :):)
  20. Trading Legit gen 5 shiny pokemon for x exclusive stones
  21. LF: Tyranitarite. I have Aggronite for trade.
  22. Anyone has a few minutes?
  23. In need of Pokemon for X!
  24. I refuse to fight the champion without a Swampert, so can anyone help me out??
  25. Looking for some Mega Stones. Good Pokemon in return.
  26. Need help!
  27. Pokemon & Item trades
  28. I am in need of a Banette! :D
  29. Chu's Pokemon/item/other Shop
  31. Shiny eevee
  32. Looking for a Female Ralts/Kirlia with Telepathy!
  33. Looking for mega stones
  34. looking for plain old fashioned evolution stones/items
  35. shiny eevee
  36. SWIRLIX!!
  37. WhiteWolfFang's Trading Shop
  38. Shiny Charizard, Shiny Yanma, & Shiny Mewtwo
  39. Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos
  40. Chu's Pokemon Shop
  41. Seeking shinies!
  42. Pokemon in need!
  43. Vivillon Patterns
  44. Pokemon in need!!!!!! I'll give you pokemon with pokerus!!!
  45. Pokemon in need!! Will trade you a pokemon with POKERUS!
  46. Anyone have a spear icysnow vivillon?
  47. Anyone willing to trade for a Sylveon?
  48. Fennekin Giveaway!
  49. Metang
  50. Stone for a stone
  51. Need Mega Stones
  52. Fossils and more fossils
  53. Hidden Ability Dratinis for trade!
  54. 6th Gen Gym Leaders Of Pokebay!
  55. ~Looking for BP items~
  56. Help to evolve Scyther into Scizor
  57. Shiny Pokemon Good Nature
  58. FT Lucky Eggs
  59. Yeveltal,Charazard Y stone.
  60. In need of pkmn from the friend safari
  61. Looking for some Mega stones and Pokemon
  62. Want to trade my shiny EV trained hatched Froakie for another shiny (probably Gengar)
  63. Gale wing fletchinder, protean froakie, marvel scale dragonair
  64. Trading Aragonite for Tyrantiarite
  65. Help on evolving swirlix and spritzee
  66. Mewtwonite Y
  67. Charizardite X and Mewtwonite X
  68. Favorite X and Y pokemon?
  69. Anyone with a Normal Friend Safari ?
  70. FT shiny HA Delphox Male Gender Modest
  71. Giveaway
  72. Pokérus needed
  73. Anyone have PKRS?
  74. Help...?
  75. Shiny trading Shellder/Skrelp/Gyarados/
  76. how can i win?
  77. Pokebay Tag Battle 11/21/2013 Fall Tourney
  78. Shiny Absol Please!!!!
  79. Giveaway!!!!
  80. Need Charizardite X Mega Stone
  81. Chainsaw's shop
  82. FT: Shiny Pokemon and a couple 5 IV. LF: SHiny Pokemon I don't have
  83. Need help with trade evolve
  84. Need certain pokemon
  85. Ditto safari or Eevee safari or Fairy safari.
  86. looking for tyranitarite for aggronite
  87. FT: Shiny Quiladin, Protean Lv1 Froakie, Shiny Relicanth. LF: Shiny Lampent, offers.
  88. Chainsaw's shop
  89. Looking for a Foreign Ditto
  90. trading aggronite for tyranitarite
  91. Trading: Shiny Relicanth and Shiny Jolly Chesnaught. LOOKING FOR:
  92. I want a shiny Eevee
  93. Aggronite for Tyranitarite
  94. SuperMegaAwesome Breeder Me!
  95. In Search Of Bold and Serious Abras with Syncronize
  96. I want Ferroseed with Stealth Rock or Spikes!
  97. More Giveaway!!
  98. Need some items & Pokémon.
  99. Shiny Dedenne
  100. Shiny Phantump.
  101. Trading shiny growlithe.
  102. Looking for Steel and Poison Types
  103. LF Charizardite X Stone
  105. evolution trades?
  106. 5 IV BellyJet, Adamant, Huge Power Marills
  107. Dusclops With Frisk
  108. Need Tyranitarite
  109. 4 iv Modest Egg move Squirtles for trade.
  110. Trade Evolution
  111. Battles For YouTube!
  112. Help please with getting the right Pokemon FT: Shiny Trevenant, Conkeldurr, Toxicroak
  113. shiny roselia for trade :)
  114. Scyther for scyther?
  115. In need of Evolutionary Stones!!
  116. 5 IV Adamant Honedges
  117. LF>Female Shiny Meowstic or Espurr
  119. SHINY FIRE TYPES WANTED/ Good shiny Pokemon please.. I will trade generously!!
  120. Giveaway Nov.17-23
  121. wtb Shiny Gengar
  122. LF Timid Mewtwo UT
  123. Various mega-stone trades
  124. Need Tyranitarite Will trade Aggronite
  125. shiny foongus for trade
  126. Shiny Masquerain for Pickpocket Seedot?
  128. Shiny s for Items.
  129. Shiny Aegislash!
  130. charizardinite Y
  131. Shiny rares for trade! Pokemon x and y
  132. Need for shinys will trade legendarys for them
  133. Shinys for trade
  134. Looking for shiny nickname able dark type pokemon! Offering shinys!
  135. Heracronite From Pinsirite
  136. can some 1 help me evolve my shiny doublade i need a dusk stone
  137. Trading Bold Klink w/ Clear Body and Relaxed Tyrouge w/ Vital Spirit for...
  138. StaceppaMan secret breeding market (5 IV and so on...)
  139. Elemental fang Tyrunt
  140. need a pokemon
  141. chespin and fennekin to trade away!
  142. IV Pokémon Giveaway!
  143. Old Bechorath's Breeding Bazaar (Please use new one)
  145. LF Shiny Eevee or Shiny Glaceon
  146. Shiny Froakie?
  147. Polar Vivillon!?
  148. LF Shiny Froakie :L
  149. Shinys for trade! pokemon x and y Plz read before posting
  150. Trading Shiny Lampent for Non-Shiny IV Pokemon I need!!!
  151. Welshy's Pokemon X and Y Market:
  152. Pokemon for trade
  153. Operation Zubat Storm
  154. Trade my Tyranitarite for Houndoomite?
  155. Trading Charizard with Megastone Y
  156. SHINY trading thread
  157. Where are you Ditto!
  158. Looking for zapdos and moltres
  159. Need a 5iv ditto.
  160. Shiny Fennikin /Delphox
  161. LF: Shiny Chesnaught and shiny Metagross
  162. FT: Shiny Alomomola. LF: Harvest Exeggcute with Perf IV Spa and Spee.
  163. Shiny aggron for trade with aggronite
  164. IV pokemon,shinies,legendaries,hidden abilities,bp items,mega stone
  165. Competitive Pokemon?
  166. LF: Pinsirite FT: Charizardite X ,Venusaurite, 5Ivs, HA, egg moves, BP Items, legenda
  167. Charizard x stone mega
  168. shiny skrelp for shiny clauncher?
  169. Need tradeback help
  170. 23 Shinys for trade LF Shiny Volt tackle Pichu
  171. 6th Generation Shiny Breeding & Free Timid Gastly's
  172. Looking for HA SR Swinubs and HA Mach Punchs Timburrs. Have BP.
  173. looking for a moltres
  174. Looking to buy a shiny bold female eevee lv 1
  176. free eevees and charmander
  177. need clauncher
  178. few new shinys for trade X and Y
  179. lookin to trade for pokes I need
  180. LF Shiny Aron/Lairon/Aggron
  181. My Little Trade Shop
  182. Shiny Pokemon Trading.
  183. Breeding Pairs, Competitive Bred 5iv, and Rare Items FT
  184. LF Shiny competitive Aron
  185. Shinys for trade GEN 6
  186. Breeding Pairs, Competitive Bred 5iv, and Rare Items FT
  187. Breeding Warehouse
  188. Breeding Pairs, Competitive Bred 5iv Pokemon, and Rare Items FT
  189. Seeking 6 IV Foreign Male Pokemon!
  190. Any 6th Gen Shiny Breeders out there?
  191. Trading Venasaurite for Charizardite X!
  192. Pawniards for sale
  193. LF an Honest player to trade and trade back
  194. Search shiny Froakie or Frogadier
  195. Multi Battle Tournament or Gyms?
  196. New dark type gym, open for buisness!
  197. Anyone know?
  198. friend safari trades
  199. Trading Shiny Eevee
  200. Looking for shinies
  201. Shiny hippowdow and shiny tentacruel trade
  202. Xerneas trade
  203. Umbreon's Moonlight Trading Shop (X and Y)
  204. Need shiny roilu and charmeloen safari
  205. Trading Blastoisnite for Alazkazite.
  206. Bechorath's Breeding Bazaar
  207. Looking for Normal and electric Friend safari!
  208. Trading Dittos
  209. Need 4IV Ditto
  210. Looking to Trade for Different Region Charmander
  211. Pokemon/Items/Shinnies ^.^
  212. All Shiny forms of eeveelutions +eevee! for trade! LF shiny i dont have!
  213. I need a Metal Coat
  214. 57 Shinys for trade
  215. Pokebank Exclusive Pokes
  216. Trading shiny feebas aka (milotic) for shiny protean froakie IN X &Y
  217. Looking For Vulpix and Larvesta.
  218. Pokebank Legends an shinys for trade
  219. Breeding reject trading.
  220. Elektrike/Manectric Needed! Please Help!
  221. Looking for male Deino (lvl 1-15) in gen. 6
  222. Trade aragonit for tyrantiarite
  223. Looking For Latios
  224. Shaymin
  225. 5IV Pokes / HA Pokebank / Foreign Pokebank.
  226. Trading Shinies for Battle Mansion Items.
  227. yvetal for Xerneus (trade)
  228. ft pokebank pokemon. List inside
  229. free mudkips and cyndaquils
  230. Looking for Raikou
  231. Anyone wanna help me with evolving my Shiny Seadra?
  232. Pokebank pokemon for trade!!!!!!!
  233. Looking for Zangoose will trade a Seviper
  234. Uxie
  235. Free Eevees!
  236. LF shiny buneary or Lopunny offering Jirachi
  237. Lets Trade!
  238. manaphy 6th gen
  239. Trading starters, rares, Phiones, Rotoms, and a few shinies-
  240. all legendaries an 60+ Shinys for trade
  241. LF:shiny chespin or any of its evoloutions
  242. Shiny Beldum
  243. Batch of Snivy with Pokerus for Trade
  244. Selling LEGIT obtained Shiny Legendaries and Other Shiny Pokemon X and Y
  245. 4/5 IV fossil pokemon and others
  246. FT: Lvl 72 Jap Rayquaza LF: Shiny Rayquaza, any lvl
  247. charizardite X WANTED!
  248. Shiny azumarill
  249. LF:shiny eevee or shiny starters
  250. Pokedex help