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Thread: Ranking of Your Favorite Pokemon Games

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    Talking Ranking of Your Favorite Pokemon Games

    I know I don't have the best grasp or understanding on the pokemon games/series/franchise, but people in my circle always talk about what they think is the best game and what they're favorite edition is. Granted most of the time I have zero or a vague idea of what they're talking about, but they all seem to like the same one and talked about to no end. I always wondered what other peoples favorites were, like their top three favorites.

    So this will just be a thing where people can talk and rank about their favorites and such

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    1. Heartgold & Soulsilver
    Why: Just due to pure nostalgia for me, honestly. No other good reason really. SS was my first pokemon game so it'll always hold that special place in my heart. Also, 2 regions. That's something we haven't had in a while...and probably won't ever have again.

    2. Sun & Moon
    Why: A refreshing take on the old formula with an actual story with characters and relationships that differ at least slightly from every single other game in the series. Alola is an interesting region, the new pokémon are really cool, all in all Alola was filled with concepts I really enjoyed and I hope to see more of in the future. No longer quadrilateral shaped worlds - instead minigames, collectables, interesting world design, aliens...I mean, who doesn't like aliens.

    3. X & Y
    Why: I didn't really have a good fit for my third favourites, so I chose the one I had the fondest memories of playing. (Though, I spent way more time playing Omega Ruby than I did my Y, but, hear me out) I know X and Y aren't very popular with fans, at least from what I've seen, but for me it was that refreshment (again) that pokemon really needed back then. A step in the new gen direction. I knew it was going to be an awkward and experimental phase and I find it within myself to forgive that.
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    My main favourite would be Pokemon Silver, grew up mostly playing that in the evenings before bed and chillin' on it on the weekends, took me 150 hours to actually beat the game, while having a top tier Feraligatr before the Elite Four at Lv.93. But overall, a great adventure from start to finish throughout the story. Also thought Skarmory was a legendary back in the day before internet was the way it is nowadays. Always relied on Pokemon Magazines to drop for all that sweet info.

    The next game would have to be Pokemon Platinum as I began competitive battling in that generation and enjoyed battling people around the world on PokeBay and FB. The story from DP was still solid and loved the adventure, the Sinjoh Ruins in Pokemon HG/SS was great having in the game if you had an Event Arceus as Cynthia was such a good character and E4 Champion. Giratina's Distortion World was amazing too!

    My third favourite would have to be Pokemon Black 2/White 2 as the story was great, the characters were good throughout after the story in BW. Unova was a fond time back in the day. Kyurem's build up to Ghetsis had a solid moment with N's Legendary choice. The Pokemon that were available were designed great, the Subway had such a good challenge.

    But overall, I've enjoyed every region, I've enjoyed the memories that each region brings.

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    So, OR/AS is absolutely the best Pokemon game for me. It took the previously best Pokemon game, Emerald, which was an enhanced version of the PREVIOUSLY best Pokemon game, Ruby, and, while ruining the fun of the challenge Ruby had and making the game insanely easier, kept enough, and added enough, to make the story mind blowing, and the journey captivating. It's just too bad we couldn't get Emerald remade instead because stopping BOTH legends was awesome but nonetheless, they kept the thundering near Fortree City. I still have OR/AS and actually I plan to replay it one day.

    Now I'm obviously gonna leave out the other Hoenn games and move on to HG/SS, which took another classic of Crystal, which was a grand improvement in ways of G/S and made one of the most challenging games of the franchise. Not even for the Elite 4 or anything like that, but the journey itself was harder! Jumping out the window of a lighthouse?? SERIOUSLY?!?! AMAZING! Had to Google my way out of that puzzle. The minigames of the pokeatholon were addictive, story was the same overall and just as fun. The region itself is just plain beautiful, one of my favorite regions ever design wise.

    Now normally I say FR/LG was better than R/B/Y because it's the same game only better, but right now I have to admit actually, Yellow was the best. Why? Yes, nostalgia, but also, challenge! The thing is, when FR/LG came out, this wasn't Gen 1 or 2, we now knew how to fight, and the challenges were not quite there anymore, plus, we had 3 gens of pokemon to sort through to form a team! So who really was gonna pose a challenge anymore?? I admit having Blue's Rain Dance Blastoise fight my Charizard was a little troublesome but then it's Thunder from my Raichu and GG. Plus the post game of Team Rocket made no sense to me and felt forced in just to make the game longer. It coulda been better. So, Yellow for me.

    Lastly for my favorite games goes to Unova. Yeah the anime was crap, but the games were great! It felt so fresh. Hoenn and Unova brought the freshest Pokemon, the newest takes, and the coolest stories. I have to put it last though because of how badly they screwed it up. Pokemon has always been related to cockfighting by the fans, and Unova decided to actually put that as a plot and try to free the pokemon... only for that NOT to be the real plot and it be a plan for Ghetsis to steal all the pokemon for himself...? Great way to ruin a discussion and throw away a chance to explain the differences between Pokemon battling and cockfighting... Such a wasted opportunity and a letdown. Then B2W2 just gave such a meh story. It was ok but I wasn't invested, and I tried to like it but it didn't do it for me. But the post game was just excellent. I loved the World Tournament.

    The last 3 regions would be Alola, Sinnoh, and dead last Kalos, which went from ok, bad, and horrible. I cannot wait for some Galar!!
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