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02-06-2012, 12:06 AM
Hello,people!So this thread is to give a space to where you can advertise anyones fanfiction and can be from any series,game,anime,etc.

Just keep in mind,this thread is for advertising no arguing who's is better it's just to let more people to read a story.

Hello evryone,tired of the same pokemon fanfic everytime well read Nenshou Uchiyama's Pokemon:Reaching the Sky on fanfiction.net.It may seem a little corny or lame at first but keep reading and review for more chapters.You'll soon be on an almost never ending journey with Kisho(my oc)and Gold(character from Pokemon Adventures) throughout many regions and meeting many pokemon and people on the way.

Another Example:

To all,to all!!!Submit your Own OC in Pokemon: Black and White by 66TT on fanfiction.net!THAT'S RIGHT YOUR OWN OC!!Submit now!!Its genre isRomance /Adventure.To submit just review Chapter 1 plz!Thank you

okay your turns!