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05-10-2013, 10:45 PM
I was walking with my freind Robert,we were walking to a brand new carnivel,called:The Carnivel of Darkness.it sounded stressful.still,i can control the monster now.Robert has gotten over his fear of my..erm..."ghostly girlfreind".im not sure how considering he had 30 months of therapy...yeah.i walked into the carnivel,calmly as usual.Robert was literally squeling with excitment.i rolled my eyes and groaned as he ran to random black rollercoaster.i felt Black Rose's hand clasp into mine as she looked around.she said silently:are you sure this place is safe? I replied calmly:yes.its totally safe..trust me.i squeezed her hand and smiled at her as i pulled on my leather jacket.i turned and saw someone moveing in the shadows.her face was compleatly covered.i couldnt see who it was,but she was stareing at me...as if she was expecting something to happen.she looked a little older then me,but i couldnt tell because of all the cloths she was wearing.i shrugged and kept walking with Rose.i saw roberts car diveing and adrenaline rushed through my veins like lightning.i cringed and fell to my knees.everyone in the park stopped and turned.my heart pounded in my chest.robert turned and saw that i was haveing an incident and quickley jumped out of the car.he did a triple flip in mid-air and landed in front of me.Rose was helping me calm down as he landed.i roared as the people jumped back in terror.then a skull faced man rushed through the crowd and hurled me into a tree. I got up quickly as my jaws extended.my heart pounded in my chest as two huge horns grew from my skull.my eyes turned white as a tail sprouted and my skin turned scaly and reptilian.i roared and charged at the man,sending him flying into a funhouse.i growled as the people ran away,screaming there heads off.i snarled at the man:WHO ARE YOU?!?! The man got up and laughed:everything they said about you was true.you ARE that monster! I ushethed my claws and jumped in front of Rose.robet got behind me.the girl that stalked me appeared next to him and gestured me to come over.i snarled at the girl and said:GET LOST!!!! The girl still gestured me to come over,but instead i charged like a freight train.i slamed into the skull faced man with full force,sending blood everywhere.then i turned and roared:WHO ARE YOU?!?! The girl took off the scarf around her mouth.she looked pale,and she had a very razor sharp set of fangs.i knew what she was..she was a vampire.she ran towards me so fast that i didnt have time to react.i felt her sharp fingernails touch just benath my chin.i let out a deafoning roar of pain as her set of fingers dove deeper into my skin.Rose charged at the girl,but it was to late.she had me on the ropes.the girl then slowley took off her mask.she was defiantley my age.she had glowing,creepy blue eyes.her hair was as pale as white snow and she had a very devilish and evil grin that could even scare The Wicked Witch from the wizard of Oz.i was trapped.

Cotton Candy
05-12-2013, 12:46 PM
O_O this is awesome x3

05-12-2013, 01:38 PM
Thanks! Im a good story writer XD