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Cotton Candy
05-25-2013, 01:03 PM
Forget about the "a new beginning" story :3 this collab will be a brand new story.

"What was that?" Silver stared across the sky as the beam of blue light landed nearby in the woods.

"Come on, Pepper! Something is going on." Pepper was Silver's zorua.

"Zorua!" The light from the ball glowed around the little Pokemon.

"Pepper, we need to go here," Silver pointed towards the woods. The little Pokemon nodded and started towards the smoke, "I wonder what is going on," Silver raced after Pepper. As Silver kept a steady step, Pepper barked like a wild Houndour.

"What is that?!" Silver marched towards the fuzzy critter. Pepper tried hard to wake it up. The Pokemon opened it's eyes. "huh? A human?!" The Pokemon leaped back and bared her fangs. "Don't come any closer! I mean, Flee!"

"You...you can talk?!" Silver was spooked, "I've never seen anything like you before."

"The name is Candy. And yes, I can talk. -sigh- I'm the new legendary pokemon. A Fleeceveon. Now, leave before I shock you with my ears. They store electric." Silver came closer. "I don't want to hurt you, Candy. You look in a terribly bad shape. I need to get you to a Pokemon Center." Candy's eyes widened. "No! You cannot do so. I must stay hidden, for not even you should know about my existence. I need to hide from the group called Team Fusion. They want me, for my rareness, my power, everything. So please, leave me be," Silver nodded to Pepper.

"Get off me Zorua! You will never take me back to civilization!" Candy grasped to the ground.

"Candy, stop it! They are just here to help!" A higher pitched voice called. Silver, Pepper, and Candy turned around. It was none other than Grey, with his special Riolu, Aura.

Your turn ;)

Candy the FV, Seneca~

05-25-2013, 03:07 PM
"Easy now Candy, they don't mean any harm!" Grey called out to Candy, a pokemon he did not owned, but was part of his family.

The frightened Fleeceveon looked up and stared at Grey, then his Riolu, Aura. Grey was aware of the feelings that Aura had about Candy,

but understood how shy he was. Aura would be willing to protect Candy from anyone or, anything, and seeing her panicked like that made

him very mad. Grey could see Aura tense and looked at the female trainer and her Zorua who were both looking back at him. Grey

suddenly experienced a feeling about the girl, but Grey pushed it away, knowing it was not the time. "Wh-Who are y-you?" Grey asked the

girl. She blushed and said,"Sil-Silver". Grey nodded and glanced at the Zorua who immediatally dropped Candy who raced over to Grey,

smiling. She flew up to his shoulder and licked his cheeck, and he smiled, and scratched the spot Candy loved behind her ear. Aura seemed

to become less tense and he stared at Candy. The girl spoke up,"We-are sorry about this, we just thought-" "It's fine, it's just, a team

fighting towards taking all strong, rare, and new legendary pokemon. They are after both this riolu, and this Fleeceveon, a new evolution of

eevee." Grey finished. "Oh," she said," Don't worry, I'm just a regular trainer, and this is my Zorua, Pepper!" She scratched the head of

the zorua and looked at Grey with a noticable blush. Grey nodded and smiled then walked over to her and asked,"So, you seem like a new

trainer, and I, well I am training to become, well, you see, there is a new Gym opening up soon for, well, multitype masters. I'm

determined to at least get to the final 8 trainers in tryouts, so anyway, what I'm trying to say is, do you want to battle?" Silver looked at

Pepper and nodded. Both trainers knew that the day was about to get exciting.

Mega Klefki
05-25-2013, 05:07 PM
This looks good~!

07-23-2013, 02:59 AM
Your turn love!

Cotton Candy
07-23-2013, 02:22 PM
aw crap I forgot....LATER!!!!! XD

Cotton Candy
07-23-2013, 03:15 PM
"zorua!" Pepper called out. She leaped with grace and prepared for battle. This would be her first time ever. "You ready Aura?" Grey patted the pokemon's head. "Heck yeah!" Aura called back. "He can talk too?" Silver seemed frightened. Who knows who these 3 were. But, yet something about Grey made her feel more comfortable. "well, yes" Grey sheepishly smiled. Candy noticed a bond between Grey and Silver, and she jumped off of his shoulder. "Hey, Silver!" She came closer to Silver. "Sorry for the mishap earlier...and I was wondering...if..I could be your partner? I mean, you seem like a nice trainer." Candy wiggled her tail. The little Zorua ready for battle became jealous in an instant, and started digging underground. Candy glanced back to Silver. "May I be your partner in this battle?" Silver looked up at Grey, then Aura. "I think we may have this battle." She picked Candy up. "Take that Pepper!" Candy stuck her tongue out. "zor....AAAA!" the ground jiggled. "woah! What's going on?!" Aura hopped into Grey's arms. "sorry guys! I think Candy is now Pepper's new enemy!" Pepper re surfaced. The ground still rumbled like an earthquake. In a few shakes Silver then fell into Grey. "Oh I'm sorry!" She began to pull away...:rolleyes:

Oh no...here we go....:o

07-24-2013, 12:53 AM
"Oh" Grey said in suprise as Silver fell into his arms. "Sorry!" She said quickly and began to pull away but the shaky ground made her fall back into his arms, and just like that Grey "fell" for her. (Lol sorry) "Um I-uhhh sorry" Grey stuttered as hehelped her up. He was blushing but needed to speak. "Um so, you know how your Pokemon can talk?" "Yeah," she replied still blushing. "Well, they are not actually talking, it's well, there is a legend, and it goes like this: Seven trainers to unite, to stand together and end the fight, to disband the ones who mean much harm, to the creatures which show no alarm, for those creatures are known to be strong, so they see it as there is nothing wrong, those seven trainers are to keep the peace, by communicating using the restoring grease- and thats all that have been discovered." "And that means what?" Silver asked. It means the seven trainers who communicate with pokemon, you and me being two, will end this legend battle between i guess these strong pokemon, and this group, look, i noticed you have the omega symbol painted on your arm when you fell into mine," " It's not painted, I have had it for as long as I can remember, we had it analyzed and it was greas- wait-" " I know! I have it too! See! Your pokemon arent actually talking, you can understand them. Look, do you want to join me, we can find the mother five trainers, go on an adventure, it'll be fun! And awesome!" Grey said. "Well, I guess our battle will determine that answer," she smiled. "I agree, now of course, Aura won't fight Candy, and Candy can't fight, a nurse Joy told me she would be laying an egg soon," Grey eyed Aura and smiled. Candy blushed. "So I'll use Aura and you can use whoever, besides Candy of course. Oh and take care of her, she has a harsh backstory and is fragile now, I have been taking care of her, I'll miss her." " Yeah why does this new girl get to take Candy!" Aura yelled distressed. "What if you lose Grey! I won't ever be able to see Candy again!" Aura became very distressed but Grey already had a plan. "Then Aura" Grey said," I guess we can't lose."

Cotton Candy
07-24-2013, 01:25 AM
"so, Pepper...talk to me."Silver was curious. "Hey, Candy and Aura are not the only Pokemon you understand. Now ya know how I feel and it's great because I can battle!" Pepper jumped up and down. (wait, is N involved in this? D: ) "Aura! You're going to be dug in my big hole!" Aura gave a glare. "Pepper, hush. Sorry, she is usually so....calm." Silver bent down to pet Pepper. "No! You can finally understand me, please hear me out!" Pepper began digging. "Ready or not I'm coming for you Aura!" Silver just rubbed her face. There i no controlling that Pokemon during her first battle. "Okay Aura, show this sassy Zorua what we've got!" Grey got pumped. "With pleasure" Aura started to glow and aimed at Pepper's hole. "What is that Riolu doing?" Pepper jumped out on the other side of her tunnel. The blue blast came after but Pepper managed to miss the attack. "Say, you are good for a neewbie" Aura kind of liked this sass. "hehe, thanks.." Pepper kicked up some dust. "Okay, it's time" Aura's necklace faintly glowed blue, making it clearer to see. "Nuts..." Pepper started to store energy. "I'll never surrender..." Her body grew dark and all you could see were her angered eyes.

07-24-2013, 02:14 AM
Grey saw the battle heating up, but he also had a vision, the second vision he had ever had, the first one when he had first gotten Aura. The vision came on so quickly, and he collapsed. Time stopped around him. He saw Silver, hanging from a cliff, calling Grey for help and crying. Se was hurt, no doubt about it, and she was weak, close to falling to her death. Just then another vision began. He and Silver were walking on the beach at night, talking and laughing and holding hands. They sat down next to the water and Silver rested her head on Grey's chest. It was a pretty night, one to remember, she sat up and leaned over to kiss- "Grey!" Silver yelled as Grey came back to the real world once again. "Are you okay!" She yelled. "Yes yes- just uh- lost focus for a sec, not to worry!" Grey said but remembered the visions he had, replaying the one on the beach and his head, and dreading the other one. "Okay, are you sure?" Silver asked unceartainly. "Yeah- im fine" Grey replied. "But maybe we should finish this battle some other time. But you make the decision, will you join me," grey said getting up," or not?"

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Cotton Candy
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We are continuing this in a pm guys....so maybe I'll post on DA.

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