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01-13-2013, 11:41 AM
Dear Ms. Juniper, I would like you to investigate this case further. I've written all I know in the report below. Thanks for your time.

The Strange House is a location in the Unova region near Reversal Mountain, which is east of Lentimas Town. According to the information a local has given me, it's known for a 'sad incident' that occurred. What is this 'sad incident', exactly?
Two years ago, there were several sightings of a deceased girl, including one from my son, Hilbert of Nuvema Town, standing on the Marvelous Bridge. Though she supposedly disappeared when someone approach her, an old lady in the gate to the east of the bridge explained that the young girl used to play around the area with an Abra before the bridge was built. It turns out this same 'spirit' now haunts the Strange House.
So back on the topic, what does the 'sad incident' refer to? A few years ago in the Sinnoh region, a boy from Twinleaf Town named Lucas set himself on a quest to make a little boy in Canalave City wake up from nightmares by retrieving the Lunar Wing. It has been reported (and recently, confirmed) that a Lunar Wing was found in the Strange House by a trainer named Nate, who comes from Aspertia City in Unova. Either way, now that we know that the Lunar Wing makes people wake up from nightmares, what does this have to do with the little girl?
Here are some quotes from the books found in the shelves from the house:

Top Left –
"There is a Pokémon called Cresselia in the far Sinnoh region. Its wings shine like the crescent moon and keep nightmares away."
(Cresselia left the Lunar Wing behind after fleeing from Fullmoon Island, our source, Lucas, says. As stated before, it supposedly makes a people recover from horrendous nightmares.)

Bottom Left –
"There are Pokémon called Hypno. Each one carries a pendulum that it can swing to make people drowsy. It has been said that a Hypno once hypnotized a child and took it away..."
(Perhaps maybe the child stated in this book is the spirit of the deceased girl? Could it have been working in conjunction with another Pokémon?)

Top Center –
"There is a Pokémon called Darkrai in the far Sinnoh region. To protect itself, it drives people and Pokémon far away with terrible nightmares."
(It inflicts nightmares when it needs to protect itself. Need I say more?)

Bottom Center –
"Some Pokémon know a move called Dream Eater. With this move, a Pokémon attacks while the target is asleep and eats its dream. It restores HP equal to half of the damage inflicted on the target."
(Dream Eater. Hypno, Drowzee, Darkrai and Abra are capable of learning it. Is there some kind of link?)

Top Right –
"There are Pokémon called Drowzee. They put others to sleep and eat their dreams. Eating nightmares can upset their stomachs."
(Drowzee can eat dreams, and eating nightmares, possibly inflicted by Darkrai, can upset their stomach.)

Bottom Right –
"Some Pokémon have the Forewarn Ability. A Pokémon with this Ability is alerted to one of the opposing Pokémon’s moves. High-power moves will be recognized first."
(Both Hypno and Drowzee can have Forewarn as their abilities. Maybe they were alerted to Darkrai's abilities to inflict nightmares? Maybe even it's ability to eat dreams, considering it can learn Dream Eater?)

Nate reported the spirit saying the following during three encounters.

First Encounter:

"An everlasting dark dream…
An endless dream of darkness…
Dad, Mom, Abra…
Where are you…?"
(Perhaps the child had a nightmare and passed away in her sleep...)

Second Encounter:

"In the dark dream…
I heard my dad’s voice…
Forget about the Lunar Wing…
Please stay here with me…"
(I'm not sure whether the last two lines were meant to be her actual remarks, or her fathers'. If it was her saying that, there's more evidence supporting the fact she passed away during a nightmare. But why would the Pokémon in question (Darkrai, Hypno, Drowzee, and Abra, in order of suspicion) want to hurt, more or less, kill, a young girl? Was it 'protecting' itself?)

Third Encounter:

"Oh… The Lunar Wing…
I can’t take it now…
But it’ll be OK…
Please return the wing to the Pokémon…
I was waiting on the bridge so I could return it myself…"
(This matches up with the testimonies a third source, Hilbert, provided us with. What connection does the Wing have to do with the nightmares? It has to have a link besides curing them...)

This is all the evidence I've obtained for now. Write me back if something interesting comes up.
- Detective Walker

The next day, his son, Hilbert found his father dead, clutching onto his blanket. An autopsy reveals that he most likely died in his sleep.

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Wow... didn't know that pokemon could be so dark... :l

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I thought the strange house was a pathetic attempt at horror but you just made it spooky I got me some chills

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Thanks. This was actually supposed to be a report-like thread, but I got an idea and turned it into a full-fledged story. Part two is coming soon... ;)

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You don't think pokemon is dark? go look up creepypastas on DA