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The Kiwi Dragon
09-01-2012, 11:36 PM
Chapter I: The End

I woke at 9:00 AM on what could've been described as a normal Saturday, with the sun shining and kids playing and battling their Pokemon in the street.
I went down the hallway to find the 3 house cat pokemon: Skitty, Glameow and Purrloin all crying at me to unlock the pokemon flap so they could go about their business.
I opened it and all 3 ran out into the garden.
I soon went into the cupboard and grabbed some cereal and downed it in front of the TV, watching some cheesy hospital drama omnibus.
I left a note to my mum that I was going for a early morning battle and that I'd be back later.
I walked out the gate aware that Skitty would watch me and jump over the wall to follow me, I eyed her cautiously before whispering 'Scram' to her.
I closed the gate behind me and noticed a bunch of kids battling across the street, so I was walking across the road when it happened...
I fell into a deep dark hole, a almost never ending hole, when I finally reached the bottom I wondered to myself 'Where am I?'
I looked around and thought 'I must have fallen through a drain covering... but in the middle of the road?' 'It isn't even wet down here!'
I looked up into the dark surroundings and it was a mixture of dark clouds with purple swirls in the air.
I soon came to a shocking realization, I Was In the Distortion World!

End of Chapter 1.

Baby Koga
09-01-2012, 11:41 PM
Sounds like the start of an interesting story! Keep it up! ^-^

The Kiwi Dragon
09-02-2012, 03:28 AM
Chapter II: Revelations

I looked around as I heard a distant laughing, I walked closer to the voice to see a person in a black hooded cloak to greet me.
'Hello child, you look lost...' the figure said. 'I sort of am. This is the Distortion World isn't it?' I asked. 'No child, this is Counter-Earth!' the figure replied. 'Riiiigght...' I told him. 'I speak the truth child!' he retorted. 'OK whatever gramps, don't blame me because you lost your marbles, who are you anyway? And stop calling me child already, I am 15.' I shouted. 'My name is unimportant, but come with me I have someone who desires to meet you.'
I walked with him to a giant gold throne with a man standing next to it again wearing a black hooded cloak, this time with a gold chain around the hood where their neck would be. He put his hand out for me to shake. 'My name is The Beyonder.' 'Where am I then?' I asked. 'You are on Counter-Earth!' The Beyonder exclaimed. 'So your friend isn't mad?' I asked. 'Nope, but I brought you here and I have a small proposition for you...' The Beyonder told me.

End of Chapter 2.

The Kiwi Dragon
09-02-2012, 10:00 AM
Chapter III: No Choice

'Oh really?' I asked. The Beyonder stared at me intently 'Oh yes, Nick. You are destined to do great things here.' 'Why am I here then?' I asked. 'You are here to take part in an experiment in this world.' The Beyonder said as he sat on his throne. 'Really? A Pokemon experiment?' I asked. 'Correct! You will battle under tough circumstances against even tougher opponents, you will be able to bring a few friends along the way to assist you. Only 3 friends can be currently chosen to assist you on your journey, I shall let you decide soon. However I will warn you that this world can play tricks on all people. For example one moment your friend will assist you and another will turn against you. Also it can be peacefully quiet and then become a war zone. And then the risk of you being attacked by the wild Counter-Earth Pokemon. Just be aware that your typical Pokeballs cannot sustain Counter-Earth Pokemon as they are extremely powerful and aggressive. And on that note, it is time for you to choose who will join you on your journey...

End of Chapter 3.

The Kiwi Dragon
09-02-2012, 12:03 PM
Chapter IV: The Chosen 4

'I hope you have chosen your team-mates for your journey yet, it has been a day and a half!' The Beyonder exclaimed. 'I know, and I have decided...' I told him. 'Who shall you choose young hero?' The Beyonder asked. 'I choose 3 friends: Robin, Ruko and Tammie.' I told him. 'Excellent! They shall arrive soon...' He smiled. 'How though?' I asked puzzled. 'Simple, the same way you did, a worm-hole in the time-space continium...' He explained gleefully.
Ten Minutes later, I saw the familiar faces of Robin, Ruko and Tammie.
Robin had brown hair and was wearing a murky green t-shirt and light blue jeans. Ruko also had brown hair and was wearing a light blue shirt with shorter darker blue jeans and Tammie had blonde hair and a black dress with small white Ducklett prints all over it and black leggings.
Robin stared at me and said in his Irish accent, 'Now I realize never to drink coffee and eat before bed, because this is a dream... a scary dream!' Ruko looked around and said 'Now Robin, we are for something really cool and special... probably!' In her happily ever optimistic voice. Tammie stared at me and said 'Nick? Is that you?'. 'I am afraid so Tammie, and a dream it ain't... Dunno about purposes much either...' I told the 3 of them.
'So, the 3 of you have been chosen to fight alongside Nick, the hero. The objective is simple, travel, and fight alongside Nick. You will be given two of your own Pokemon of your choice upon entry into the Gauntlet.' The Beyonder explained. 'Hold on, isn't there somewhere we have to go?' Asked Tammie. 'Why, yes there is through this portal' The Beyonder stated matter-of-factly. 'Which portal?' Tammie asked, frantically looking for a portal. 'This one...' The Beyonder told us before we fell down, the world went black again as all 4 of us fell through the floor.

End of Chapter 4.

The Kiwi Dragon
09-02-2012, 01:14 PM
Chapter V: The Road to Nowhere - Part 1

We all fell down onto a hard, cold stone floor on top of each other, Robin being crushed by Ruko, Myself and Tammie on top.
We all helped each other up and noticed 2 paths both dimly lit by a pair of lamps.
'What do you reckon we should do, Nick?' Ruko asked. 'I have no idea Ruko, but I think we should split up and they should end up at the same finishing point.' I determined. 'Look guys, over here, it is a signpost!' Tammie told us. 'What does it say?' Ruko asked. Robin read it out loud. It says: Welcome to the Gauntlet, enjoy your trip...? Yeah right!' 'Robin, you go with Ruko and you should both be fine, me and Tammie will go the other way. I said eager to advance.
So all of us went our separate ways as me and Tammie discussed why we would be split up. When we saw what was ahead...
'Look Tammie, it is a Victini!' I told her. 'Yay! My favorite Pokemon!' She squealed. 'But what is that purple glow on the outside of it's body? Look Nick! I think it might be poisoned... poor thing!' 'Wait Tammie, I don't think that it is poisoned...' I shouted. But by then it was too late, Victini had turned dark purple, with horrible red eyes and enlarged claws and fangs. 'Go Hydreigon!' I shouted as I threw the ball into the air and Hydreigon appeared. 'Hydreigon, use Draco Meteor!' 'Hyy-Hydreiigoonn!!' it shouted as Hydreigon's Draco Meteor hit Victini. Victini stood there close to defeat as it used Zen Heatbutt on Hydreigon, Vic-Victiiiinnniii!! it shouted. Hydreigon took the hit and was barely fazed by the attack which had made a minimal effect. 'Hydreigon, use Rock Slide!' 'Hyy-Hydreiggoonn!!' it shouted as a pile of rocks crushed the little Victini, with
it putting out a final desperate cry of 'Victinii...' before it fainted. 'Quick Tammie, let's get a look at the little fella.' I told her. 'Look Nick, it has no trace of the purple stuff...' She looked bewildered. 'None at all? Great so we can't examine if it was poisoned now.' I said. 'Come on, it's too late to do anything now... Come on Hydreigon!' 'We'd better get to the end of this bad place, Nick.' 'Yes Tammie, I think we should too!' I yelled as we both ran further through the tunnel.

End of Chapter 5.

Please Comment, It'll be the thing that makes me do better!

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 11:50 AM
Behind the Scenes: Chapter 1 - The End:

'The End?' A quite fitting name for the beginning of a new series.
This however is just like a preview episode due to the length compared to the layer episodes.
This is the End of the beginning for our Main Character's normal life and the beginning of his alternate life!

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 11:56 AM
Behind the Scenes: Chapter 2 - Revelations:

I only now realized that Revelations is apparently a chapter in the bible so, rather strange that but anyway!
Chapter 2 gives more detail's of Nick's purpose in the Counter Earth, but is he being told the whole truth?
More questions that need to be answered!!

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 12:03 PM
Behind the Scenes: Chapter 3 - No Choice:

Finally, we get to see the darkness within this shadowy world of evil. Where the rules of the world are explained by the Beyonder.
Again like the two before it they are rather short to emphasize how much time I had that day!

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 12:05 PM
Behind the Scenes: Chapter 4 - The Chosen Four:

Finally the 3 allies are introduced and the fight for freedom begins!
What will follow will be hardship and tough times on the journey ahead, including an immeadiate problem...

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 12:06 PM
Behind the Scenes: Chapter 5 - The Road to Nowhere Part 1.

Only Nick and Tammie feature here to show the dangers of seperation and the evil that lurks below the surface...

The Kiwi Dragon
09-07-2012, 12:37 PM
Episode Guide:

Series 1:

1. The End - OUT NOW!
2. Revelations - OUT NOW!
3. No Choice - OUT NOW!
4. The Chosen Four - OUT NOW!
5. The Road to Nowhere - Part 1 (Nick and Tammie) - OUT NOW!
6. The Road to Nowhere - Part 2 (Robin and Ruko) - OUT NOW!
7. The Bitter Taste of Revenge - OUT NOW!
8. Enter the Gauntlet - Part 1 (The Gladiator) - OUT NOW!
9. Enter the Gauntlet - Part 2 (Showdown of the Titans) - OUT NOW!
10. Advance of Conquest - OUT NOW!
11. Black Ice - OUT NOW!
12. Frozen Wastelands - Part 1 (Bringing the Power) - OUT NOW!
13. Frozen Wastelands - Part 2 (Parting of the Ways) - OUT NOW!
End of Series 1.

Series 2:
14. On the Road Again - OUT NOW!
15. Night of the Hunter - OUT NOW!
16. Shadows of the Night - OUT NOW!
17. Warped and Twisted - Part 1 (Paradox) - OUT NOW!
18. Warped and Twisted - Part 2 (Unfurling Mayhem) - COMING SOON!
19. Maximum Carnage - Part 1 (Dimension Gap)
20. Maximum Carnage - Part 2 (Fabric of Reality)
21. Target Terminated - Part 1 (Running Wild)
22. Target Terminated - Part 2 (Judgement Day)
23. Enter the Samurai's - Part 1 (By the Sword)
24. Enter the Samurai's - Part 2 (Live and let Die)
25. Running with the Wolves
26. Turning Point

End of Series 2.

Series 3:
27. Guilty
28. Framed
29. A Price to Pay
30. Rise of the Eliminator - Part 1 (Power of the Eliminator)
31. Rise of the Eliminator - Part 2 (Evil of the Eliminator)
32. Rise of the Eliminator - Part 3 (Demise of the Eliminator)
33. Armed and Dangerous
34. Anything Goes
35. Survival
36. Revenge of the Wolfpack
37. Kidnapped - Part 1 (Undercover)
38. Kidnapped - Part 2 (Infiltration)
39. Kidnapped - Part 3 (Escape)

End of Series 3.

Series 4:

40. Back on a Mission
41. Spitfire
42. Burn it Down
43. Evil Woman. Evil Ways
44. Shadows of the Ghosts of the Past - Part 1 (The Haunting)
45. Shadows of the Ghosts of the Past - Part 2 (Free Spirits)
46. Walking Death - Part 1 (Friendship for Dinner, Death for Breakfast)
47. Walking Death - Part 2 (Venom)
48. Walking Death - Part 3 (Lethal Kill)
49. Determined
50. Warrior's Showdown
51. The Omen
52. Raw Power
53. Flame of the Phoenix

End of Series 4.

Series 5:

54. Wake Up Call
55. You Know My Name
56. Outlaws - Part 1 (On the Run)
57. Outlaws - Part 2 (Public Enemies)
58. Outlaws - Part 3 (Captured)
59. Outlaws - Part 4 (Execution)
60. Last Chance
61. Falling of Silence - Part 1 (Order of the Cult)
62. Falling of Silence - Part 2 (Mass Extermination)
63. Civil War - Part 1 (Beginning of Victory)
64. Civil War - Part 2 (Dictatorship Crushed)
65. Dystopia
66. Into the Void
67. Blood Ties

End of Series 5

Series 6

68. Collapse of Time - Part 1 (Ravages)
69. Collapse of Time - Part 2 (Damage Control)
70. Collapse of Time - Part 3 (Rewind)
71. Darkness Rising - Part 1 (Rise of the Entity)
72. Darkness Rising - Part 2 (Evil of the Entity)
73. Darkness Rising - Part 3 (Power of the Entity)
74. Darkness Rising - Part 4 (Destiny of the Entity)
75. Darkness Rising - Part 5 (Death of the Entity)
76. Fighting the Wolfpack - Part 1 (Evolution of the Wolfpack)
77. Fighting the Wolfpack - Part 2 (Demise of the Wolfpack)
78. Insanity of the Time-Master
79. Freedom at Last
80. Land of Confusion - (Grand Finale)

09-08-2012, 06:54 AM
wow how do write ;________;

The Kiwi Dragon
09-08-2012, 10:39 AM
Chapter VI: The Road to Nowhere - Part 2:

Meanwhile, Robin and Ruko had been travelling in the alternate tunnel for the same amount of time, they were just chatting away until they saw a pair of figures in the shadows, but it was too dark to make out who they were. Ruko was about to open her mouth to ask if they were close to the end, when one of the figures spoke.

'Where do you do two think you are going, hmm?' the first one asked. 'We are trying to get the end of this here tunnel.' Robin replied 'So if you two wouldn't mind telling us where to go...?' 'We sure will... IF YOU BEAT US IN A DOUBLE BATTLE!' The figure laughed maniacally.

'You're on, come on Ruko!' Robin shouted. ‘Fine, go Tropius!' the first figure shouted whilst he threw his Pokeball as his friend did the same but instead yelling 'Go Floatzel!' Robin threw his Pokeball 'Go Cincinno!' The first figure fell on the floor laughing endlessly 'You expect to beat us with that pathetic Pokemon...? No wait, that pathetic, girly Pokemon!' Robin clenched his teeth into a half evil grin waiting for Ruko to unveil her Pokemon. 'Go Arcanine!' She shouted. Then the second figure laughed. 'What is it opposite day? A girly Pokemon with a boy, and a boyish Pokémon with a girl? Hahaha!' 'I think you two are pathetic.' Ruko told them as they soon both stared in anger at her.

'Tropius use Hurricane on Arcanine!' the first figure shouted. 'Troooopppiuuss!' the dinosaur-like creature cried as a powerful gust of wind hit Arcanine. 'Arcanine use Flare Blitz!' Ruko shouted. 'Arcaaannniiine!' cried the fire type Pokemon, as the attack hit Tropius with some slight electricity exiting out of Arcanine’s body for recoil damage. 'Cincinno, use Hyper Voice on Floatzel!’ Robin yelled
'Oh no you don’t, you little vermin! Floatzel use Surf!’ The second figure shouted as a powerful burst of water hit Cincinno and Arcanine. ‘Cinciiiinnnoo…’ ‘Arcaaaniinne…’ as the pair of Pokemon lay defeated by the Shadowy Duo.

‘What’s next? A Garbodor?’ the first one laughed. As two more Pokeballs flew into the air. ‘Go Pikachu!’ ‘Go Feraligatr!’ the pair yelled.
‘Pikachu, use Volt Tackle on Floatzel!’ Robin commanded. ‘Feraligatr use Ice Fang on Tropius!’ Ruko yelled.
‘Floatzel use Crunch on Feraligatr!’ ‘Tropius use Leaf Tornado on Pikachu!’ The Shadowy Duo shouted.
Pikachu had managed to dodge Tropius’ attack and hit it with Thunder almost finishing it off, as Ruko was determinedly trying to keep Feraligatr positive until it could find an opening for the Ice Fang to hit. As Pikachu hit Floatzel with a Volt Tackle, Floatzel dared to get up again.

Feraligatr hit Tropius with the Ice Fang and suddenly Tropius fainted and along with the first mystery trainer, just disappeared.
‘Look out Feraligatr!’ Ruko shouted. But it was too late; Floatzel’s Brick Break had defeated Feraligatr.
‘Pikachu hit him as hard as you can with Volt Tackle!’ ‘Piiiiiikkkachuuuuu!!!’ the pokemon cried as it hit Floatzel. Robin looked up both of the two shadow trainers had gone!

But he noticed Ruko was looking rather pale. ‘You OK Ruko?’ ‘Nope… I feel dizzy and confused…’ she told him. ‘Don’t bother trying to take me to a Center, I’ll be fi-ne…’ ‘Ruko? Ruko?!’ Robin shouted at her, as a bright yellow light enveloped around her, then flashed and she was gone.

Robin walked through the rest of the tunnel, with tears streaming down his face, he’d lost a good friend…

End of Chapter 6.

The Kiwi Dragon
09-10-2012, 01:05 PM
Chapter VII: The Bitter Taste of Revenge:

Robin had walked through to the end of the tunnel alone, it had taken him 30 minutes to walk to the end, because he would keep seeing flashbacks of the moment one of his best friends died, and disappeared in a flash of light. But he thought to himself the entire way praying Ruko would still be alive.

He swore if he saw those two figures in front of him, he'd murder them in cold blood if he had to.
When he reached the end he saw the familiar faces of Tammie and Nick and smiled as he saw them but felt a lump appear in his throat.
'Where is Ruko?' Nick asked. 'She's... she is dead... I'm sorry mate, there was nothing I could do...' Robin said as he stared at the floor, not wanting to see the following emotions. Tammie had tears flowing down her cheeks as Nick hugged her tightly. 'Who would want to kill Ruko?!' she screamed. 'I don't know Tammie, but I reckon she'd want us to keep going and get home to Earth.' Nick said still hugging her.
'So you see this experiment is no longer a game anymore Nick...' The Beyonder said as his holographic image appeared in front of them.

'You knew this was going to happen you low life scum!' Tammie shouted at the holograph. Suddenly at the snap of The Beyonder's fingers
Tammie was still talking but had been muted. 'You have seen what this world does Nick, so stay alive and live here or die fighting!' The Beyonder pulled his hood down. 'Now stare into the face of all evil in this world.' he smirked. Nick could see nothing but a metal face with eye holes with two human like eyes within plus a mouth hole with a human mouth within it. 'This is my world, I control it, and you will never win!' he laughed as he snapped his fingers before the hologram vanished.

'Did I hear you guys say you were from Earth?' a mysterious figure asked. 'We are, Why? It doesn't even matter we are trapped here anyway!' Tammie cried. 'But you are trying to escape?' the mysterious figure asked. 'Could I come, I'm from Earth before they brought me for their twisted games. The name is Alyssa or Aly whichever you want to call me.' 'Sure you can I guess, Nick?' Tammie asked. 'I've got nothing against her, come and join us!' Nick said. All this time though Robin wasn't paying attention, he heard a faint whispering of a girl calling his name.

'I am gonna go for a quick look around for a bit.' he said. 'Sure thing buddy!' Nick said. 'Maybe I should go with him?' Tammie asked. 'Leave him stew, he needs some alone time.' Nick said.
Meanwhile Robin was getting nearer to the voice when he saw her 'Ruko!' he yelled. when she vanished. A woman dressed in total black spoke to him as a hologram. 'Is this your friend?' she asked. 'Yes, she is, can I see her?' Robin said. 'How about I make you a deal, you are unsure of even leaving this world, and you want your friend, so the deal is sabbotage the attempts of your friends on their mission's, if they fail, you will be rewarded!' she cackled. 'But I can't do that!' Robin said. 'That would just be decieving...' 'Look do you want you and your friend to leave here alive?' she asked. 'Yes ma'am!' Robin replied. 'So we have a deal then, Robin?' she asked. 'Yes we do!' he replied. 'I will instruct you what to do next time then!' she cackled 'Until next time!'
Robin realized he could finally be happy with the girl he liked and the freedom he needed, he just had to sabbotage Nick's attempts to win.
'Too easy!' he muttered as he walked to his friends.


'I must congratulate you Witch Doctor, you have made a part of the enemy side defect before we've even begun!' The Beyonder laughed. 'Thank you Beyonder, Nick will lose or I will defeat him myself.' she laughed.

End of Chapter 7.

09-11-2012, 03:47 AM
amazingly awesome

The Kiwi Dragon
09-12-2012, 10:58 PM
Chapter VIII: Enter the Gauntlet: Part 1 - The Gladiator:

The gang had now been on the road, for 2 days and in that time they had already seen diseases, death of a friend and a big headed megalomaniac crazier than Vlad the Impaler.

But as the four walked out of the underground tunnels onto dry land nothing could've prepared them for what lay ahead.
As the four stared into the distance, Nick turned to Aly, the group had only met her merely an hour ago. Yet she seemed like she had been there a long time. Aly wore a black shirt with a white hoodie and ripped denim jeans. She also had fiery red hair, and Nick wondered if she had a fiery temper to match.

But as Nick looked into the distance he could see tall futuristic styled skyscrapers rising into the clouds, a massive glass-like dome surrounding the city the sky above was a dark blue. But Nick could see something in the air out of the corner of his eye. But it couldn't be could it? It was...! Nick had seen a flying car, Tammie and Robin were amazed by all of this but Aly was unfazed. She said she'd seen them dozens of times.

The group walked through from the outskirts of the city into the city center, the place was sprawling with skyscrapers, the people just went about on their busy lives, with robotic policemen scurrying about the city, and right slap-bang in the heart of the city was the most unmodernized part of it, The Colosseum. This colosseum however was unlike the one Nick had seen at home, as this one was used for battling rather than being a tourist attraction. The four heroes walked in to see a person in a centurion outfit just finish battling a tourist.

As the tourist walked away, the Centurion approached the group. He spoke to Nick 'You look tough, Centurion challenge tough guy, make him look puny.' he said. 'I would normally but we are just on our way out...' Nick spoke as the front entrance closed. 'You no leave, until you fight Centurion, orders of Beyonder.' 'Oh yeah, and where is "Mister High and Mighty?' Tammie asked sarcastically. 'Up on Presidential Throne.'
Centurion said. 'Now we do battle you win, you free, you lose, you crushed. Deal?' 'Sure thing...' Nick said very unsure of what he was doing. 'Wait Nick!' Tammie shouted. 'What's up?' Nick asked. 'I want to battle him on behalf of us all...' She said. 'Well, if you are sure...' Nick said as Tammie nodded. 'I will be in the crowd cheering for ya!' 'Thanks Nick!' She said. Tammie looked around at the masses of people in the audience, she could see Nick and Aly but where was Robin?'


'So what do you want me to do mistress?' Robin asked Witch Doctor. 'Kill all the group aside from Nick. Look, there's an opportunity to kill Tammie, see that stone pillar?' She said. 'You want me to kill her with that huge thing?' he exclaimed. 'You will work it out, until next time... Bye bye!' as Witch Doctor's hologram disappeared.
'Ready Cincinno?' Robin asked.


Back on the battlefield, Centurion was explaining the rules. 'First a survival game, second a battle, ready?' Centurion shouted. Tammie nodded as two cages fell from the ceiling, one contained a Gigalith, the other contained a Tyranitar. 'Go, Victini and Mismagius!' Tammie shouted. 'Victini use Reversal on Tyranitar and Mismagius use Shadow Ball on Gigalith!'
Victini hit Tyranitar with an amazing force and knocked it out in one hit as Tyranitar fell onto it's back helplessly.

Victini started to celebrate as Mismagius' Shadow Ball missed Gigalith, Gigalith used Rock Slide on Mismagius and Victini, it suddenly knocked Mismagius out and Victini wasn't far off, 'Come on Victini, I believe in you!' Tammie shouted. Victini got up quickly after hearing the hope inside it's trainer's voice. 'Victini use Reversal!' Tammie shouted, as yet again the little fire type Pokemon attacked Gigalith with tremendous force, knocking it out cold. 'Yay!' Tammie shouted as she picked up Victini and hugged it.


'Now Cincinno, use Hyper Voice on that pillar.' Robin shouted as Cincinno reluctantly did as it was told as the pillar started to crack and fall.


Tammie was dancing with Victini when Nick noticed the pillar falling and shouted at Tammie 'Look out...!'


The Beyonder looked at the accident happening before his eyes, and laughed insanely as the pillar was falling.



End of Chapter 8.

Pikachu Belle
09-13-2012, 07:23 AM
NOOOO DON'T KILL ME PLEASE ;_________; *cries forever*

The Kiwi Dragon
09-13-2012, 09:59 AM
Chapter IX: Enter the Gauntlet: Part 2 - Showdown of the Titans:

Nick ran towards Tammie, 'Go Empoleon!' he shouted 'Use Flash Cannon!' as Empoleon fired the metallic blast towards the stone pillar and fired as Nick ran into Tammie who had no idea what was happening until Empoleon crushed the pillar into pieces with the Flash Cannon attack.

'Are you OK?' Nick asked Tammie as he offered her his hand to get up. Tammie had tears in her eyes as she pulled Nick in for an unsuspecting hug. Nick hugged her to assure her she was OK before Gladiator spoke 'You lovebirds finished yet?' Tammie scowled at Gladiator 'Why don't you go and entertain your master?!' To which Gladiator got enraged. 'You got first task done so me give you task two... ME!!' Tammie stared at the man in a full gladiator suit, with a obscene helmet covering his face 'You want to battle me?' she asked. 'No duh, me want date you. We do 2 on 2.' he growled. 'Fine but Mismagius is out of it.' Tammie said. 'You fail task then!' Gladiator exclaimed. 'Hey Tammie, use this guy!' Nick said as he threw Empoleon's Pokeball at her. Tammie caught it as Empoleon walked towards her.

'Go Scizor and Bisharp.' Gladiator shouted. 'Empoleon use Hydro Pump on Bisharp, Victini use Flamethrower on Scizor!' Tammie shouted. 'Scizor use Night Slash on Victini, Bisharp use Focus Blast on Empoleon!' Gladiator shouted. Victini had charged up energy and it's attack was engulfing Scizor with flames, it was burned. Meanwhile Bisharp fired a energy charge at Empoleon but it missed as Empoleon's Hydro Pump gushed out at such a tremendous force hitting Bisharp and knocking it over.

By the end of the first turn Scizor was close to the end and Bisharp was nearer when Gladiator shouted 'Bisharp use Night Slash and Scizor use X-Scissor!' 'Victini use V-Create on Bisharp and Empoleon use Brick Break on Scizor!' Tammie shouted as Victini fired an enflamed burst at Bisharp and as it hit, it created a V shape from the flame before inflicting damage upon Bisharp. The damage was so immense that Bisharp fell on the floor and fainted. Meanwhile, Empoleon was using it's bladed wing to inflict a Break Break attack on Scizor, which Scizor just narrowly missed dodging it as Scizor fell to the floor, it had fainted.

Tammie was hugging Victini again and put it down and turned to Empoleon. 'Thanks for your help there, buddy. You and Victini are good together!' She said as she smiled 'I wonder if Nick wouldn't mind trading you to me...' Nick laughed 'I don't think so somehow Tammie, this guy has been with me all over the world from Sinnoh to when I met you in Unova... Empoleon has put up with me!'

Gladiator walked over to Tammie and screamed 'You defeated me little girl, but my friends soon crush you like insect!' Nick stared at him 'How about you bog off and get some English lessons...?' Gladiator gritted his teeth as he walked away and fell on the floor and disappeared in a flash of purple light. 'What was that?' Aly asked Tammie and Nick. 'That my dear, was a teleport which is how we travel here!' the Beyonder exclaimed. 'It's about time for you to continue your journey to the next town to set yourselves free!' 'Where would that be then? Nick asked. 'Glatorius Island. You have succeeded in defeating Tekni City's ruler, so go on to Glatorius, I will see you all again very soon!'


Robin turned to the Witch Doctor, 'You blithering idiot! You failed to kill someone with a simple object!' 'I am sorry mistress... forgive me, please?' Robin said, worrying. 'You have two more chances to defeat them before Glatorius Island, kill them all aside from Nick or I'll kill YOU!' Witch Doctor yelled as she disappeared in a purple flash.


'Hey guys... Tammie, oh my God! I saw your battle, you were a pro!' Robin shouted as he came down the audience staircase, the Colliseum was now completely empty.
'Thanks Robin, but Nick helped too, he saved me from the giant rock and then lended me Empoleon.' Tammie said looking at Nick. 'Just helping out a friend.' he said as the gang walked away onto their trek to Glatorius Island.
Robin thought to himself as he grinned evilly 'Yeah... a friend who you'll murder in the afterlife once I've killed you and that weird girl!'

End of Chapter 9.

Pikachu Belle
09-13-2012, 05:06 PM
Nick here is one of the main characters in my fanfic/story so be a babe guys and click the link below for awesomeness ;)

The Kiwi Dragon
09-18-2012, 09:06 AM
Chapter X: Advance of Conquest:

The gang had left Tekni City on a wierd styled boat on a free ferrying charter system.
The boat would aparently take a day to get to Glatorius Island. So meaning in that time the gang'd have some rest.
Nick, Tammie and Alyssa had gone upstairs to see the view, whilst Robin was left to be with himself.
In that time the Witch Doctor appeared. 'I have found a way to defeat those two brainless females!' She exclaimed gleefully. 'What's that then?' Robin asked. 'You are going to sink this ship!' Witch Doctor explained 'After you have done so I will transport you to safety, where you will be rewarded! 'Where do I go?' Robin asked. 'The engine deck, you will put a lever to stop the boat and remove the engine key and take the spare by the emergency exit and throw them overboard, they will have no means of escape!' The Witch Doctor cackled. 'I understand mistress.' Robin said as she vanished Robin walked down 1 floor to the control room, he saw no staff working there which et thought was slightly odd. He took the two sets of keys and pulled the lever. Nothing had happened when after he had just thrown the two keys into the sea, when a siren sounded 'ALERT, ALERT, MALFUNCTION!' Aly looked around on the top deck. 'What the hell is going on?' 'Uh to me it seems we are gonna have to jump overboard...' Nick said. 'Thought I'd find you up here, the ship is sinking apparently.' Robin said. 'Look, lifeboats!' Tammie shouted. 'Lets go then.' Aly yelled. As the group worked together to untie the ropes and set the lifeboat free. The gang had all jumped over in order to get into the lifeboat, Tammie still wearing her dress from 2 days prior was instantly cold upon entry to the almost frozen Tekni-Glator sea. Soon all four had gotten into the lifeboat and witnessing the ferry sink, they were floating for hours upon hours just huddling together to keep warm as the boat drifted as they fell asleep.

End of Chapter 10

The Kiwi Dragon
09-18-2012, 12:56 PM
Chapter XI: Black Ice:

The small lifeboat had been at sea for 12 hours, as it floated over cold seas and the group had soon grown tired of being cold.
Tammie noticed a small island in the distance.

Glatorius Island was ages away. Then Nick had an idea, they all grabbed onto Empoleon who swam all the way to Glatorius Island.

The group all yelled as Empoleon sped through the sea, smashing ice floes along the way. Soon the gang 20 minutes after they left the lifeboat were at Glatorius Port.
'Thanks for helping us Empoleon!' Tammie said as she hugged the big penguin Pokemon. Empoleon nodded in appreciation as Nick recalled him back into it's Pokeball.

The group walked to the city centre and went inside to see if any rooms were available in the Pokemon Center.
Oddly though there was no Nurse Joy, just a aqua coloured haired woman in the same outfit, with a Froslass sitting on the desk.*

'Hi, welcome to Glatorius Pokemon Center! My name is Nurse Crystal. You look like you could use some rest from being out in the cold. Would you like some rooms?'
'Yes thanks, Nurse Crystal!' Aly said.
She was always the polite one.


'So here we are, the two rooms!' Nurse Crystal said. 'Unfortunately there are only 3 beds. 2 singles and a double.'

Within an instant Robin and Aly shouted 'Definitely not sharing!'
Nick and Tammie looked at each other as Nick shrugged. 'I'm not bothered...' he said.


After dinner, the gang soon retired to their respective rooms.
Robin fell asleep soundly, he had a tiring day, and if he didn't succeed at killing the girls it could be one of his last days alive. He just had to succeed next time, because he wanted to survive to see Ruko again. He didn't like what he had to do. But he had to do it.

Meanwhile Aly was looking at a pamphlet about Pokemon Health and she already knew most of this stuff, but she knew another thing. The Pokemon Virus epidemic, was increasing daily. She had the skills to help and was happy knowing she was helping because she'd cured dozens of other Pokemon owned by civilians.*

She was known to them as 'Lady Healer' she had survived from home to home as repayment for healing Pokemon. She knew her responsibilities were here on this world, but she wanted to go home and see her family. At least she was happy to know her Pokemon couldn't be infected by it as they were from a different world.

All of this brought tears to her eyes as she laid down


Meanwhile in the next room over Nick and Tammie were in the same bed.
'This is kinda awkward.' Nick said.
'Not really.' said Tammie, 'I wanted us to be alone so I could say something to you.'
'What's would tha...?' Nick was cut off mid-sentence as Tammie kissed him on the lips.
'We've been mates for a long time, plus the times you've saved me... it's only fitting we should be together.' She said. 'I didn't think you'd want me as a boyfriend, I thought you and me were just best mates.' Nick said. 'And I didn't do all the work. Remember Gladiator?' 'You did save me from the rock and lent me Empoleon.' Tammie said calmly. 'I was good against Gladiator though wasn't I?' 'Oh yes, you were.' Nick said as he leant in and kissed Tammie.*

Their lips met as they continued kissing passionately as they fell back onto their bed, in total waves of love.

This was going to be a night to remember.

End of Chapter 11.

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Behind the Scenes: Chapter 6 - Road to Nowhere: Part 2 (Robin and Ruko)

Time to show another twisted evil part of the story, death isn't fun!

The Kiwi Dragon
09-24-2012, 08:16 AM
Chapter XII: Frozen Wastelands: Part 1 - Bringing the Power:

The gang had rested overnight at a Pokemon Center, the following day they had breakfast and were on their way.
'Where are we supposed to go?' Tammie said. 'No idea, last time it was obvious, as you wouldn't have a colosseum in a technological city.' Nick said.
'Guys, I've got it!' Aly shouted. 'Here look, why on Earth would you have a power plant so close to the city centre?' 'No idea, but you Alyssa are very observant!' Robin said. 'Let's go in and win!'
'Hold on... Who's going to battle?' Tammie said. 'I will!' Nick said. 'With all due respect, I request that I battle...?' Aly said. 'Um...' Nick said looking at Tammie as she winked at him. 'OK sure...'
'Can we go already?' Robin asked impatiently.

So, then the group walked into the power station when a man with blonde spiked hair with a business suit and another in the same suit with orange spiked hair walked up to them.

'You must be Nick and... erm... friends. My name is Electro, and this is my brother Flare. The Beyonder has signed me and my brother up to defeat you all. And I will only battle Nick and a team-mate.' he said.
'Fine, Aly are you up to battle?' Nick asked.
'Sure Nick!' Aly agreed.
'Here are the rules.' said Flare 'Double battle, 1 Pokemon each.'
'Deal. Go Hydreigon!' Nick shouted.
'Go Golurk' Aly shouted.
'Go Magmortar and go Electivire!' the brother's both shouted.
'Golurk use Shadow Sneak on Magmortar!' Aly Shouted.
'Hydreigon use Surf!' Nick shouted.
'Electivire use Protect.' Electro shouted.
Magmortar use SolarBeam on Golurk!' Flare shouted.


'Mistress, where are you taking me?' Robin asked
'To the control room, to destroy the Power Plant!' Witch Doctor told him.
'But it'll kill me!' Robin whined.
'Do it, or I will kill you myself!' Witch Doctor screamed.
'No I won't' Robin said defiantly.
'Fine then!' Witch Doctor screamed as she flew down his throat.
'Get out of me!' Robin screamed and soon laughed evilly with red glaring eyes.
Robin shot a laser beam out of his finger and destroyed the control room.

End of Chapter 12

The Kiwi Dragon
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Chapter XIII: Frozen Wastelands: Part 2 - Parting of the Ways.

Electivire formed a protective barrier around itself, as Golurk snuck up blindingly fast and slammed into Magmortar.
Magmortar had suffered only some slight damage.
Meanwhile, Magmortar soon gathered in light and instantly blast it into Golurk thanks to it's Power Herb.
Hydreigon launched a surf which Golurk dodged and as it naturally missed Electivire but hitting Magmortar with such a force, that it soon fainted.
'Aaaaarrggh!' Flare screamed as Nick gave Aly a high five.
Tammie cheered from the side line as Victini performed a little cheerleading routine.
'Hydreigon use Rock Slide!' Nick shouted.
'Golurk use Mega Punch!' Aly shouted.
'Electivire use Brick Break on Hydreigon!' Electro shouted.
Electivire smacked Hydreigon with a hard karate chop style attack.
Hydreigon fell backwards and twitched weakly on it's back, but it flew up again weakly.
Golurk hit Electivire with a punch so hard, it could've killed a human being.
Electivire didn't falter until when it got hit by some falling rocks from Hydreigon where it fell back and hit it's head on the wall behind it.

Nick and Aly high fived as Tammie came over and hugged them both as Victini was still dancing away when suddenly an alarm sounded 'ALERT, ALERT, MALFUNCTION, POWER PLANT WILL SELF DESTRUCT, SEALING BLAST DOORS IMMEDIATELY!'
'So long suckers!' Flare shouted as he and his brother escaped through the blast doors as they shut.
'We're too late...' Aly said tears welling up in her eyes.
'Aww Aly don't say that we can get out... The control room!' Tammie said.
'What about it?' Nick asked.
'There should be a button there to escape. Let's go!' Tammie said.
They ran upstairs to the control room and saw Robin up there.

'I'm working on it to get the doors open!' Robin said. 'OK, go now it's open I have to lower the blast rate.'
Nick, Tammie and Aly ran for the door as soon as Tammie and Aly got out the doors closed.
Nick ran back to the Control Room.
'Robin, what the hell is the meaning of this?' Nick said as Robin turned around as Nick looked at him. Robin had glowing red eyes and sharp teeth.
'There is no Robin, just the Witch Doctor, fear me mortal!' Robin said.
'Whatever this thing is Robin, it probably killed Ruko. Do you even remember her?' Nick asked. 'Whatever this thing is you have to force it out of you!'

Suddenly Robin spoke, 'I can't it's too strong!' he said.
'I believe in you Robin! Think of you, me, the girls and Ruko. Get rid of this evil thing!'
Robin thought of all of this and yelled as Witch Doctor screamed as Robin expelled her from his body.*
Nick pulled a lever making a glass cage fall on Witch Doctor, as soon as it sealed Robin pushed the button next to it and instantly a cold beam froze Witch Doctor.

'She always was rather cold hearted.' Robin said. We'll have to lower the blast rate or we all go up. Down to 20% at least.
'OK. Come on then...!' Nick shouted.
'The blast rate isn't going lower than 35%... get out of here I have to keep trying!' Robin shouted.
'You'll die though?!' Nick said.
'I know, it's the price I alone, must pay to save you all...' Robin said sadly.*
Nick looked sadly at Robin who was willing to die, Nick could only grant him his wish.
'Thank you, old friend!' Nick shouted.
'RUN!! She'll blow in 30 seconds...!' Robin shouted.

Nick ran faster than he ever had in his life.
Robin grabbed the microphone on the control desk and spoke, 'I am Robin, gone but not forgotten...!' he never got to finish as the building started to collapse from the explosions... Nick ran out of the main door.
He saw the girls standing waiting.
'Where is Robin?' Tammie asked.
'Duck!' Nick said as he grabbed them and they fell on the floor as a gout of flame, emerged from the entrance.
Nick stood up along with the girls. 'Nick? Where is Robin?' Aly asked. Nick put his arms around their backs. 'I'm going to tell you a story...' he said as the group walked away.

End of Chapter 13
End of Series 1.

The Kiwi Dragon
09-24-2012, 08:29 AM
Series 2 coming soon!

Nick, Tammie and Aly continue their adventures, meeting Samurais, Alien Parasites and Gangsters and more insane villains, who will stop at nothing to try and destroy the gang.
Coming Soon!

09-25-2012, 01:57 PM
Razer this is freaking amazing!!! :o

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Chapter XIV: On the Road Again:

The group had been staying in the Pokemon Center for a week.
A week almost since the explosion that killed one of their own.
Robin had a funeral like remembrance service with just Nick and the girls attending.*

They'd have trouble sleeping so they all moved into the one room.
Aly slept on the sofa, she claimed she didn't mind if Nick and Tammie wanted to continue sharing.

The day after Robin's memorial, the group received a notice of eviction from their room in the Pokemon Center.
Aly read it out loud, 'This is a notice of eviction, due to the fact you have overstayed the longest amount of time allowed.
If any belongings are not removed by midday, they will be removed and trashed. Thank you and have a pleasant journey... yeah right it's pleasant...'

So the group eventually packed their belongings and walked out of the Pokemon Center, not knowing where they would go next.
When a hologram of the Beyonder appeared.
'You my children, are going on the road again. Your first task is Gigantia Forest, a massive maze-like forest north of this town and on to defeat my next associate!' He said.
'What if we don't want to?!' Tammie asked. 'We have already had two of our friends killed!'
'Don't you want to leave my dear?' The Beyonder exclaimed.
'What if we wanted to settle down here? Rather than dying?' Aly asked.
'You want to give up?! Continue or die you stupid girl!' The Beyonder exclaimed as his hologram faded.

'I s'pose we are going on another road trip then, if you are both up to it?' Nick asked.
'Yeah to defeat The Beyonder and get home!' Aly said.
'To honour Robin and Ruko!' Tammie said.
'FOR VICTORY!!' The three shouted as they ran towards Gigantia Forest.


The Beyonder sat in his chair in his airship at a unknown location.
He looked around at his henchmen 3, a few of them had already lost to Nick and the group.
'Gladiator? Care to explain why you lost?' The Beyonder asked angrily.
'Gladiator not know... Gladiator defeated by pretty girl... Gladiator want to marry pretty girl!' Gladiator exclaimed in his usual stupid voice.

'Haha Gladiator got whipped by the blonde girl...!' Flare exclaimed.
'Shut it brother!' Electro hissed.
'Now we come to you two... the twins!'
The Beyonder exclaimed. 'Why did you lose?!
'Because Magmortar is weak...' Flare said nervously.
'We're sorry Sir.' Electro muttered as he saw The Beyonder playing with his control box. 'Surely there is no need for that...' Electro said worriedly.

'Gladiator, Electro and Flare! Get out of my sight!' The Beyonder said as he pressed 3 buttons making the chairs of Gladiator and the twins spin and activate the spring mechanism in the chairs as the trio were thrown off onto the floor. Suddenly the floor opened like a door as all 3 fell out of the airship.

The doors closed, as The Beyonder spoke.
'So the hired hitmen were defeated but haven't been seen since, those 3 bumbling failures are gone, and Witch Doctor has frozen. There are only a small amount of us left.' he said twiddling his thumbs.
'No master! I have great news!' Said a small old man... it was the man who had welcomed Nick to this planet in the first place.

'Really Dr. Psycho?' What is that?' The Beyonder asked.
'Allow me to introduce my latest Security cyborg, he is half human and half machine. He will be the headhunter of our next plan!' Dr. Psycho told the group as he pushed a button on a remote in his hand.

Suddenly the robot came forward, still in the shadows though as the lights suddenly flickered off. Suddenly a red light came from it's left eye. It was alive!

End of Chapter 14.
Beginning of Series 2.

The Kiwi Dragon
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Chapter XV: Night of the Hunter:

The trio had been walking through the forest all day and had decided to set up camp, after a day of confusion in this maze-like forest.
After an improvised dinner of berry salad made out of various berries they could find they settled down to sleep.
All they could talk about was preparing for the road ahead as they settled down to sleep.
Suddenly though mere hours after they had fallen asleep something terrifying awoke them from their sleep.

'Rise human scum.' it spoke. It had a horrifying look to it. It was about 95% metal. Only the right side of it's face looked real. It had a normal eye on the side of the face where skin appeared the other side was a red electronic eye. The whole of it's body was metal armour no clothing. It held a laser cannon in it's hand.

The group got up. 'One, two, THREE!' Nick shouted as the group ran away from the robot and Tammie shoulder barged the metal being so hard it collapsed onto the floor. 'Will it be OK?' Aly asked. 'I'd have thought so but it seems to have gone dead.' Nick said as the trio bent over and looked at the machine. 'Rusty old piece of cra-!' Aly was cut off mid sentence as the group fell backwards with a jolt as the robot jumped into the air.

'I have orders to kill you all, and I Delta Commando 4 never disobey orders of my superiors!' the metallic being shouted. 'Say goodbye, humans!'

Nick held the girl's tightly... 'Is this death?' he thought to himself as the robot took aim and primed the gun.

Was this the end?

End of Chapter 15.

The Kiwi Dragon
10-03-2012, 01:08 AM
Chapter XVI: Shadows of the Night:

The 3 of us stared in horror at the gun at them. Before some kind of gleaming object flew past and cut the gun in half. It was some kind of sword!
The mechanoid tried to process this as a shadowy figure, performed elegant and powerful martial arts moves on it, before it collapsed the the ground. The figure walked up to them and retrieved their sword from the gun which had earlier been sliced in half. 'Thanks... Whoever you are...?' Nick said. 'I'm the Dark-Ninja... Protector of the innocent... and destroyer of tin cans like this...' The figure replied. All of them looked at the mechanoid, as a human voice spoke 'Who are you calling a tin can, Leigh?' 'Santiago? Is that you?' She asked, highly unsure of what she was hearing. 'Yeah... Lemme outta here!' He yelled.

Dark-Ninja looked at me and sighed. 'Good thing I know how to to this... Or we'd all go kaboom!' She said. Aly looked at her. 'How ya gonna do it Dark-Ninja?' The ninja grabbed her sword. 'By removing the inhibitor chip on the back of his neck, I can override any control over him, and free him from the armour.' And so she started work. And for hours they sat in fear of an explosion... but there wasn't one. By dawn they awoke to see the Ninja and her 'friend' freed from his robotic armour.

The 5 talked about their experiences, before Nick dropped the big question. 'Me and Santiago fight with you? We accept!' Dark-Ninja squealed as the young man who introduced himself as Santiago nodded. They revealed to us, that they too were born from Earth, with both skilled in Pokemon and war. So after some introductions, we all moved on towards the next town before we were stopped by a hologram of the 'Big guy' himself. 'You were assigned 3 team-mates, not 4. And because of this deception, I will eliminate one team-mate from your team.' He said, as I looked around to see Tammie disappear. Once again... I lost a friend out of a scheme...

But I shed no tears or showed any emotion... Because, like Delta Commando 4... The Beyonder had stripped me of my emotions at the beginning of it all...

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Pokemon Worlds Apart Beyond Eternity has been currently placed on a state of hiatus for an unknown amount of time.
Viewers will be notified when it returns.
But until then Pokemon Emergency Hospital will be the main drama until it's first series has finished.
Thanks and Goodbye!

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Pokemon: Worlds Apart Beyond Eternity, will return shortly!

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At long last Chapter 16 is done...

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Hmm.. been so long since I've since this thread. Never even realised it made it over the ole' thousand. Congrats! ^-^

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Hmm.. been so long since I've since this thread. Never even realised it made it over the ole' thousand. Congrats! ^-^

Thanks... Living in the Shadows is almost at 1000 too! And all 3 stories are gonna keep going...

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Chapter XVII: Warped and Twisted: Part 1 - Paradox:

After the emotion of the previous night as another of their friends had been taken. Nick had decided enough was enough. He wasn't going to stand for anymore of his friends dying for his own quest for freedom. So in the time of the walk from the frozen forest, he was now going to do more to help.

The group arrived at a city in a fortress, called Castlefort City. It was amore ancient style of urban area. Like the middle ages in terms of looks and atmosphere. But the people had advanced. It was like they'd gone back in time to find themselves stranded with many other modernised citizens. Only Aly dared to ask why. She walked up to one citizen and tapped him on the shoulder. 'Excuse me?' She said. 'Is there a reason why the whole town is so old-looking, but the inhabitants are modernised?' The citizen stared at her blankly. 'It is how the great Baron designed the place! It's free of technology so there is no strife accompanying it...' He said. Aly nodded and thanked him.

The new duo Dark-Ninja who'd since introduced herself as Leigh, and her childhood friend Santiago who she had freed from some metallic armour last night after he'd been kidnapped many months ago, both looked around the city confused, unable to understand it all. 'You kids look bewildered! The city confuses ya huh?' A tall man said. We turned to face him, he had a Steelix by his side. He was tall, had black hair and a rock band T-Shirt on, combined with ripped jeans. 'The name's Damian! I don't suppose you kids wanna hear a story about this place?' We all nodded and Damian invited us into his home. His Steelix stayed outside guarding the house.

The four of us sat down as he made us some lunch and began telling the story of Castlefort City. 'When I was born, and for most of my childhood, Castlefort City was all about a modernised city in an ancient fortress... It was praised as one of the best places to live in the world! Our only problem, is that this city is built on a rift in time. So a machine was built to regulate the rift and was kept in the castle on the river at the end of town. I was lucky enough to get the job as the regulator's managerial officer, but after 5 years I was the last person to do so... 1 day, one of the local villains called Baron Von Tyme, became mayor. And so he took over the castle as his home and tampered with the regulator and blamed it on me. One morning everyone wakes up to find we have to use a well to get water, that our houses couldn't survive any natural disasters, god forbid. And we had no technology or anything modernised. But the Baron came forward to tell us we are now his prisoners, and that the gates have some kind of paradox that disables us from ever leaving... But hang on... How did you lot get in?' Damian asked. Santiago swallowed his food. 'We walked in!' He said. Damian shook his head. 'That means he is expecting you! This is really bad... If he is expecting you, you'll never escape from there alive!' Damian said, clearly rather scared. 'We dare not mess with the Baron, and if we do, we can expect death...'

Suddenly a ton of townsfolk stood in the doorway, they'd clearly heard everything... One citizen shouted 'The saviours have arrived... Our salvation is here...' The group looked at everyone, and Santiago shouted 'How can we be your saviours? What are we supposed to do?'
Everyone stayed silent as a man in a full black suit, with a red bow tie, top hat, golden eyeglass, and white gloves. He spoke with a smooth German accent. 'So... It is you who has been meddling with my slaves, ja? Well then I will see to it you won't free them und you are... How you say? Defeated by my forces!' Then in the blink of an eye, he vanished from sight. The group knew they had one tough job ahead to get these civilians into a safe state.

End of Chapter 17.

12-23-2012, 04:15 AM
Oh my! This is a great story so far! Looking forward to the next chapter! ^^

The Kiwi Dragon
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Chapter XVIII: Warped and Twisted: Part 2 - Unfurling Mayhem:

The group worked throughout most of the night to formulate a plan to take on the Baron. After several hours of planning, the group were treated to dinner. They entered the town's restaurant and were treated to a feast by the locals. The group couldn't believe the generosity and kindness of the townsfolk. The elders spoke of tales of a certain beast-like Pokemon that was guarding the Baron's home. They said the 'beast' was not only gigantic, but from being with the Baron had experienced 'technological time travel' and could harness that such power to defeat any opponent that stood in it's path.

The group listened intently to the stories. Especially one story about a Pokemon which had supposedly been created by the scientific knowledge of the Beyonder. They spoke of the Baron himself too, telling the group how the Baron had scientifically modified his eyeglass as a perception filter, meaning he could change his form like that of a Zoroark's illusion.

The following morning the group had got up early to commence an assault on the Baron's stronghold. They had all brought with them the necessary equipment to take on the Baron. Pokemon, Laser Guns, Flash Grenades and a Charge Bomb to destroy the door. The group and the army of townsfolk now waited for an opportunity to attack.

'We all ready?' Damian asked the group. 'Yup.' Santiago said. 'This stuff is what I'm good at!'

Suddenly the charge blew the door wide open. And sat inside the castle a few steps from the door sat the Baron. Sat next to him was a Druddigon, the Baron patted it's head with one hand and with the other motioned the group to come forward. The group and Damian entered towards the Baron, as a pair of steel doors slammed shut behind them.

The Baron laughed. 'Did you honestly think I'd let you call for reinforcements? Because they sure as Hell won't be arriving now.' As he spoke a giant metal cage fell from the ceiling capturing the group. The group yelled for help as the Baron laughed again. He lifted his cane into the air. 'Temporal Shift!' He yelled as the world around the group went bright white.

Nick awoke with a sore head. He looked around and noticed all of the group sat around him. They all were awake, as they surveyed their surroundings. A room more white than snow. Completely empty. Nick looked up as a Dialga fell from the sky with a jolt. It had that same evil purplish glow as the Victini Nick and Tammie encountered in the tunnels a few days ago. 'How do you like my new pet?' The Baron spoke from the other side of the room.

Aly looked furiously at him. 'It's infected by the virus. Why haven't you treated him?' She asked.
The Baron glared at her. 'That's because I administered the virus!' he said. 'I'm going to shut up now so this wild angry creature can destroy you.' He grinned.

Dialga roared at the group. Leigh noticed a wooden pole on the floor. She nervously walked up to the Dialga. 'Here, fetch!' She yelled. Dialga saw the pole and roared furiously as the pole shattered into splinters. 'What the Hell do we do now?' Santiago asked looking quite scared.

Aly knew what she could do, but it would reveal her 'Lady Healer' identity. But she walked up to the Dialga and began to sing in an operatic voice. The Dialga stood still listening to the singing. Suddenly it shook it's head and looked around confusedly. It let out a confused roar as Aly continued singing. Suddenly it sat down as Aly grabbed some vials of medicine from her bag. It was like Dialga could understand what she was saying!

Soon Dialga's purplish glow diminished to it's normal healthy blue complexion. Aly soon ceased singing. Dialga let out a friendly growl as a portal opened up. Dialga stood up and flew through it before it closed.

'Outstanding!' The Baron said. 'I could use a girl like you as my bride!' Teleporting over to the group swiftly as he grabbed Aly by the neck. 'I failed my mission but you will be my consolation. We shall marry at sunset!' He laughed. 'Let go of me you dirty, old pervert!' Aly screamed as she punched the Baron in the right eye, shattering the eyeglass. Before she kicked him between the legs.

The Baron fell to the floor as his Druddigon ran over to him. Aly got up off the floor and grabbed the Baron's cane and snapped it in half. She threw one at him and the other next to Druddigon. Suddenly his eyeglass began to spark with the two pieces of the cane, as a jolt of electricity formed around him and Druddigon. A bright light came and blurred the view of the group, as the duo faded.

Damian looked around. 'How do we get back home...?' As the white background faded back into the room of the castle.
'Never mind...' He said. 'I thank you for restoring the peace in the town... You four truly are heroes... Come we must spread the news and celebrate!'

The group followed him into the town, happy to be of service for providing peace once again.

End of Chapter 18