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What is Battle Format?

Battle Format is the base format your battle will have. There are a number of options:

Single - Only one Pokemon will be out at a time each. When a Pokemon faints you can send out another Pokemon. The match is over when one Battler is out of Pokemon to use.

Double - Like a Single battle except that each player has two Pokemon out a time.

Triple - In Triple battles three Pokemon are out at a time. The Pokemon in the left position can't attack a Pokemon in the right position (and vice versa).

Rotation - Similar to a Triple battle in that three Pokemon are out at a time however only one Pokemon can attack at a time. You can rotate which Pokemon can attack before and perform a move in the same turn.

What is Base Rules

Base rules are the basic rules of a Pokemon battle. The options are:

Normal - All Pokemon are set to level 50.

Flat - All Pokemon that are above level 50 will temporarily become level 50 while all Pokemon below level 50 will remain at their level. There are also some Pokemon restrictions (such as no Mythical Pokemon allowed). Single Flat battles only allow 3 Pokemon to be battled, Double Flat and Rotation Flat battles only allow 4 Pokemon to be battled, while Triple battles allow 6 Pokemon to be battled.

None - No restrictions are placed on the battle. You can battle with as many Pokemon as you want and their levels will be unchanged.

What is Handicap?

Handicap is an option when creating a battle. It can either be on or off.

Off - No additional restrictions will be placed on the battle.

On - This will change the number of Pokemon each player can use to battle. For example, if one battler has a high win ratio while the other has a low win ratio the player with the high win ratio may only be allowed to battle with two Pokemon, while the player with the low win ratio can use 3 Pokemon.

What is Advanced Rules?

Advanced Rules are extra rules the person who created the battle may want to enforce in their battles. These are unable to be enforced in game but the players battling have agreed to these terms before battling each other. The advanced rules are based on common ways of battling.

None - No advanced rules will be in place.

VGC - Rules that are common at Pokemon Video Game Championships. If you are unsure of what these rules are it's best to contact the battler BEFORE placing a request to battle.

Smogon - These are rules that are made up from the Smogon website and are commonly used when battling. For example, the battler may prefer tiers when battling and not allow OverUsed (OU) Pokemon to be used. If you are unsure about the rules you should contact the battler BEFORE placing a request.
See Description - The battler has created their own rule set and it is listed in the description of the battle. Be sure to read all the information provided BEFORE making a battle request.

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