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12-20-2012, 09:05 PM
Welcome to the World of Pokémon, where many mysterious occurrences happen, people live with Pokémon, many go off to train and try to become a Pokémon Master, others have them as pets. This story will be following a young Pokémon trainer named Shannon Knight who lives in a small place named Dewford Town, Shannon lives in a Region called Hoenn. Dewford Town is located in mainland Hoenn, the island southwest that Shannon Knight lives in has a dock which provides transportation between Route 104 and Slateport City.
Waking up on a windy, cold, raining day, Shannon gets ready to receive his first Pokémon, Shannon's Mum gets a call from the Professor, and then Shannon's Mum tells Shannon to head to Dewford Gym.

Shannon heads to Dewford Gym, the rainfall starts becoming heavy, looks to the docks and sees a man in complete black talking to the Captain of the small boat that is being hit hard by the rain, Shannon is then met up by Jarrett; Shannon walks on with Jarrett to Dewford Gym. Jarrett gives Shannon a letter, Shannon is surprised starts to open the letter, Jarrett takes the letter and closes it, Jarrett tells Shannon to not read it yet, until after Dewford Gym, Shannon takes back the letter and puts back into his bag, they make it to the Gym, on the sign to the Gym it says 'Closed'. Jarrett knocks on the door then pushes Jarrett's map through the hole by the door, Shannon stands by Jarrett and wants to ask about the map, but before he can, the door creeks open and the Gym lights up, standing in the centre is the Professor, and a pod with three PokeBalls. Shannon and Jarrett look at each other.

The Professor introduces himself, Professor Beech, the Professor of Hoenn, has been for a few Years as Professor Birch has gone travelling. Professor Beech shows Shannon and Jarrett the pod with the PokeBalls on, Shannon asks about the PokeBalls, Prof. Beech tells them both that in these three Pokeballs has three Pokémon, Shannon picks one and presses the button on front of the ball, Torchic comes out and stares at Shannon. Shannon picks Torchic.
After seeing Shannon choose Torchic, Jarrett picks one, Mudkip comes out and stares at Jarrett, which makes Jarrett choose Mudkip.
Professor Beech takes away the pod and tells Shannon and Jarrett to do their best in Hoenn, Jarrett picks up his map, Prof. Beech lets Jarrett take off but stops Shannon. Prof. Beech opens up a map and tells Shannon to head for Granite Cave south of Dewford Town; Shannon turns to the left & then nods, and walks off out of Dewford Gym.

Prof. Beech closes the door and the lights turn off automatically and Shannon is told then after by Prof. Beech to start training Torchic before heading to Granite Cave, Shannon looks about wondering where the rain had gone too!? Prof. Beech wanders off to the docks and talks to the Captain of the small boat. Shannon runs over, Prof. Beech gets onto the boat and tells Shannon to head for Granite Cave. Shannon looks at his Pokeball and then wanders back and is then met by Jarrett Thorn, Jarrett challenges Shannon to a quick Battle, and Shannon looks up then to Jarrett and accepts the Battle!
Jarrett sends out Mudkip, Shannon then sends out Torchic, Jarrett tells Mudkip to use Tackle which slams hard into Torchic, Shannon looks worried, Shannon tells Torchic to use scratch, Torchic begins to scratch fast on Mudkip… Then an explosion!

The explosion happens at Granite Cave. They see a large cargo-like box outside the cave, the guy in all black and face shaded under his black hat with a ‘C’ on the front of his hat hiding his eyes but his grin is seen, the man is seen standing in-front of the cave. The shady character then begins to unleash the ropes surrounding the box, Jarrett then shouts “STOP!” Shannon hides as Jarrett stands up and then the rain clouds hang over Dewford Town again, a weird machine is shown from the box, the guy in all black sends out Magnemite and Koffing, Jarrett and Shannon send out their starters Mudkip and Torchic! Magnemite tries using thundershock on Torchic, but Mudkip stops the attack! Koffing uses smog then Smokescreen, after that, the man in all black has vanished!! Shannon checks the machine and checks it, Jarrett checks on Mudkip, Shannon notices an orb in the machine, and Jarrett tells Shannon that Mudkip is ill and needs help, they head to the PokeCentre.
Jarrett rushes Mudkip to the PokeCentre, while outside, Shannon sits by Torchic, Shannon tells Torchic he will improve and that Jarrett will be a great Pokémon Trainer someday. Jarrett comes back out and tells Shannon that Mudkip received minor Poison from the Koffing! Shannon then heads into the PokeCentre with Jarrett, the Nurse tells Jarrett that Mudkip has been healed and is well now. Shannon checks on Torchic and gives Torchic to the Nurse for a quick check up. The Nurse gives Torchic a Potion and Torchic begins to be happy again, Shannon thanks the Nurse and checks on Jarrett, Mudkip returns to its PokeBall by Jarrett and walks off, Shannon returns Torchic and heads out of the PokeCentre. The rain and wind is heavier and then quickly clears!? Shannon looks around and sees the Captain back with his small boat at the dock. Turns around and sees Jarrett heading to Granite Cave, he notices the machine has gone.

Shannon quickly heads up and talks about the orb he saw in the machine! Jarrett wants to head in the cave, they go in.
Jarrett spots a Pokémon on a ledge standing with its back to them, Shannon then hears something moving, Shannon is then met by a shy but slightly confident Sableye, Jarrett heads off for the Pokémon on the ledge, Shannon sends out Torchic, Sableye stays still. So, in an instant Shannon tells Torchic to use scratch! Torchic uses scratch and the Sableye disappears!? Shannon looks behind him and standing close is Sableye! Sableye smirks and uses a fire move on Torchic, but Torchic moves just in time! In retaliation, Torchic uses ember which catches Sableye! Sableye goes to one knee, and then Torchic begins to use scratch! Sableye looks weak! Shannon out a pokeball he received from Prof. Beech in Dewford Gym after getting Torchic, he throws it towards Sableye, the pokeball hits Sableye and then begins to move, the Pokeball stops, Shannon gets the Pokeball, and celebrates!
Then Shannon stops as Jarrett returns, beside him is a steel-like Pokemon!? Jarrett tells Shannon he caught himself a Mawile! After, they head further into the cave.
Shannon and Jarrett reach the next room, they see Zubats’ flying overhead and Nosepass moving rocks which are being placed into a pyramid like structure, Jarrett heads on with Mawile, and Jarrett tells Shannon that he wants a Nosepass!! Shannon starts to laugh! The ground starts to shake; Jarrett and Shannon hold on, Jarrett puts Mawile back into its Pokeball. Then the ground stops moving, the Nosepass begin to work again on their pyramid, Shannon walks into a Nosepass which was resting, the Nosepass wakes upand alerts the others! Shannon and Jarrett run into the next area, the light from outside shines into Granite Cave overlooking a statue of a Pokemon, Jarrett checks out the statue, Shannon sees a sign on the front which says ‘This is the Great Pokemon that saved Granite from the 60 day storm’ Shannon looks around and sees another part to the cave, Shannon walks to the next area as Jarrett stares at the statue, Shannon walks in to find someone in there, Shannon is shocked!
Shannon asks for their name, the man turns around and looks at the young trainer, he replies to Shannon “My name is Maro, I’m a Pokemon Researcher, that statue you saw, is a special statue, that is a strong Pokemon that took on a strong legendary that came to Hoenn on its visits.” Shannon tries taking in all the information. Jarrett then returns and tells Shannon he has heard about the story of Granite! Maro tells them both that the recent storms could be that very same Legend that was heard a long time ago. Jarrett gets his out PokeDex and tries finding information, but gets no luck, Shannon asks Maro if he knows what Pokemon that statue is of!? Maro looks to the statue and tells them it’s Moltres that stopped the storm after a huge heat wave that got rid of the flood that Dewford Town had. Maro hands Shannon a letter he needs to give Prof. Beech, Shannon accepts, Maro gives Jarrett a letter to give to the Captain of a small boat at the dock of Dewford, they all head out of Granite Cave.

The Kiwi Dragon
12-21-2012, 01:40 AM
Nice... Why the narrative approach though?

12-21-2012, 04:59 PM
As I wanted a more different approach compared to others.