View Full Version : Looking to Trade for Different Region Charmander

12-20-2013, 09:53 AM

Im trying to breed a shiny Charmander with at least 5 perfect IV using the masuda method (which has worked for me) and am looking to trade someone who has a different region male Charmander (or other same egg group male pokemon or perhaps maybe a Ditto?) who has at least 5 perfect IV, preferably 6 as having more perfect iv parents increases the chances to have another perfect 5 or 6. So in return for the trade, I could trade you a 5 perfect iv male or female Charmander and maybe we can call it even so we both can try for a shiny Charmander? And also, if do end up with a perfect non shiny 6 iv Charmander, I will gladly give you that one over the previous Charmander I traded you so you can have a different region perfect 6 iv Charmander. So far I have a perfect 6 iv female Modest nature Charizard that im using with a perfect 4 Japan male Gyarados, but my odds are not too great for a perfect 5 shiny Charmander. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!!!
Thank you!!

My Region -North America