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The Menacing Samurott and the Deadly Deluge
It was a cold, dark silent night in Humilau City where the warm sparkling oceans met a varying coloured golden sandy beach as the wild Frilish and Jellicent snored and dribbled a lone Samurott washed up on the shore at precisely 6:32AM a couple on vacation from Castelia City approached the weak and wounded Samurott as the weak, wounded and tired Samurott tried to attack he collapsed and started twitching the couple took the Samurott to Nurse Joy she and Audino working long and hard to bring him to full health but as Nurse Joy and Audino didn’t know what happened to the poor thing or what had made it so terribly ill sick and injured she couldn't help it very much until a strange person dressed in a very bright brilliant white cape came and said
“In order to heal this Samurott you must go in search of the 4 tribes of Unova” the strange person said in a deep scratchy voice
“The four tribes of Unova? What are they” Nurse Joy said in a puzzled way
“You will discover what they are if u go and search for them” however before Nurse Joy called ask another question the person had gone as she went to the reception desk she found a note written on a very old ripped and torn scroll looking paper it read
“to those who seek the meds for the cure of the deadly malinoista virus you will need these ingredients
NO.1 quilosta petal
“Right a Quilosta petal I wonder what that could be” as Nurse Joy sat down thinking long and hard of what this Quilosta petal could be as she stared over and a picture on the wall it depicted two people with a Ivysaurs petal crushing it up and feeding it two a injured Pokémon she read the little writing at the bottom it said
“Quilosta petal offering”
“That’s it” she thought the petal of a Ivysaur and she went into medical room 14 and removed one of the petals ever so gently from the Ivysaurs back she crushed it up and feed it to the Samurott
“next up” she said in a happier squeaky voice is
NO.2 A Dew Claw
But can she get the Dew Claw and be one step closer to saving Samurott…

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The Menacing Samurott and the Deadly Deluge
Chapter 2
As Nurse Joy went to find ingredient number 2 a Dew Claw she went to the place she thought of when she was a child she use to play in a meadow which she reached by singing a song so she went hiking to her childhood mountain…Mt.Togi however as she was halfway there and then huge settlements of mist and fog set in and she heard a strange song
“Togepi come with me oh toge toge pi dancing through the forest lights at wonders so bright” Nurse Joy was wondering who was singing that mysterious song and as she was walking along someone said “behind you “Nurse Joy froze with fear and said “w-who aare yyou” she said with a stumble at every word then the mysterious person said “my name is Gary I am sorry I scared you what makes you come all the way up here?” as he removed his cloak she said with a relived face “I am looking for a Dew Claw”
“Ahh the elusive Dew Claw I know it very well”
“Really” Nurse Joy said with an alarmed yet happy face
“yes I can take you to the mount meadow if you want”
So Nurse Joy and a newly found friend Gary went to mount meadow and
Nurse Joy sang
“Oh as your flowers blossom and your land takes on the sky your gratitude is fully bloomed and so sky high”as she sang the end the rocks started crumbling and a beam of light pierced through the crakes there was a large rumble then the rocks parted and Nurse Joy and Gary stepped through towards the light will they find the Dew Claw? find out soon.

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i dont see deadly or samurott. i never saw part 1 tho.

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Then see part 1

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The Menacing Samurott and the Deadly Deluge
Chapter 3
As you may remember before we saw Nurse Joy meet a young lad called Gary they teamed up and are now opening the secret meadow doors…
As Nurse Joy saw the secret meadow doors open she felt something on her face something cold and soft as she and Gary walked through she saw it was snowing and there was a girl laughing and running around Gary’s face dropped as she walked over
“Hi I’m Candice what brings you here” smiling happily so Nurse Joy explained as for Gary he just stood there staring like an idiot
“What is wrong?” Candice said to Gary he ran and crashed into Abomasnow
“Maybe he has a crush on you Candice” said Nurse Joy laughing happily
“NO I DON’T” said Gary strictly informing them then as he opened his eyes he saw a shrine of some sort and crawled over to it and there glowing was the Dew Claw then out of nowhere a Garchomp roared as Gary got up in surprise he called out his Pokémon
“GO! Umbreon” as he through the poke ball into the air a flash of light came out of it
“UM-BRE” Umbreon shouted its battle cry Garchomp used dragon pulse
“Umbreon Agility” as Umbreon used Agility to doge the dragon pulse
As Garchomp charged at Umbreon he used hidden power and knocks Garchomp flying as he collects the Dew Claw and gives it to Gary they both run and fall when they see Candice is still there Gary gets up and stares blankly for a moment into Candice’s eyes he shouts
As Candice stares on she says you are quite cute Gary could not believe his ears Umbreon gave the Dew Claw to Nurse Joy and Candice asked if she could come along of course Gary was all for it so she came along as they waked out of the hidden meadow Candice and Gary holding hands how sweet.