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Thread: Important about USUM spoilers!

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    Exclamation Important about USUM spoilers!

    With only less than a week to go to the new games, lots of leaks are flying around and people have even been streaming the game from what I've heard. So please, if you don't want to get spoiled, be careful online! Not everyone is friendly or remembers to use spoiler tags, and some people may even force spoil by putting spoiling images on ex. Youtube video thumbnails.

    And on Pokebay, if you wish to discuss spoilers, PLEASE remember to use the spoilers tags, like this;
    [spoiler]Spoilers go in here! Just remove the *[/*spoiler]

    And if done correctly, it will look like this;
    Spoiler: (highlight to view)
    This is what a correctly used spoiler tag looks like!

    It works both on forums and in the chat. Please proofread your tags so there won't be any mistakes. If a mistake is made, please fix it asap - you can either remove the post and retry, or you can edit the post. Failure to use the tags correctly can result in infractions.
    You can also preview your post when you click "Go Advanced" instead of "Post quick reply" - under the text box there will be an option to preview your post before submitting it.

    Instead of posting threads directly discussing a specific spoiler you've heard, please use this thread to do so;!
    Yes, it was created for S/M, but it'll now be used for USUM too.

    Also as a quick bonus for reading this, you get to answer a poll! Which game are you getting? Vote on the poll!
    I'm gonna get Ultra Sun. Woop.

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    #TeamBoth again
    Accept me, respect me, or meet my gorgeous wife and be turned into the latest doll in my collection. Either way, enjoy my fanfic.

  3. PokeBay Stats: Trades: 42 | Offers: 12 | Wishlist Items: 2 | Wishlist Offers: 0 | Battles: 1 | Battle Requests: 0
    Wow. Not a lot of love for Moon this time around, weird!

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