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cuz bruh
05-16-2013, 11:02 AM
James and I walked over to Robert to see how he was. I lye in the grass that stood above Oshawott. Oshawott was running towards his brothers, and vanished. We went to go see if any humans were there. There was only one. His name was Kyoya. Kyoya was a hardcore Pokemon gamer. He was there ten days before all of us, so he knew the Pokemon Universe pretty well. He waved to us and then walked towards us. Kyoya said, " Hi guys, I am Kyoya. I love Pokemon. Right now, you are in the Pokemon Universe. No humans exist here for the exception of us.'', then James said, '' Are there any dragon type Pokemon that I can bond with?''. Kyoya pointed at a pack of Axews. James ran up to them and grabbed one. I saw some Geodudes and caught one that seemed nice. Robert took Pikachu, which shocked him.

Kyoya took his Umbreon. Kyoya told us that he has a training ground for our Pokemon. I asked him why? " Why?", he said. "We are destined Pokemon Masters, to stop the evil Master of illusions, Zoroark. She steals Pokemon and then curses them to follow her orders.