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Thread: Looking for a friend

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    Looking for a friend

    Hey! My names Arkailim, and ive been religiously playing UM for a little while now. I am nearing the end of the game, and i have set my eyes on the competitive battling scene in UM. I have looked into pokemon genning for myself but i just dont have the resources available to me, nor the time for breeding, SO.... long story short, i was really hoping i could befriend a breeder, and/or Genner to assist me in acquiring the competitive pokemon i seek. Currently, i am in the process of finding the pokemon in which i desire, but i have my eyes set on several pokemon as of right now. Of course, i wouldnt want your efforts to go to waste, so anything i have at my disposal for payment, within the confines of trades in UM, i shall offer

    TLDR: Can someone help make me competitive pokemon teams for UM? Ill trade you whatever i have available to me.

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    If you try using genned Pokemon you could be suspended from official tournaments. But if it's just for fun I might recommend Pokemon Showdown battle simulator. There's a competitive battling community and you could probs find a genner there too!
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