View Full Version : Calem's Journey through Kalos- Part 1

cuz bruh
11-07-2013, 03:34 PM
Narrator- Calem woke up to a little Fletchling, chirping as it came through the window. Calem woke up to feeling very happy, as it was the day he will get his first Pokemon. Calem walked over to the mirror and got dressed on his outfit. He was ready. As Calem walked down the stairs, he was thinking about what Pokemon he was going to get. The three Pokemon were Fenniken, Chespin, or Froakie.

Calem- " Bye ma, I'm of to get my Pokemon."

Calem's Mom- " Okay honey, be safe!"

Narrator- Calem walked out the door, greeted by his neighbor. Calem moved here about a week ago. The neighbor was named Alexa.

Alexa- " Howdy neighbor! My name's Alexa. You just moved here, right?"

Calem nooded.

Alexa- " Well, I guess I will meet you at Aquacorde Town!"

Calem- " Yeah!"

To be continued!