View Full Version : Want to Trade for Melmetal!

03-18-2020, 06:09 AM
I would like to trade for a Melmetal. It has to be legit and not have a weird/stupid nickname. I am fine with it being in any language though. The choices of Pokčmon I can offer for it are[NOTE: If it is not specified as Shiny then it is the normal version]: Celebi, Lunala, Solgaleo, Silvally, Giratina, Zapdos, Mesprit, Tapu-Koko, Tapu-Bulu, Virizion, Cobalion, GMax Duraludon, GMax Corviknight[Mirror Armor], GMax Grimmsnarl[Pickpocket], GMax Alcremie[Aroma Veil], GMax Flapple[Hustle], GMax Colossal[Flash Fire], GMax Toxtricity standard & low-key[Technician], Poipole, Naganadel, Blacephalon, Stakataka, Xurkitree, Nihilego, Pheromosa, Kartana, Celesteela, Regice, Shiny Wartortle, Shiny Charmeleon, Shiny Glalie, Shiny Gyarados, Shiny Sableye, Shiny Bisharp, Shiny Dragonite, Chimchar[Iron Fist], Snivy[Contrary], Maganium[Leaf Guard], Froakie[Protean], Torchic[Speed Boost], Cyndaquil[Flash Fire], Empoleon[Defiant], Quilladen[Bulletproof], Fenniken[Magician] and a Unovan Darmanitan[Zen Mode]. (NOTE: I also have a Shiny Rayquaza I got in a past game' GTS but I suspect it may be a non legit, yet technically legal, Pokemon though I'm not sure. Just thought I'd mention it in case someone would still want it anyway). Plz let me know if you're interested �� EDIT: Ignore this, I've Traded already.

03-19-2020, 05:54 AM
I also have a Type: Null and will trade 2 apriballs along with a Pokémon.