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  1. Hopes and dreams for the new games
  2. pokemon sun and moon theory-gems in japanese logos appear in episode 45!!!!
  3. Starters revealed!
  4. Popplio Protection Program
  5. Are you getting Sun or Moon?
  6. Mimikyu defense team
  7. Eeveelutions in Alola
  8. Solrock and Lunatone
  9. you better choose me as your starter
  10. Rowlet Plush ^^
  11. sun and moon theory based on Lilli (or lilly idk)
  12. Rockruff's Secret Evolution Typing?!
  13. Who is your favourite starter middle evolution?!
  14. ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding spoilers, demo and game release! (Please read, important!)
  16. Sun or Moon?
  17. Trade Center for SuMo?
  18. I just can't with this game
  19. A Fan Review for those of you who are hesitant to buy Sun & Moon (NO SPOILERS)
  20. First Global Link Mission!
  21. How to get: Magearna
  22. Sun and Moon Spoiler Theory Analysis
  23. trade to evolve my cosmoem to evolve it
  24. Powersaving in SuMo?
  25. Magearnas....
  26. LF poliwag with hidden ability
  27. Weakness Policy
  28. Bidoof protection thread
  29. Is anybody else having trouble using some transferred Pokémon online?
  30. shiny volcanion from trade
  31. Festive Plaza Trading Facilities Central
  32. What was your team in Sun and Moon?
  33. Free Mega Evolution stones for Mewtwo
  34. HP ground kyogre?
  35. 2 Free EU Lycanroc Codes!!
  36. Looking for a dragonscale
  37. Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - hopes and dreams!
  38. Lycanroc codes (U.S.)
  39. Mega stone code for those that don't know.
  40. Shiny makers/Cloners?
  41. Good pokemon to have while shiny hunting?
  42. Trade evolve
  43. Marshadow
  44. Trade Shiny Value?
  45. Bleh feature of Pokebank;
  46. Capped Pikachu Codes
  47. LF: US Salazzle Code
  48. Filling out dex.
  50. LF Shiny Registeel preferably with seismic toss
  51. Does anyone have a GEN 2 ASH HAT PIKACHU
  52. hiya
  53. Lf Recent Gamestop/EB games events. Marshadow, etc.
  54. S.Silvally;
  55. LF: Shiny Silvally EVENT
  56. WTT Recent Event Codes
  57. 2 Salazzle Codes;
  58. NA Event Pokemon Code Giveaway!
  59. Marshadow Codes
  60. Important about USUM spoilers!
  61. Shiny Silvally
  62. Shiny Japanese Kygore & Groudon
  63. Shiny Silvally & Marshadow Codes
  64. Pokemon MMORPG
  65. LF Pokemon Eventmons.
  66. Pokemon Master - Looking to Finish All Variation Dex
  67. Pokemon Ultrasun/Ultramoon Battle group
  68. Special rockruff
  69. Poketopia
  70. I require Own Tempo Rockruff.
  71. Shiny Dex To Fill
  72. Sun/Moon OR Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon???
  73. LF a Rockfuff with Own Tempo
  74. Complete Pokedex in UM!
  75. 2 shiny zygarde code from free
  76. Looking for some pokemon
  77. Pokemon Go - Generation 8
  78. Shiny Ash Pikachu
  79. 2018 Tornadus & Thunderus Target Anyone Able to Help?
  80. Shiny Zygarde codes for free
  81. Looking for giveaways?
  82. looking for someone to make me a team for my trades.
  83. 2 Kyogre/ Groudon event codes
  84. Shiny 5iv Mew for Hoopa
  85. Event Tornadus/Thundurus & Kyogre/Groudon Code Cards
  86. LF executor with nursery ability
  87. LF Legit Japanese Event Zeraora.
  88. A place for battle codes and replays!
  89. Pokedex help!
  90. Legendary/Mythical trades
  91. i want to trade gamestop Poipole for Zeraora
  92. LF North American Event Zekrom.
  93. LF Shiny Groudon Event, Japanese and/or Korean
  94. LF Shiny Kyogre Event, Japanese or Korean.
  95. Pokemon Go Friend codes.
  96. Trade for Rufflet
  97. Anyone have these Pokémon? I missed out..
  98. Shiny Poipole North American Codes for trade.
  99. Free North American Event Shiny Poipole Giveaway!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Evolving Gengar
  101. Looking for a friend
  102. trading a shiny
  103. Looking To Trade For Shiny Mimikyu
  104. LF - Rockruff w/ Own Tempo, or Dusk Lycanroc (Ultra Sun/Moon). FT - (see list)
  105. hoping for a garchomp trade please trade