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cuz bruh
05-17-2013, 11:24 AM
Authors note: Look for Season 1 Complete Set Out Today! 5-17-13

Zoruas! They are Zoruas!. Why? They may have benn sent by Zoaroak

" They were playing a game on us.' said Robert. James was too distracted by the Axew that he didn't even know what was going on. '' My Geodude seemed ready to fight, and he knew Rock Throw, Tackle, and Rock Tomb. I couldn't back down. " Geodude, use Rock Tomb!." Geodude used the move. Zorua #1 was hit. He K.O.ed on the spot.The next Zorua used Pursuit. My Geodude was hit! Then, Geodude used a move by himself. The move was awkward. Rock Polish? No. He shot Rock out of his mouth, then he was able to control them. He K.O.ed the Pokemon with lots of hits.The two Pokemon weren't even moving. I Later on though, they woke up. They told us that they were planning revenge and left, still in there human form. " Lets continue our quest guys."