So after disappearing for quite a while, I've finally returned. Basically, I'm gonna get str8 to the point. After transferring MANY Pokémon from older games over to my Pokémon X version (my Pokémon X is basically a Shiny CANNON at the moment), I've put aside some Shinies I don't plan on using/training (like for example, I have 3 Shiny Rayquaza's, two of which I wanna give away because I don't need more than one), hence going to be part of this giveaway. All of the following Shiny Pokémon have been transferred from older games, either caught in the Wild, rare events, egg hatch, etc.

[Japanese] Shiny Mewtwo (Nickname: "Frieza") lvl 70 (caught in HG/SS)
[EU] two Shiny Rayquaza's (both no Nickname) both lvl 50 (caught in HG/SS)
[EU] Shiny Ditto (Nickname: "Trans") lvl 53 (caught in Black 2)
[Japanese] Shiny Raikou (Nickname: "FinalFlash") lvl 40 (caught in HG/SS)
[Japanese event Volt Tackle] Shiny Pichu (Nickname: "Thunderrod") lvl 33
[EU] five Shiny Zorua's (no Nicknames) all lvl 1 (hatched from eggs in Black 2)
[EU] Shiny Sceptile (Nickname: "Revenge") lvl 36 (received from the in-game NPC that gives Gen3 starters in HG/SS)
[EU] Shiny Eevee (no Nickname) lvl 56 (caught in Black 2)
[Japanese] Shiny Suicune (Nickname: "Kamehameha") lvl 40 (caught in HG/SS)

I might consider doing more of these giveaways in the future. Anyway... Here are the rules... To receive ANY of these Pokémon, you need to battle me. If I enjoy the battle, the Pokémon you chose from this list is yours. Doesn't necessarily have to be a win/lose. If I didn't enjoy the battle, then nope, sorry, try again another time. I enjoy battles where you try to win, but no cheap methods or tactics. Don't troll me with a tank Snorlax or a Dark Void Darkrai, none of that. Let's just have fun. Even if you lose, that's not a problem. Just don't play annoyingly.

Message me if you're interested.