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The Kiwi Dragon
01-27-2013, 11:58 AM
Hey there guys... This here is my fourth FanFic. I've either gotten to such a point with them, that I have almost no inspiration to write anything new for them.
Or I just think that the atmosphere around them has just gone away to the extent there's no interest in them anymore.
So today, this is the reboot of my writing. No more Pokemon mixed with OTT fantasies such as Parallel Worlds, Spies and Hospitals. Nope, today my story is all about going back to the basics of the Pokemon franchise and the essence of what makes it so great!
And with that, let's move onto the first chapter!

Chapter List:

Chapter 1: Hero to Zero - Out now!
Chapter 2: Fight For Your Life - Out now!
Chapter 3 - Coming Soon!

The Kiwi Dragon
01-27-2013, 11:59 AM
Chapter 1: Hero to Zero:

This was it. The memory I tried so hard to forget. It was on this day that I lost everything... I still have nightmares of that day and can't stop them, it's like they were some kind of sign...

Oh... Where are my manners? The name's Nick. And this is my story of happiness, sadness, triumph, and loss.

Many years ago... I was a hotshot Pokemon Trainer. I trained hard and battled harder. I went all over the Sinnoh region with a Pokedex for Professor Rowan who gave me my first Pokemon, a Piplup.

I took it home to show my family and they adored it to pieces. Piplup enjoyed all the fuss and attention it recieved from my family, so much so, that I gave it to my sister who didn't have any Pokemon of her own.

In return, because of my generosity, my father gave gave me his Gible. I was reluctant to take it at first, seeing as my father would only have his Magnemite to accompany him. But the day after that, I refused to think about it and set off on my journey to pursue my dreams with my new found friend. We hit it off right away, winning countless battles and just generally getting to know each other. We were the best of friends and we still are to this day.

After completing my Pokedex, finishing my travels in the Sinnoh region, and winning the Pokemon League, I'd entered myself into so many competitions, with countless victories as a result, that I soon garnered the attention of the public, the press, and many countless others. But one day, I was as high as a cloud, I was walking out of the stadium in Hearthome City, just won the Amateur Regional Championships in, when a strange man introduced himself to me.

"The name's Mr. Brawl! I saw all of your matches here today... You did great!" He told me.
I looked at him and sighed. "Look mister, I'm not signing any autographs... I just wanna go home." I said tiredly.
"Who said anything about an autograph? I came by to give you a proposition!" He said cheerfully. You ever heard of the WPL?"
I stared at him. "The Worldwide Pokemon League? Who hasn't heard of it?" I mumbled. "What about it though?"
Mr. Brawl looked at me strangely. "You know about it but yet have no clue who I am or what I'm gonna tell you." He said.
"Well freaking tell me already man!' I told him.
"I'm the owner of the WPL Franchise. And I'd like to offer you a contract to appear in the WPL!" He said as he grinned.
I rolled my eyes thinking it was a wind-up. "And I'm the Prime Minister of Kanto..." I told him sarcstically.
"I'm being serious! Look here's my business card... Call me if you accept my offer." He told me, still smiling as I walked away.


Two days later at my home I thought of this offer and said to myself 'What the Hell... Let's do it!'

So I rang up Mr. Brawl. He was so evidently happy I called him back.
"Come to the Resort Area tomorrow afternoon! I've booked your accommodation and travel." He said before I put the phone down.

I smiled to myself, as I thought of this before I fell asleep.


So then the following day, I traveled by limo to Snowpoint City, then travelled by ferry to the Battle Area. Before I got another limo to the Resort Area.
And there it was. More grand than any other stadium I'd been to before.

I got out of the limo as Mr. Brawl greeted me. He welcomed me inside and showed me all there was to see. The Competitor's workout room, and the arena itself before we ended up in Mr. Brawl's office.

"So... What do you think?" He asked.
I grinned at him. "I love it!" I told him.
"Will you be joining us then?" He asked.
I laughed. "When do I start boss?"


Fast forward, a couple years into the future. And we reach my worst day ever. It's too many years after I began competing for me to remember. Almost all my old opponents from my beginner's days have long since retired, the younger ones pose hardly any menace and Mr. Brawl died a few years ago from a stroke. The world as I knew it had changed, and after that day, it was gonna change a Hell of a lot more.

I was gonna be reckless that day in my 1 Vs 1 finale battle. I was gonna put it all on the line. Because I knew I was the best. Every single title I had won all to bet that my opponent couldn't beat me.

As I entered the arena, my entry theme played in the background as the crowd roared with excitement and anticipation. Soon my opponent entered the arena and he too was cheered as he walked in. "3... 2... 1... FIGHT!" the referee yelled.

"Go Garchomp!" I yelled.
"Go Mamoswine!" My opponent yelled.
"Garchomp use Fire Blast!" I commanded.
"Mamoswine use Icicle Spear!" My opponent shouted.

Garchomp started to breath fire, as it fired a intensely hot blast at Mamoswine. It hit Mamoswine with such a force it almost defeated it. But Mamoswine got up and preceeded to fire icy spikes at Garchomp all of which hit Garchomp one after another, as Garchomp fell to the floor.

"No!" I yelled, coming to the realisation I'd lost everything I'd worked so hard for. Tears came to my eyes as I fell backwards and blacked out.


A few days later, I was sat at home watching the News, as it focussed on the the main stories of flooding in Unova and my untimely demise.
I was peeved by what I was hearing my supposed 'fans' say about me and how they'd gone on to be fans of the hotshot chump who beat me.
Garchomp was sat next to me. I looked at him, he could clearly tell how sad and angry I was.

"I'm sorry Garchomp. I let you down old pal. I got too cocky and too arrogant. And now everything's gone..." I said quietly.
Garchomp shook his head at me.
"Garchomp, Gar!" He said.
"But I did let you down, and the others... Now I'm a nobody again. That was my job! I can't work as anything else!"

Garchomp stared at me for a few moments before passing me a newspaper using his mouth.

I sighed. "Garchomp... I can't work as a teacher... I don't have the skills."
Garchomp rolled his eyes at me "Gar, Gar!" He said pointing at a advert.

I read the advert. It was a tournament due to start next week! The Sinnoh Champions Tournament.

I looked at Garchomp "Are you telling me we should go battle again?" I asked.
Garchomp nodded at me.
"Well... It seems like the perfect opportunity... Let's do it buddy!" I yelled.
Garchomp stood up and smiled. "Gar... Chomp!" He cried.

I called out the rest of my team, as Salamence, Crobat, Leafeon, Aerodactyl and Hydreigon appeared from their Pokeballs.

"Comon team!" I shouted. "We've got some training to do!"

The whole team cried out with joy as they followed me out of the door of my house.

"To honour! To strength! And to victory!" I shouted as I ran down the sidewalk with my Pokemon following me in tow.

End of Chapter 1.

01-27-2013, 12:12 PM
Wow this is good so far! I can't wait for more (:

The Kiwi Dragon
01-27-2013, 12:16 PM
Wow this is good so far! I can't wait for more (:

Thank you very much! :) A new part will arrive soon!

Baby Koga
01-27-2013, 08:47 PM
I really like it so far!

The only thing I would say is that the battle between Garchomp and Mamoswine could have been drawn out a bit more (that's only cause I love me some battles :p). Other than that I look forward to learning more about this character's background and the person who beat you.

Nice job! ^-^

The Kiwi Dragon
01-27-2013, 08:54 PM
I really like it so far!

The only thing I would say is that the battle between Garchomp and Mamoswine could have been drawn out a bit more (that's only cause I love me some battles :p). Other than that I look forward to learning more about this character's background and the person who beat you.

Nice job! ^-^

They will be longer next time, just this time I wanted it to be a surprise to the character that he loses everything so easily and also I tried to base it upon my battle against a Mamoswine over Wi-Fi and it was much bulkier and then of course more damaging than Garchomp.

The Kiwi Dragon
01-29-2013, 01:21 PM
Chapter 2: Fight For Your Life:

It was 3 days after the big revelation to head back to training. I decided me and my team would all hit my personal gym at my house. The team all went crazy when they got in there. Garchomp ran for the exercise bike, Salamence and Leafeon headed for the treadmills, Crobat and Aerodactyl flew overhead onto for the trampoline and Hydreigon and I proceeded to lift some weights. I had a very heavy weight to lift and struggled a little before managing to lift it into the air.
"Hydrei...gon!" cried the floating dragon as I looked to my left and noticed it was lifting the same weight I was... But using only it's right head to lift it as it was being held inside it's mouth! I smiled at Hydreigon as it continued to lift the weights as I turned to her. "Show-off!" I said before winking at her. Hydreigon looked at me and blushed.


For the rest of that day we continued to do fitness training until dinner time. After dinner, all of us settled down to watch the news. Garchomp sat next to me on the couch as per usual. Salamance sat on the floor, Crobat and Aerodactyl perched on the back of the couch, Hydreigon floated behind us and Leafeon decided it wanted to sit on my lap and nuzzle me. We all remained silent as the news brought up a story about the 'Sinnoh Champions Tournament'.

A newswoman in her late 40's with brown hair and glasses that looked she'd found them in a 99 Cents Store because they looked too big for her face. She looked towards the camera with such a smug look, like she was about to say the best joke ever. She spoke with such a tone it almost sounded patronising.

"With only days to go until the SCT, the world is still astounded as to where WPL Legend Nick or as many know him to be 'The Renegade' has disappeared to after his astounding defeat in the 1 Vs 1 'Champion of Champions' Tournament a week ago, losing every title he'd ever won. His opponent Anthony now going by the stage name of 'Power-Person', is now citing his victory over 'The Renegade' to be the ultimate decisive reason to be called #1 in the world. However, critics have since slammed the match calling it a 'shambles' and 'totally fake' as to being an easy way for 'The Renegade' to retire without any fuss. However the CEO and owner of the WPL Richard Thunderfists has said he has accepted no letter of resignation from 'The Renegade', but has told us here at the Sinnoh News Network that he has received word that 'The Renegade' will be taking a bit of time in a period of hiatus. But what do you think? Contact SNN on all social media and you can also text us on your opinion of what you think of all this drama from a usually civilised sport..."

I turned the TV off about to head on up to bed when my house phone began to ring. I picked it up. "Yes?" I said tiredly. "Nick? It's Richard! Look I've got the press breathing down my neck to give them some news and I had to lie about the 'hiatus' thing because I don't know what the Hell is going on..." He said.
"Can you please give us a call in a few days to decide your future? I've got all the TV companies complaining that this has been dragged out long enough. Also you know, you could be easily replaced. I haven't got a problem bumping you off if it makes me money... So I'm giving you a month to decide what you're gonna do..." He said. "OK, man... Bye!" I said before hanging up. I couldn't stand talking to an arrogant, obnoxious, money grabbing swine like that anymore than I had to.

I grabbed myself a drink of Lemonade before heading upstairs to bed. Thinking about how soon everything would be back to normal again... Or so I thought...

End of Chapter 2.

The Kiwi Dragon
01-29-2013, 01:24 PM
Chapter 2 is up now! Enjoy! :)

06-11-2013, 02:08 PM
Honestly its was great, I really really enjoyed reading Chapter 1 & 2 ...wish you put up Chapter 3 honey. :D <3

06-14-2013, 01:07 PM
hey welsh!nice job! ^.^