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Chapter 1: Kalos Alone

“Come on Narlina! Hurry or you’ll miss your flight! Grab your Pokémon and go!”
“I’m on it!” She flew down the steps, kissed her mother goodbye, and ran for the bus going to Hiyan Airport.
Narlina Malenko is an 11 year old Pokémon Trainer. She started her journey in Sinnoh to compete in Pokémon Contests, at the urging of her mother. Narlina is from Hiyan Village, Hoenn. On her journey, she met many new friends and Pokémon. This was her third time traveling a new region, as she had been to Sinnoh and Unova before. She was always with her signature Pokémon, Gallade. She met him in Sinnoh, abandoned by his trainer. Narlina cared for Gallade, and he joined her. They were a wonderful team, and Gallade was always out of his Poke’Ball. He wore a neck band and wristbands Narlina made for him, as proof she’d always be there for him. This time she was headed to Kalos, after hearing that her mother had a friend living there. This interested Narlina, and she left with her mother’s best wishes.
Narlina barely made it to the airport. As she caught her breath, she looked around for her traveling partner, Shawn. She met him in Sinnoh, being a runaway from Johto. He stayed with her for protection, and became her best friend. He then went to Unova with her, and was supposed to meet her at the airport.
“Flight 656 for Kalos is boarding.” Narlina had no choice. She’d have to meet him there. She ran for the plane, Gallade following behind. Once seated, she looked out the window, seeing her hometown in the distance. Narlina sighed, and Gallade began to look through her bag. The plane took off shortly after.

Two hours later, the plane had landed. Narlina was excited to explore a new region. She excitedly got off the plane, and went into the lobby. She was in Lumiose City.
Hours passed and no sign of Shawn. The pilot told her there were no more flights today. Narlina then thanked him, and went to a phone.
“Hello?” It was Prof. Elm, the regional professor for Johto.
“Hi. It’s me Narlina.” Gallade waved in the background.
“Oh! Hi Narlina! Hi to Gallade as well! What can I help you with?”
“Shawn was supposed to meet me here today. He hasn’t shown up. Can I speak with him?” Prof. Elm sounded distraught.
“Narlina, I hate to say this, but he’s not here right now.
“Did he leave already?”
“He did leave, but I’m not sure if he got there before you. My best guess would be to wait a little bit longer. He probably got lost, or got distracted and forgot.” Narlina sighed. Shawn was known to be a spaz.
“”Ok, thanks Professor. I’ll wait a little bit longer.”
“Have a safe trip Narlina.” Prof. Elm then hung up. Narlina walked out of the airport, and to a nearby café. Poor Narlina. She ordered some tea, and began to think about her next move. Gallade hated to see Narlina upset. She put her head down and began to sulk. Narlina hated being by herself, as with every journey she’s taken, there was always someone with her. Hours passed, and Shawn never showed up. Narlina left the cafe, and walked to Prism Tower, the city’s landmark. She sat down on a bench.
“This was a waste of time. Shawn hasn’t shown up, and it’s getting late.” Narlina looked at her watch. “I might as well go home…” Narlina began to cry, and it caught the attention of a boy walking out of Prism Tower. He ran over to Narlina.
“Excuse me, are you ok?” Narlina wiped her eyes, and looked at the boy. He was cute. Narlina blushed as the boy adjusted his glasses. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just hate seeing people upset.” He nervously laughed. Narlina composed herself, and explained her situation.

“My friend and I were supposed to meet in Kalos. I’ve been waiting for him for hours now, and he hasn’t shown up.” Narlina looked down. The boy sat down next to her, Gallade happily making room for him. “Is this Gallade yours?” Narlina nodded. The boy rubbed Gallade’s head. The boy then looked at Narlina.
“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m guessing you’re not from here?” The boy asked. Narlina nodded.
“I’m from Hiyan Village in the Hoenn Region.”
“Wow. You’re from Hoenn huh?” Narlina nodded. ”You must of traveled far then.” The boy then got an idea. “I know! How about I take you to Prof. Sycamore’s lab? He’s the regional professor. I’m sure he can help you out.”
“That’d be really nice. Thank you.” Narlina got up and grabbed her bag.
“My name is Narlina. It’s nice to meet you.” Gallade bowed to the boy. He smiled.
“I’m Clemont. It’s nice to meet you too!” Narlina liked that name.

A short walk down the street from Prism Tower was the lab. It had two Poke’Ball pillars, and a gated walkway. Narlina walked in.
“I’ll go get the Professor. Stay right here ok?” Clemont then ran off into a hallway. Narlina sat on the floor, and sighed. Gallade sat down and sighed with her. Suddenly, a blue frog like Pokémon hopped out of a different hall, and made its way to Narlina.
“Oh! Hello there! I’ve never seen a Pokémon like this before!” The Pokémon hopped over to Narlina and sniffed her. Narlina grabbed her bag and took out a cookie. “Here you go.” The Pokémon took it, ate it, and went crazy. It then hopped around Narlina, and hopped into her arms. Gallade was puzzled.
“Froakie.” It said happily.
“Oh! You’re a Froakie then?” Froakie nodded. Narlina thought it was really cute. As she petted it, a man in a lab coat walked in, Clemont following behind.
“Ah! There you are Froakie. You shouldn’t run off like that.” Froakie growled, and nuzzled with Narlina. Narlina just smiled.
“Professor, this is Narlina. She’s come all the way from Hoenn.”
The man looked at her. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Narlina. I’m Prof. Sycamore. One of my duties is to give out starter Pokémon, and it seems Froakie doesn’t want to move.”
“Froakie’s a cutie!” Froakie looked at Narlina and croaked happily. Clemont then looked at Froakie, and then looked again.
“That’s a shiny! Professor, how is it that Froakie is still here?”
“It’s refused to go with a new trainer for some reason. Every time someone chooses Froakie, it just hops away. The fact that Froakie went to Narlina willing must show it can tell she’s not a new trainer.” Narlina looked at Froakie. It eyes were closed, and it was trying to lick the crumbs of its mouth. Narlina just smiled. Prof. Sycamore smiled as well.
“Why not spend some time with Froakie? It seems to like you, despite just meeting you.” Narlina nodded. “Anyway, I understand that this is your first time here.” Narlina nodded. “I can’t really help you find your friend, but I can let you stay the night to think things over.” Narlina sighed, but kept her head up.
“Thanks Professor.” Looking at Froakie, she set him down for a minute. “I’ll be right back. I need to contact someone.” Narlina left to find a phone, when she noticed Froakie following her. Prof. Sycamore began to laugh.
“Froakie just met you, and it’s following you now?” Narlina thought that was funny. Froakie looked down.
“You can go with her if you want Froakie.” Froakie hopped happily and followed Narlina out the door. Clemont stayed behind and looked after Gallade for her. Gallade did not like being away from his trainer for long.

Narlina was now on the phone. She was talking with her mother.
“Shawn never showed up…”
“Sweetheart, I’m sure he’s somewhere in the city.”
“Prof. Sycamore already did what he could.”
“Oh! You met the regional professor?” Narlina nodded. “Being alone bothers you doesn’t it?” Narlina nodded.
“You know it does….” Narlina sighed, and then looked up. However, I’ve wanted to come here, and I’ll have to do my best by myself.” She looked down, but shook it off.
“That’s my girl Narlina. “ As Narlina began to explain more, Froakie hopped up on the screen.
“Oh! Narlina, you caught your first Pokémon already?”
“No, it belongs to Prof. Sycamore. The little guy decided to follow me.” Froakie climbed onto Narlina’s head.
“Well, it seems to like you.” Narlina giggled.
“It’s a shiny Mama. Apparently, it’s refused to go with a new trainer.
“It must have known you weren’t a newbie. A shiny starter huh?” Narlina nodded. Her mother then looked behind her.
“I have something I need to do sweetheart, I’ll call you back tomorrow.” Narlina nodded and hung up. She smiled.
“Mama…Thank you for supporting me.” Froakie hopped down reached into its back. “Oh? The fluff on your back has a function?”
“It’s called Frubbles. Froakie’s known for it.” Narlina turned around. Clemont walked in, Gallade behind him. Gallade hugged Narlina.
“Sorry. Gallade wanted to see you.” Narlina giggled. As she did, Froakie took some of its Frubbles and put them in Narlina’s hair.
“OH!” Her hair was soft and smooth.
“Frubbles work in many ways, depending on what Froakie wants to use them for.” Narlina nodded.
“Are you done now?” Narlina nodded. “Good. Then let’s head back.” Narlina followed Clemont back to the lab.

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Geo Sakuraba
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It was an interesting read definitely... I hope the story goes on, this will be interesting indeed.

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Thank you! I'll be posting part 2 shortly!