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cuz bruh
05-21-2013, 11:22 AM
Zoroark woke up and charged at us. We ran but Graveler, Fraxure, and Raichu stayed right there. Umbreon was with Kyoya. Graverler and Fraxure combined Earthquake with Dragon Pulse. Zoroark wasn't moving but still charging. We were all proud of Jame' and my Pokemon, they learned teamwork. Zoroark was ready and then attacked. My Graveler used Earthquake to throw her off. Zoroark was off balance. Graveler then used Earth Power. Zoroark was pushed back 10 ten feet. Raichu used Thunder and hit Zoroark. Zoroark was defeated.

The vacuum sucked Robert, James, and I back into James' basement, where we left. Kyoya waved to us.We all thanked him. Our Pokemon were waving at us too. We were all very proud of them. As we saw the light, we hit ground.

We were still at James' house. Playing with our figures.

The End Please Read Below

Authors Final Note :(- I enjoyed making this Fan-fiction. Robert James Anthony Kyoya Candy and Aura are based on real people.

The story was fun to think of. Every mourning I would post a new one. I had to stop here. Thanks for the support!

Good bye peeps.

Mega Klefki
05-21-2013, 12:40 PM
Great ending!
[Finale :(]