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12-09-2013, 05:10 AM
This isn't exactly a thread for anybody to come and request a Pokemon to be bred, this is more like a get-together of people that breed their own Pokemon.

The idea here is that once you've produced a nicely bred Pokemon that you may not be using personally, you come to this market! Basically, it's a place for breeders to make lists of extra Pokemon they have up for trade so that other breeders can contact them and make exchanges for it. I call it a market because the larger the variety of IV trained Pokemon you have, the easier it becomes, so breeders benefit in 2 ways!
The idea is to keep this thread clean of comments like "Cool idea" or "What do you want for..", exchanges should be done via PM or VM, as that way the thread will be clean. Everyone that wants to take part in this experiment comment below with Pokemon you have for trade (include Egg Moves, nature, IVs, etc.) and possibly a list of Pokemon you plan to breed. You can update as much as you need to, and it's like everyone has their own little sub-thread within one thread, so that it's easier to find. (I'll make this a group if it gets popular).

So post away and remember not to comment unless you are showing your Pokemon for trade!
Currently my stockpile of bred Pokemon isn't very large yet, so I'll add my list next week when I have a lot to go around ^^