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This is a new fanfic that I have thought up of, better than my first and kind of relating to it. I will have chapters that get longer the morenthat there are, and specials, which I was inspired by Krow. I hope this goes well, but I warn you, the first couple chapters will not be bloody or anything, but later on, I mean look at the title. Some of my friends that I know well on the sight will make appearances. But also tell me if you want to make an appearance, please. This first post will be the prologue and chapter one. Hopefully the rest will be on google docs. So, Project Deathfile has officially.... Begun!

"Dad, where are you going?" A five year old named Grey asked. "You will understand someday, I-I can't say, it could put you in-

danger," "But Grey, take this egg, my old friend Riley gave it to me. The world is an evil place Grey, Team Fusion must be stopped, please,

Stay safe." "But, when I get older, Papa said that he would give me a Pokemon!" said Grey. "Grey, Papa, I mean, Rowan- my... father, he,

He Is... Go-" "Frost!" Grey's mother scolded, "Please don't go!" "I am sorry Jasmine, but, please keep Grey safe, Natural- I mean N will act

As his mentor, until he is ready," "N!" Grey's mother replied, "He's alive!" "Of course, my brother is stronger then you think Jasmine" Grey

Watched as his father placed something in his mothers hand, and leave without another word. "Thats what I'm worried about," Grey's

mother said as she watched through the window, as Frost, Grey's doomed father, drove away...

End of Prologue

Official Part One

"Uncle N, do we HAVE to train right now? That linoone that I have been using, uh, looks, tired" Grey said to his uncle on a

cold afternoon. "You have become worse with your excuses, my nephew, and yes, we must train, you leave tommorow for

Sinnoh, and you will have no Pokemon. Your training will be complete when that egg of yours finally hatches, it is very

clo-" 'CRACK!' Went the egg, and it shattered on the soft grass in Grey's backyard. "LUUUUUU!" The riolu screeched as it

sprang out of the egg. "Whoa!" Grey yelled as the riolu stood up, shook off the remaining egg shell pieces, and looked

around. The riolu stummbled and whimmpered. Grey quickly ran over to it, picked it up, and began to cradle it. Grey had

always wanted a Pokemon of his own, and he could relate to the confused Riolu, for confusion was 50 % of Grey's own life.

Grey then began to teer up. Grey held the riolu tightly, cradling it smoothly And hugged it. The riolu was adorable, warm

and fuzzy, and it was Grey's and Grey's alone. N looked at Grey and smiled, and said calmly, "Your training, my nephew, is now

complete." "Luu, luu" Riolu whimpered. "Its ok my Friend, I am here," Grey said, still smiling and crying just a little. But for

some reason the riolu wouldnt stop whimpering. N looked at the riolu and frowned. N put his hand on the riolu's forehead

Gently. "Oh no..." N said. "It cant be- no, I...." "What is it?" Grey asked. "That riolu- no- I- FROST!," N Yelled. Grey looked

At his trembling uncle in fear. N was breathing heavily and was shaking his head quickly. The riolu began to cling to Grey's

arm. The riolu was so small and frail. "Uncle! What is it, whats wrong!" "FROST! NO, NO-" N's eyes began to glow blue and

the riolu surrounded all three of them with a light red aura, and Grey saw his father. He was strapped down to a table with a man

and an elekid standing next to him. The man had the letter F labled on his shirt. "Elekid, now!" The elekid touched Grey's

weak father and sent a blast of electrocution through him. Grey's Father winced in pain, and mumbled, " ill- never-talk,"

then the man with the elekid frowned but then smiled and said," We have other ways of making you talk, you are a father

after all," another man pulled in a bed with wheels, and Grey's brother, who's family had called him Frost after his father,

even though his real name was Amelio. Frost Jr. was knocked out and the elekid started moving towards him. "Please! No!"

Frost Senior screamed. The scientist pulled out a mini light blue pistol and pointed it at Frost Jr. The scientist then smiled,

and the picture dissolved. N breathed heavily and so did Grey. The Riolu licked Greys cheek and Grey hugged it. A tear fell

from N's eye but he immideately stopped crying. " You will go to Sinnoh now, and there will be no buts Grey. Riley will meat

you and take you to Proffesor Rowan, an old friend of your father's,"

*And that was the beggining of Deathfile"

End of Chapter 1

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it was great keep going my friend

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Thank you Cheez.

The Kiwi Dragon
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Interesting start, I do think this'll be an interesting story.
A few minor errors with spelling and the paragraphing, but otherwise nice job!

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Thank you Venom, i know, alot of grammer mistakes, I just dont want to go through and edit every single one, so, sorry, lol.

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Just need appropriate paragraphing. Giving each character their own space to breathe instead of cramming them all into one large paragraph. Gives it a flow and is less hectic a read. Other than that it was fine.

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Thanks Gary!

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Nice, I like it.

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I like it. sounds good so far. Maybe you could do some art to tag along with the story

P.S. Lols at you signature just so wrong.

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Thank you everyone, lol Cammy.

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That was...awsome.