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“Welcome back Narlina. Forgive me for not looking after Gallade.”
“It’s fine. Gallade always knows where I am anyway.”
“You must share a strong bond.”
“I’ve had Gallade since Sinnoh. He’s my best friend.” Clemont then sat next to Narlina. Froakie was on Narlina’s lap.
“Froakie seems to really like you.” Clemont replied.
“I’ll say.” Narlina placed Froakie on her lap. It closed its eyes.
“Froakie-Fro.” It said. Narlina was beginning to really like this Froakie. She then looked at the Professor.
“What kind of work do you do? Besides giving out starter Pokémon?”
“Well,” He got up. “What if I told you, there are Pokémon that can evolve, even when in their final state?”
“No way!” Narlina shouted.
“Yes, it’s called Mega Evolution. Certain Pokémon can change their form by using an item called a Mega Stone in battle It also requires a stone for the trainer, and a strong bond. You see, a Mega Gallade had been rumored to appear.
“A Mega Gallade?” Narlina was interested.
“That’s right.” He looked at Gallade. “The fact that you have a strong bond with your Gallade could prove that he could Mega Evolve. I’d like to do some research with him, if you don’t mind.” Gallade happily agreed. “Thank you Gallade. I’ll make sure to reward you for your time.”
“Narlina, are you hungry by chance?” Clemont asked.
“Yea, I haven’t eaten since I got here…”
“Clemont, here.” Prof. Sycamore handed him some money. “Take Narlina out for dinner, and bring something back for Gallade.”
“Thanks.” Narlina and Clemont then left, only to be followed by Froakie again. By the time they realized Froakie had followed, it was too late to turn back. Narlina was ok with it.

As they waited for their food, Clemont asked Narlina some questions.
“So, do you have a certain goal?”
“You see, I actually accomplished my goal.”
“What’s that?” Narlina smiled.
“Ya see, back in Sinnoh, I was a Pokémon Coordinator. I collected ribbons and participated in contests. My mama was a Coordinator, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I won the Grand Festival in Sinnoh, and now I like to travel new regions for fun. Of course, I also like to take on the league as a bonus.” Clemont smiled.

“There’s a gym in this city. Why don’t you challenge it? I know the gym leader as well. He’d be more than happy to accept a challenge from you.”
“I only have Gallade at the moment. I’d need a few more Pokémon to challenge the gym. “
“I understand.” Clemont smiled. He then looked at Froakie, who was munching on Pokémon food, right next to Narlina. They finished their food, and went back to the lab. Gallade was happy to see her, and even happier to see she brought him food.

That night, Narlina had trouble sleeping. She sat up and got out of bed. Narlina was then stopped by Froakie, who stood in front of the door. It hopped in her arms, and used its Frubbles to make a pillow for Narlina. She placed it on the bed, and fell asleep. Shortly after though, she began to cry. She did not want to part with Froakie…

“Did you sleep well Narlina?”
“Yea, I guess so.” Narlina then looked around. “I was wondering if Clemont was still here. I wanted to thank him for everything.”
“Sadly, he left early this morning. You just missed him by a few minutes.” Narlina sighed. “Is something wrong?”
“I wanted to ask him if he’d come with me on my journey…I mean….” Narlina blushed. Prof. Sycamore could tell.
“Well, I can tell you where he went.” He pointed to Prism Tower.
“He works there as the city’s Gym Leader.” Narlina gasped.
“There’s a gym in this city. Why don’t you challenge it? I know the gym leader as well. He’d be more than happy to accept a challenge from you.”
Clemont knew the gym leader because he was the gym leader. That would explain why he was at Prism Tower when he helped Narlina. Narlina looked up with a serious face.
“Thank you.” As Narlina turned to leave, she was stopped.
“I forgot to give you something. He handed her a red device. “It’s a Kalos Poke’dex.”
Thanks again Professor.” As Narlina put it in her backpack, Froakie hopped out of the lab, and into her arms.
“Oh!” Froakie nuzzled. “I’ll miss you too.” Narlina then remembered that Froakie always followed her. “I suppose you’re gonna follow me until I’m out of sight?” Froakie shook its head.
“Actually…. Narlina.” Prof. Sycamore handed her a Poke’Ball. “I talked it over with Clemont, and I decided that Froakie would be better off with you. It’s been fond of you ever since you showed up. I’m also pretty sure that it’ll follow you wherever you go.” Narlina nodded. “I know it’ll be happy with you.”
“Thank you!” Narlina hugged Froakie. She never had to part with it again.
“I wish you luck on your journey. Please come and visit sometime!”
Narlina nodded, and left the lab. She then decided to head to Prism Tower, and confront Clemont.


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One fault that I've saw is that Journey is spelt wrong in the titles.

12-10-2014, 03:29 AM
One fault that I've saw is that Journey is spelt wrong in the titles.

Thanks for that. I have trouble with spelling.