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  1. zamazenta will trade straight back
  2. need help complete pokedex
  3. Im looking for a shield player to trade me some exclusives
  4. Need a Shield player to help me fill my dex
  5. Looking for non-English Ditto for Masuda
  6. Looking for stonjourner or a trade back zacian to fill dex
  7. LF Zeraora
  8. Looking for shiny necrozma
  9. Looking for Necrozma Trading Eternatus
  10. Looking for v-create rayquaza. Willing to trade any events/shiny events I have.
  11. LF Pokemon Home Shiny Zeraora
  12. Trading including a shiny Articuno
  13. Shiny Mew/Celebi Giveaway
  14. Looking for someone to trade Machoke in sword