Please note that this thread will be updated (assuming I remember to do so) in the following months, and thus may contain spoilers.

First of all - what are we going to shorten these games to? Like, BW, BW2, ORAS...we already have Pokémon SS, Soulsilver! What do? SWSH?

What are you hoping to see in Pokémon Sword/Shield?

I gotta say, despite my excitement on the reveal day, some realities have set in after. The jump from one console to another is no doubt going to bring in some issues. They even said that deving on Switch is difficult. I'm afraid we'll get a repeat of X/Y - revised visuals, but lacking in content and story.
My hopes remain the same - a cool story, mysteries and dark stuff, something different and new that doesn't suck, minigames, post-game content.
I will update my thoughts as they come throughout the coming months.