View Full Version : News on most of my FanFictions:

The Kiwi Dragon
12-15-2012, 10:58 AM
Well quite recently, I've been working on my fourth FanFiction, and after watching some films and gaining some inspiration, I'm not only going to continue 'Living in the Shadows: A Pokemon FanFiction', I am now going to revive 'Pokemon: Worlds Apart Beyond Eternity' and 'Pokemon Emergency Hospital' all of which will be continued in Google Documents. So there will now be hopefully 1 Chapter a week on each series! (Unless I've got the energy to write a second one of 'Pokemon Emergency Hospital' to get it up to speed.)

The Red Dwarf one was never really going to be a good FF, so that is officially now recognised as dead, and shall not be continued.

So keep on the lookout for any of your favorite series returning soon!

Thanks for reading!


P.S: This weeks 'Living in the Shadows' (Chapter 8) and 'Pokemon: Worlds Apart Beyond Eternity' (Chapter 16) chapters have been released so the only one remaining at the moment until next week is 'Pokemon Emergency Hospital', of which Chapter 2 will be released shortly!