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PART 1: The unknown letter. (Human world)

Long ago in an ancient cave lived the master of aura and also the first aura Pokémon, Lucario.Aura is a power that only rare and super strong Pokémon can learn. Some of you think aura isn't that special but I bet you haven't truly mastered the aura power well now you will realise how strong the power really is.

"Ding dong" the doorbell rang “I’ll get it mum!" Shouted Lucas from upstairs "ok honey hurry" replied his mum. Lucas opened the door but there was no one there "that's odd" he said and then he looked down and saw a letter "doesn't anyone know what a letter box is!" Lucas shouted and went in and closed the door. "Who was it?" Asked mum "just a letter" replied Lucas "who is it for?" Asked mum and then Lucas looked at it "it’s for me mum" he said and he took it upstairs.

He went into his room and closed the door and then he sat on his bed and opened the letter the letter said:
Dear Lucas

You have been chosen to go on a quest to search for the aura power and learn how to master it.

Signed unknown

Lucas was confused and said to himself "this must be for another Lucas" and he threw the letter in the bin. Will he understand what it meant? find out in part 2.

PART 2: The voice. (Human world)

That night Lucas couldn't sleep for some reason. He kept hearing a voice but he couldn't make out what it was saying. It was like the voice was getting closer and closer and closer then he could hear that the voice was saying "Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas". Lucas quickly looked back and there was a man standing there.

“who are you?” asked Lucas the man didn’t reply for 14 seconds then he said “I am Deamon, I am the one who sent you that letter and rang your doorbell” “you sent the letter to the wrong person” said Lucas “no, the letter was for you” said Deamon “what did it mean?” asked Lucas “grab my hand” said Deamon and Lucas grabbed it and they teleported into a world Lucas had never heard of.

PART 3: Meeting Lucario. (Aura world)

“Where am I?”Lucas asked “you are in the aura world” replied Deamon “aura world?, I’ve never heard of that world” said Lucas “it is a hidden world and only reveals itself to those who seek the power of aura” said Deamon “let us walk” said Deamon and they started walking.

“So what was the letter about?” asked Lucas “about coming to this world” said Deamon. “You are going on a quest to search for the aura with our strongest aura Pokémon, Lucario” “Lucario? I encountered one of those on my Pokémon journey at the age of 14 I didn’t know any Pokémon live here” said Lucas “Lucario is a master of aura and I will call him now” said Deamon “Lucario!” Deamon shouted and then Lucario came out.

“Who dares call the mighty Lucario?” asked Lucario “it is I, Deamon” said Deamon “Is is time to go on the quest and who is this boy?” “Yes its time and this boy will join us on the quest for he seeks the power of aura “what? I didn’t say….” Said Lucas but before he could continue Deamon said “we shall begin now”.

PART 4: Search for the missing son. (Human world)

In the human world things weren’t turning out good “so maam how old did you say you’re missing son is?” said a police officer “he’s 17 and when I woke up in the morning I kept calling him for breakfast but he wasn’t coming so I went up the his room and his bed was empty and then I looked around the house but couldn’t find him so I called the police” said Lucas’s mum. Suddenly another police came and said to the other police man “there’s no sign of the boy anywhere we’ve sent many of our best police men around the UK to find him and there’s no way he could go abroad because the planes have been closed”.

Tears started coming in Lucas’s mums eyes and she thought to herself “Lucas is a brave and kind hearted boy and I know he would never run from home” and deep inside she knew that wherever he was he was safe and she could only hope for him to come back.

PART 5: The quest begins. (Aura world)

Earlier the next morning Lucas, Deamon and Lucario were getting ready to go on the quest and then Deamon said “first we must go to the mountain of truth and we will be put into a test for truth and then to the lake of friendship where we will be put into a test of friendship and then finally the cave of aura where if you passed the two tests you will learn the aura power”.

After a few minutes they started their quest and walked for hours to get to the mountain of truth until finally they arrived “were at the mountain of truth” said Deamon “now everyone stay calm and make sure whatever you do don’t make any lies when the mountain speaks to you and asks you questions” said Deamon and they all went in.

PART 6: The Mountain of truth. (Aura world)

Inside the mountain of truth Lucas was surprised to see all the shiny rocks and so many little spiders all over the floor and Deamon said “Lucas, don’t get distracted by the sight you see because it will make you lose concentration because these spiders are supposed to make your mind feel weird and to stop you from passing the test” “uh ok but they are seriously attractive” replied Lucas and they got to this place where a ball of light floating there.

Suddenly the ball spoke “I am the leader of this mountain and you want to pass the test don’t you?” “Well……” said Lucas but then the mountain said “no one can pass the test if your wise enough you shall go home and forget about dying here “dying?” asked Lucas “didn’t I tell you, if you fail the test the mountain crushes you” said Deamon “what, you tell me this now? Asked Lucas “we thought you were clever enough to know” said Lucario…….

PART 7: Human destruction. (Human world)

News: It seems like bombs are falling from the sky all over the world and we have no trace where they are coming from, it’s like they are coming out of nowhere and the police are going to every home on the south and telling them to evacuate and go north because the bombs are coming from south and landing straight down.

Children were screaming and so many died in this horrible situation and Lucas’s mum wasn’t feeling well and she was in her bed without a clue where she should go and then she said “oh my god I forgot about Lucas something could of happened to him from the bombs, I hope he’s ok” and then she held her heart and wished he was safe.

PART 8: I am aura! (Aura world)

“Shall we kill the boy now, master Deamon?” asked the ball “yes crush him to bits” replied Deamon “what!!!” said Lucas “foolish boy did you really think that there was such thing as the aura quest, aura was a person and he died many years ago and when he did his aura power vanished into thin air and also went to all Lucarios and since then there has been no sign of the aura” said Deamon.

“Then why did you call me?” asked Lucas “to destroy the human world and right now my bombs have probably destroyed some the world and your mother too” replied Deamon “but why did you take me out?” asked Lucas “I could sense a power in you that was unbeatable and if I tried to destroy the human world I wouldn’t be able to because of you” said Deamon. Lucas fell to his knees “there’s a reason I have power, there’s a reason you couldn’t destroy the human world, I only realized now but deep inside I have known all my life” said Lucas “the truth is, I AM AURA!!!” shouted Lucas and his voice echoed throughout the milky way.

“Now, Deamon you and your bombs shall perish” said Lucas and then he made a giant energy shield around the human world and suddenly in the human world the bombing stopped “what are you doing, Lucas?” asked Lucario “I know it’s bad what Deamon did but you could kill us all” said Lucario “it’s ok I know what I’m doing” said Lucas and then he put an energy ball around Deamon and then Deamon got electrocuted “aaarghhhh” cried Deamon and then Lucas and Lucario got out the mountain and the mountain was destroyed.

PART 9: The happy ending (Human world)

In the end Lucas said goodbye to Lucario and set off back to the human world where his mum was waiting standing outside her house and she could see someone walking towards her but she couldn’t make out who it was when suddenly she saw it was Lucas and then she happily shouted “Lucas!!” and she ran to him and embraced him. “Where were you gone?” asked mum “it’s a long story” replied Lucas and he told her the whole story.


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sorry but the title of the story is wrong it is meant to be master of aura