View Full Version : Pokemon Universe mini story- Tales of Lavender Town

08-14-2013, 09:52 PM
Hello to all my readers of my fan fics. Before I start, I would like to thank all my faithful readers over the past few months and more parts to my previous fan fics are coming soon. Welcome to my mini story on Lavender town. Based on the Creepy pasta of Lavender Town. Young trainer Red with his trusty team travel To Lavender Town once again to solve the mystery of the White hand. Soon in a fight he can't win. Red must surprisingly team up with Blue to defeat buried alive.Coming soon...

EDIT: I am expecting it to be a three part story ark if I planned it out correct

08-15-2013, 11:38 PM
this sounds cool. in interested in buried alive too but i dont like to look at it. its scarred me for life. *shudders*

07-11-2014, 03:18 AM
The long wait is over. Tales of lavender town part one is here! Sorry for the long wait as I am getting busy with school life.