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What is a Shiny Pokemon?

A Shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon that is a different colour to what is normal. When a Shiny Pokemon appears in a battle a unique sound and a sparkle is given off by the Pokemon (hence the term Shiny). Shiny Pokemon are very rare, every time a Pokemon appears it has a 1 in 8192 chance of being shiny. There have been some Nintendo events which give away Shiny Pokemon such as the Pikachu-Coloured Pichu.

The following shows the differences between a normal Pokemon and a shiny Pokemon:
Normal Bulbasaur Shiny Bulbasaur
Normal Pokemon Shiny Pokemon

What does it mean by Pokemon Stats?

A Pokemon has values known as Stats for HP (Hit Points), Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed.

HP: The higher a Pokemon's HP stat the more health it has. When a Pokemon has 0 HP left it becomes unusable until it is healed.
Attack: Moves are either Physical or Special. The Attack stat influences how strong a physical move is (i.e. how much damage it inflicts).
Defense: The Defense stat influences how resistant a Pokemon is to physical moves is.
Special Attack: The Special Attack stat influences how strong Special moves are. The higher the stat the more damage it inflicts.
Special Defense: The Special Defense stat influences a Pokemon's resistant to Special moves.
Speed: This stat determines which Pokemon will attack first in a Pokemon battle. The Pokemon with the higher speed will attack first.

What does it mean by Pokemon IV?

IVs are Individual Values. Individual Values are used in determining how high a Pokemon's stats can get. IVs have a value between 0 and 31. A Stat with an IV of 31 is obviously better than an IV of 0. For example, for 2 identically trained Pokemon if one has a HP IV of 0 and the other 31, then the HP of those Pokemon when at level 100 will differ by 31.

You can try to breed Pokemon for better IVs. Guides on how to IV breed or for more information can be found on the Internet.

What does it mean by Pokemon EV?

EVs are Effort Values. Effort Values are boosts to the different stats. The boost you get will depend on the Pokemon you fight and are applied as a Pokemon levels up. For example beating a Wild Gardevoir will increase your Special Attack EVs by 3 while beating a wild Golbat will give you 2 Speed EVs.

Each stat can have a maximum of 255 EVs with the total for all 6 having a maximum of 510 so planning is involved with EV training.

What is a Pokemon's Move Set?

Each Pokemon can learn at most 4 moves. This moves are used to attack another Pokemon, defend yourself against another Pokemon or provide temporary increases to your stats. The Move Set is a list of the moves the Pokemon currently knows.

What is a Pokemon's Misc Information?

A Pokemon can have other information associated with it such as it's Nature, who the Original Trainer (O/T) is, the Trainer's ID and it's ability. This information is stored in the Misc Information section. This information can help identify event Pokemon as opposed to Pokemon caught in the wild.

Where did you get those awesome animated sprites?

The animated sprites came from http://www.pkparaiso.com/. They were kind enough to give PokeBay permission to use their images on our site. A big thanks goes out to them for putting in the hard work to get the images and for letting us use them here.

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