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Hello pokebayers ! Forget everything about my ultimate adventures right now and say hello to a new adventure in the unova region in another time in place from black and white....
PART 1: A New Kid In Town

Zour, Jake Zour to be exact. I don't know where I came from or what I am...
" Who is that, Where did he come form" They all said. I Was surrounded by a lot of them ... they.. they all had white robes on. After awhile I woke up from a long sleep. Obviously I have been in a daze for a long time. " You ready to go" an elderly man said. I asked him who he was. He had a White robe like the rest of them but he had a weird mark on his arm that looked like a star; I figured he was the boss. He had shaggy hair like he was in his twenties, but he diffidently wasn't.
"Yes sir" I said to him politely wondering what he meant. He grabbed me by the arm and took me to a dojo thingy. I had a bad feeling on this; I had a sense that I have had before....

I walked up to the dirt stadium of some sort; I looked around me and saw hundreds of teens in these white robes That old man was in. I was even in one now which I didn't even know about. i thought in my head " What in the world am I doing here...."
Well that is it for now guys. Im sorry it doesn't make sense but the story will clear up in future parts.
Welcome to my new stories and I hope you will keep reading.

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Part 2: A New Kid In Town section 2.
.... As I was looking around I stooped and turned around and saw something way more amazing than anything I have ever saw since I've been conscious. She was light skinned, blond with long hair in a little hair bow in the back. It seemed like she was staring at me and she probably was since I am the stranger In a dang stadium,but you know how it is when you are in love it seems like that all the time. I smiled at her for a few moments, but I felt my sense coming on, something was flying at me! I caught it real quick; It was a red and white sphere I have never seen before.. at least I dont think so. Another guy came in the room. He was muscular and lots of people were cheering him on. It totally made me feel intimidated not knowing what to do. The guy said to the old man " Sensei Wuu are you serious on this guy will beat me." I thought he was threatining me of something so I said " bring on this challenge." Sensei Wuu said I knew you would say that. After that the muscular boy yelled go Darmanitan and a red gorilla came out of it. I copied him and said go and some fluyffy black thing came out. All the girls said aww and the guys started laughing. The muscular man said " You think you can beat Morgan the ultimate Dojo battler with a stinking little Zorua. Zorua got mad and gave me this stare that filled my eyes with wisdom from the first pokemon battle from the one right now. I said "Bring it on Morgan" and we begun. "Darmanitan fire punch" Morgan said. Darmanitan came up to Zorua and gave him a jolt. My Zorua doged with perfection though with a move I call agility...

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if anyone had questions or comments just contact me

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Part 3: The new kid in town section 3: ... After Zorua's great doge the Darmanitan used Over heat Zorua barely doged it. I knew this Darmanitan was strong so i decided to use another tactic. " Hey Morgan I shouted " what, Im busy beating your piece of trash right now."
That got my Zorua pumped and ready to go eat that guy. " I said you think you can beat me with just using over heat, I dont think so!!!!"
"Was that a challenge!' He shouted " yah if your not scared" I yelled back. He was dumb enough to use overheat ten times and after he used it one more time, a little flame came out of darmanitan. " Zorua Use Foul play!" I said. It was over after that final blow and I knew I have one. The POKEreferee shouted " Darmanitan is unable to battle, Zorua Wins , this battle goes to Jake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-22-2012, 06:51 PM
Part4 : Everybody surrounded me because of my victory. I was sort of happy but still confused. Morgan just left the dojo with an evil look on his face. Sensei Wuu took me to this room and explained everything...
So im an orphan left in front of the dojo with a Zorua with me. "yes", he said " Your parents left me a not saying to train you to be the best pokemon battler ever. Morgan was just a little stone in your path I have plenty more were that came from." Dont worry sensei i will be ready" I said with excitement through my eyes. " Will I get to battle that blonde girl." "That is my granddaughter Alexi , and yes you will soon. "SWEET" I said. " Dont get the wrong idea" Sensei said.
Next day I woke up out of my bunker I didnt have a clue I even went to bed. I guess i feel asleep talking to Wuu. " Hello" A fimiliar voice said.....

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Part 5: ZEO! I said with happiness in my eyes. Zeo clear was my buddy from long ago. He was my friend before I ever came to this academy of Battles , and before my parents...if i can call them that.. dumped me here. "This is your home now Jake, this is your room your bunking with me." Zeo said " Awesome I said. " Lets go have breakfast, im starved Zeo said. We walked down a long hall letting are pokemon get exercise. Zeo carried around a Riolu that was pretty strong. He told me the story that he had it since he was a little boy and Riolu was an egg,but it just wouldn't evolve not matter how high its friendship got. I told him about my Zorua and how I found him with me after I was a banded. " You kicked Morgans sorry hind" " Zeo said "I did" I said in surprise. " Heck yah dude , you practicly sent him crying . " I guess so I did." I said. "Im sure Alexi liked it," he said with a big grin. "No way man I dont have a chance with her." I said Vaginally . " Dude shes the hottest girl in the dojo that kicks butt, and your the coolest guy around that kicks butt" he said. " Sure Sure" I said with a bad look. " You got to have more confidence in yourself "he said. We made it to the dinning hall when Alexi walked up to us.Dang she is amazing. She asked us " do you to want to sit with us"......

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Part 6: I started to choke up looking at her amazing face and blond locks. "She is so amazing" I was thinking. "My buddy and I would love to sit with you" Zeo said with a smile. "Ok I will get the table ready you guys just hang tight here" Alexi said. I gave Zeo a dirty look. "What, your the one that said she looked pretty." When did I say that!" I said. " You didn't," he said, "I can just till in the look in your eyes what your thinking." "Sure yeah" I said. " Come on you baby lets go." We walked over to our table it had a little sign over it. It looked like a sword and shield. "Welcome to our tribe Jake" Alexi said. "Uh thanks" I said. "You see a tribe is a group that will be with you for a long time we help train together and battle in tournaments around dojos together. The tribe winner of this academy then goes around the world beating other academies. The sad thing is this tribe called Excalibur,the new tribe your in with me and Zeo, has never won at this academy before. "well," I said "This will be the year that you guys win with my help. If we all work together we should be able to win this tournament. "Wow Jake ," she said "we are gonna win this year." " The tournament starts in a few weeks," Zeo said , " Our tribe is going to train a lot for awhile." "Well" I said , " We cant train on empty stomachs lets eat!" Everybody agreed.
We sat there in silence, eating, waiting for someone to talk. Alexi decided to start a conversation with me. " So Jake your not from arround here are you." "Nope" I said " Im probably am from somewhere far awy from here since my parents dumped me here." " Oh im sorry" she said. " No it is ok" I said , "I got to meet you so it cant be all bad." I smiled at here, and she got quiet sitting there blushing. "So Mr. player" Zeo said, " Its time for you to meet the group. This is Alexi, obviously you know that, she is the strongest fighter in our group,and she battles with a Buneary. Speaking of it where is your buneary Alexi." I just let her out to play." Alexi said. We looked under the table and her Buneary was chasing my Zorua around. " Look at that" I said "they are already becoming good partners."
" Any way," Zeo siad, "You already know me so lets go talk to the rest of our tribe"........

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100 VIEWS thank you everyone for reading and the stories will keep coming

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Part 7: " So this is Blige" Zeo told me. He was a big guy that had blonde wavy hair. " He has a Roggenrola. There is also Violet. She has a Kirlia." She had dark purple hair that covered most of her face. I could she that Zeo couldn't sit still; I knew he had a thing for her, but I didn't say anything. "That is it" he said " Vamose, Over, Done, see how many ways I can say bye now." "Yah" I said " You learned how to talk coming to a fighting school." "Real funny," He said.
" You guys think your small puny group is gonna beat us," a mysterious voice said. " Back of Klag!" Alexi yelled at the boy. I knew something was up. " So who is this new kid, I heard he beat one of my men in a few minuets." "That is true" I said with cockiness in my face. " Well if you think your man enough," Klang said, " Try to beat one of my best, Bleak." " I can take on anyone" I said not knowing what I was getting myself into.

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I am so srry everyone for not keeping up with my stories. part 8 will come soon hopefully.

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Part 8 :https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nh4zkjLfx21-c3awD_K4P1SqNI6zJCG3g34urojR7Ww

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srry i messed up the link : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nh4zkjLfx21-c3awD_K4P1SqNI6zJCG3g34urojR7Ww/edit

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Part 9 already oh yah!!!!!!!!!:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J9_Dl11lj-1o0sNwetoxsjleMQnG3f_ENOw8DY8PAwc/edit

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Part 10 : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fnPm-vrtGX26Q9QFgNAq8i1f8Zfqg1NS-dZi1oQJhIA/edit

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since nobody sayed anything my stories have been in private for at least the three parts now..... anyway i changed that so all my regular readers can read.

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What's with the morgan character?

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Morgan is just the first enemy Jake ever fought in the story. He may be back for revenge !!!!!!!! Maby.... I actually have not figured out how to put him back into the story its just not the right time.

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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gUcNDmhhChNlh1hUDRXvE7F7Xqvh5b7c_1I6m1tsfkc/edit Part 11!!!!!!!!!!

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Part 12 is comeing

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Part 12 sorry for the wait : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1foeH7QWmSyUo67MSmR84V3csDt_OAJPj7jm0T_Ee298/edit?usp=sharing