View Full Version : Creepypasta:i meet Legends(the carnivil of datkness part2)

06-02-2013, 07:09 PM
I woke up with a start,i was tied to a huge tombstone,and i couldnt see a thing.my stomach hurt and the thick fog swirled and condensed.i saw the vampire standing in front of me,along with,guess who:the skull headed dude.she said in a cooing tone and fliped her hair:hello,James,your finally awake....why dont you be a good monster and let me show you some...people i know.i growled and tugged at my chains,but i felt really,really tired.she gestured over to something that made my jaw drop to the floor.it was a group of the most Legendary monsters in history:Slenderman,Jeff,Jane,the Nyx,and wost of all,the Rake.the vampire smiled:these,James,are the fear feasters.Jeff groaned:I thought that i was supoosed to say that!!!the vampire turned to him angrily and he jumped,saying:what?!i was just bored.the vampire continued:anyway,we are going to show you something:How to kill a Ghost!i roared in outrage and tugged at my chains as Rose was shoved forward.Jeff laughed like a maniac:boooy!what a catch!a girl who fell in love with a monster like you deserves someone better!he put his knife to her throat and licked her cheek saying:hey there beutiful,why dont you ditch that freak and be with me eh?i growled and i started to lose control,the vampire grinned at that.she started to circle me,examineing my tail and all that.my chains started to groan and i grinned evily.jeff didnt notice and continued to say:be mine,be mine,you can be all mine.Jane sawme and looked away shyly,which made me wonder about if she was actually evil.she twirled around with her hair and looked away.I roared angrily:LET HER GO YOU HEARTLESS DEMONIC FREAKSHOWS!!!!!ILLL TEAR YOU LIMB FROM BLOODLY LIMB!!!!the mysterious vampire grinned and leaned forward towards me whispering: once i kill her you'll be mine....forever...and ever!!!i growled vicously,struggleing to get free,rage and hatred fill my head.Slenderman looked un-inpressed and leaned against a tree,as Jeff laughed:Im going to lick the blood off your corpse,monster.the Nyx snapped her fingers,creating a starry night sky(because she's the godess of the night,apparently)i saw Robert,screaming in the thick fog,then......everything started to go red