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Think about a whole different story from Jake Zour and take a new journey into a unknown region and unknown people. I would say kids ages 12 and up can read this. It has violence and scary scenes and some reference to alcohol. Well lets get started...
Part 1: The scene
"Aw man this stinks, come on guys take it easy on the little guy" I said with fear all through my body. " aw this Pk thinks we are gonna let him go," The big bulgy Rk said with his drunk smile. I probably should tell that Pk means poor kids and Rk mean rich kids(pretty easy to remember huh?) I clashed heads with him , but I stumbled to the ground in shock as I new what hit me " thunder punch. " Hey Pk you dont have one of these weapons do you," The bolgy rk said with blood dripping down his face " this thing is gonna kill you and all your little friends with it." He started to walk up to me as I was still paralyzed from the punch and took out another Red and white sphere. A Green lizard thing popped out with two green blades on its elbows. " My grovyle will take care of you dont worry Pk,"The guy said with a smile. My whole life flashed before my eyes after that. It first started when my parents died in a accident im not sure about. Now I live with my two brothers Flash and Tommy. Flash was the oldest of all of us. He was really cool with the girls with his blond shaggy head and his purely white smile. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen just to keep the family together. He is seventeen now and we have been living good for now. Next thier was Tommy who looked just like Flash But acted totally different from him. Tommy was1 5. Flash was serious, calm ,cool used his head, and had courage. Tommy was reckless , funny, and was seriously dumb. We had to break him out of jail a few times, but with Flash we would never have to do that. Finally there was me the little one I was 13 years old and was the smartest out of all of them. The problem with me though is that I never used my head outside a school and thats why Im in the mess im in right now. It all started years ago when I was about 11 when the communities split into groups. The RKs PKs and the Middle kids (MK). The Rks started to use pokemon as weapons since they were rich and powerful. The poor kids decided to fight back with pokemon (even though I dont have my own to fight with) And the Mks decided not to get involved because they see pokemon as friends not weapons. Anyway this is how I ended up getting into a fight) I was just walking home from school one day and I ended up getting kidnapped by six big Rks....

11-21-2012, 08:14 AM
There is more to come everyone srry if this doesnot make sense to you it will clear up in part 2 hopefully

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Hi guys the rest Of the stories will be here:

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Part 2 will be posted soon so keep watching for the new post

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Part has been posted guys :https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sr2rPryx0OXrPEU7uLuXD4854p8RUQKP9-vqozlwaAQ/edit?pli=1

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Part 3 will be here soon. If you guys have questions comments advice i am willing to here it.

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Part three is out guys . Sorry for it being so short https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sr2rPryx0OXrPEU7uLuXD4854p8RUQKP9-vqozlwaAQ/edit

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Part 4:Chapter 2 part 1: I woke up really fast had breakfast and ran out the door to go get Blake he wanted to come with me on my journey. Im getting ahead of myself though. Last night I saw a meteor in the sky so I wanted to go check it out. I went to the forest and saw broken trees. We looked around,saw nothing but then we heard a little whistle. Then suddenly WOOSH!!!!!!!!!! I was gone. I opened my eyes and saw blue core. I felt like something was pulling me to it so I touched it. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was back at the forest and I was scared out of my pants when I saw a red and blue looking alien. "Deoxys !!!!!!!!!" I shouted.

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Part 5 : Deoxys stared at me with as much fear as I stared at it. We both looked at each other for about 5 minuets. Then it put its hand out I could feel it smileling. I quickly took his hand/tentecles. Its blue core started to glow yellow and I wondered what was happening. Suddenly the whole world went black and white.....
The colors started to come back and I saw that me and Blake were at my house and a red and white spear was in my hand. "A pokeball !!!" I shouted " Deoxys is mine!!! "....

Sorry for it being so short readers I was a bit rushed and I didnt have time to improve it.

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YAH HOO100 views. That may not be an accomplishment for other people but it sure is for me. Thank you viewers and readers for making this possible. They will keep coming trust me.

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Hey guys, Part 6 is here, Its going to be a short one:
It felt so good to have a pokemon. I felt like I could beat anyone and Flash new it too. "Hey lets see if you can beat me Dlo" he said. " Alright lets go." I said. I sent out Deoxys, da#% he is so cool. Flashes arcanines were cool to. One was a normal one with one of its ears half bitten off in a fight. The other one was special. It was yellow with black stripes and it gleamed anywhere especially the sun. " Bitthrow use bite!" Flash said. He called the one with almost one ear Bitthrow and the yellow one. Uno ¡qué suertudo wich means one lucky devil. He just calls him Uno for short though. "Uno back up bit with flamethrower" I tried to stay calm, it was my first battle after all. "Deoxys use iron defense" I stuttered out. Deoxys practicly turned into a big red ball as hew was protected from bit's bite but I wasnt sure what that flame thrower could do. " Prepare to lose in a hit" Flash laughed out, "thats not a flame thrower thats an over heat................"

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Part7: The overheat would not stop and uno's shinny coat just gleamed as my deoxys tried to block the never ending heat. Soon the fire started to become a little spark. I knew flash was smarter than this and he would never use overheat that recklessly. Uno got creamed in one hit when I used a zenheadbutt on it. Flashes other arcanine bit deoxys on his alien legs. Deoxys couldnt move and Bitthrow started to use a normal flame thrower.
"Get out of there deoxys !" I shouted
"Its no use Dlo, My bit is gonna smash him." Flash said.
Deoxys got a burn and doulble damaged. He was fating fast.
A bright light shined and Deoxys was glowing.
A Blast came from his core and the battle was over.
"What the @!#$ was that!" Flash said.
" I dont know" I said..............


03-24-2013, 07:36 AM
Part 8: Flash and I sat there in awe just looking at Deoxys .
"That was not a normal hyper beam" Flash said.
"Uh you think!" I said real fast.
"If you want to find out about Deoxys true potential you should go to the PokeGym in New National"
'Flash I cant go alone! That is in Rk Territory!"
" I got a friend that can help you," Flash said with a smile, " He has been spying on the Rks ever since this has all started. He works at the gym, and after the gang sneaks you into the city, you will be one of the toughest ones in the gang.
"One of them!" I said with a laugh.
"Yes one of them," Flash said losing his smerk

"You got your bags packed Dlo" Tommy yelled from down stairs.
"Yeah its time to hit this city!" I said exited.
"Don get to encouraged just yet, we need a st of wheels to sneak you in," Flash said.
"You worry to much Flash, you can steal one from the gas station I work at,I will cover you," Tommy said with confidence.
"Lets do it!" I said with excitement..............

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Part 9: Flash, Tommy, and I walked down to the gas station. Me in flash had robbery masks on so no one could know we were with Tommy.
Flash and I were in the bushes as Tommy checked in with his boss.
"Hello sir can you come over here for a second, I need you to take a survey for free gas. Tommy saw us in the bushes and he gave us a wink as he brought the man in his 30's in the store. Flash and I sprinted to a red 1980 Camaro. I thought Tommy could get us something a little more cooler but he told us before the heist that I am getting you a car that looks decently common. The stupid man still had the car keys in it and we easily drove off.
"Stop thieves!!" the man said as Tommy sat there and smiled. "Face your destiny Dlo" He thought...........................