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How do I get my Friend Code or register someone else's Friend Code?

Once you have obtained your Pal Pad and have connected to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time you are ready to get your friend code.

Open your bag and go to the 'Key Items' section.
In there you should see 'Pal Pad'. Use this item.
Once in the Pal Pad you can either Register a Friend Code or View your Friend Code.

Both people trading must register each other's Friend Code before trading can take place.

Please note that the way to get to your Friend Code may vary depending on the game you are playing.

How do I get my Pal Pad?

This will vary depending on the game you are playing (for example the way you get your Pal Pad is different in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White than the other games). Generally it involves going into a PokeCenter and speaking with one of the receptionists. They will go over some details about connecting your game to the Nintendo WiFi Connection and give you your Pal Pad.

How do I trade Pokemon in-game?

To trade Pokemon you need to be able to connect your Nintendo DS to a Wireless Router or use the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector (Note: PokeBay can't help with setting up router's or Wi-Fi connectors for use with the Nintendo DS).

Once you have received your Pal Pad you must register the other person's 'friend code' and speak with one of the receptionists in a PokeCenter. Exact methods change depending on the game you are playing. Guides to help you trade can be found on the internet.

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