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Thread: Looking for shiny rockruff / shiny midnight Lycanroc

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    Looking for shiny rockruff / shiny midnight Lycanroc

    Hey there everyone, it's been forever since I've last used this site, mainly because I've lost access to my old account on this site and I'm just getting back into the swing oc things haven't been into pokemon since 5th gen was the latest gen) and I've picked up a new 3DS with moon, paid for a year of PokeBank as you do, and I'm back on my grind, trying to get some shinies as well as competitive Pokemon

    tl;dr is that I'm back, looking for some very specific mons ^^

    In terms of what I have to trade;

    Shiny Golurk, Japanese
    Level 44
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Klutz

    Shiny Darmanitan, Japanese
    Level 100 female
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Sheer Force

    Shiny Serperior, Japanese (lot of markers chosen for no reason whatsoever lol, it was hatched as an egg in Unova tho)
    Level 44 female
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Overgrow

    Shiny Bisharp, Japanese
    Level 53 female
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Inner Focus

    Shiny Deoxys(Not sure on this one, level 100 in its speed form, I brought it over from my Soul Silver, and it was caught it Hoenn so I figured it was SR'd but it's sketchy)
    Nature: Bashful
    Ability: Pressure

    Got a PKMN Ranger Deoxys defense form as well if that's your cup of tea

    Shiny Virizion, Japanese
    Level 42
    Nature: Quiet
    Ability: Justified

    I also got some other shinies I brought over as well as some legendaries, PM me if you've got the things in the title ^^
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    Bump, but PM this account instead

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    i have one

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