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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I create a Trade on PokeBay?

To create a trade simply click on the 'Trade Station' button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the PokeBay Homepage. A menu item below 'Trade Station' will appear which says 'Create Trade'. All you need to do is click on this link and enter information about the Pokemon you want to trade and what you want for it. Once the details are confirmed your Pokemon will be placed on PokeBay ready to receive offers.

When an offer has been placed on your trade you will receive a notification. Notifications appear in the 'Notifications' list at the top of each page.

How do I make an offer on a Pokemon I found on PokeBay?

If you find a pokemon that you want to trade for then a form will appear at the bottom of the trade where you can enter information about your Pokemon. If you are not logged in or the trade is not accepting any more offers (the trade may have ended, or the Pokemon might have already been traded away) you will not see this form and can't place an offer. You will be asked to confirm the details of your Pokemon before the offer is placed. The trader will be sent a notification that an offer has been placed on the Pokemon. Traders will have 5 days or until the trade ends (whichever is earlier) to accept or decline your offer.

If your offer isn't accepted or declined within the allowed time frame your offer will expire. This is to ensure traders don't see offers that are too old as old offers may have already been traded away.

If your offer is accepted or declined you will receive a notification in the 'Notifications' list at the top of each page.

When placing an offer why does it say 'Offer must be a Shiny Pokemon'?

The trader has specified that they will only trade their Pokemon for another Pokemon which is a shiny Pokemon. As such you should only offer a Pokemon that is a shiny.

An offer has been placed on my trade. What do I do now?

Once an offer has been placed on your Trade you will be able to view the offers and decide whether you want to accept the offer or decline the offer. Either way a notification will be sent to the person who has offered the Pokemon.

If you accept an offer the trade will end and the offerer is notified. You then need to contact each other to organise a time to connect games and trade.

My offer was Accepted / I Accepted an offer. Now what?

The trader and offerer will now need to contact each other to organise a time to trade Pokemon. You can contact each other via the Private Message system. For security reasons email addresses are not given out by PokeBay. If you choose to give out your email address, PokeBay is not responsible for anything that may occur over email.

The person I am trying to trade with won't contact me/won't trade.

PokeBay can't force anyone to trade. We have no control over their games and the Pokemon they create trades for. Unfortunately you'll have to try to find another trade on PokeBay. PokeBay has a feedback feature where users can leave feedback about the person they are trading with. You can leave Neutral or Negative feedback to inform others of the outcome. The feedback system allows other traders to make decisions before placing/accepting offers from a person.

Does PokeBay work with...

PokeBay is a website designed to bring people who want to trade together. All trading is done in game and PokeBay has nothing else to do with the trades. At the moment the only games that support trading over Wi-Fi are Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black and White. There are a number of guides available on the internet on receiving your friend code and how to trade.

Trading is different depending on the game you are playing, however it does involve you sharing 'Friend Codes' with the person you are trying to trade with.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is a message people who have traded with each other can leave for each other. By placing feedback other potential traders can see what a user is like. For example, if a trader was really good and did everything they said you can leave Positive feedback. If a trader gave you a hacked Pokemon when they said it wasn't you can leave negative feedback. This way others can decide whether trading is worth the risk.

How do I leave Feedback?

Once a trade has been completed you can go to your 'My Trades' page and click the 'Leave Feedback' link next to the trade you want. From here you can tell others if the experience was Positive, Negative or Neutral as well as leaving a message.

Note: Feedback can only be left for completed trades or accepted offers that have occurred within the last 30 days.

I was left Negative/Neutral feedback. How should I respond to this?

If you were left negative or neutral feedback and feel you need to comment on the feedback (for example if you missed a scheduled trade you can state why). You can't respond to Positive feedback as the trader was happy with you and you don't need to explain any further.

Feedback which allows you to respond will have a 'Respond' link next to it when viewing your feedback. Click this link to enter your response.

Why can't I leave feedback on a certain trade?

You can only leave feedback on trades that have occured within the last 30 days. If a trader has been deleted you won't be able to leave feedback (as there is no-one left to leave feedback for!). Try to leave feedback before time runs out.

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