So as I said, this is a SPOILER for the Alola League winner. So if you don't want to know. Then GTFO NOW!!!

So, Alola has been a horrible season for the series. And I mean absolutely horrible. The art style was terrible but that's subjective. People seem to have earned the PHDs in animation and suddenly everyone thinks the animation is the best the series has ever been. Which is utter BS. But where something is love, people will hate, and where people hate, random losers will appear to over support it. So, fine. Moving on. There's been a bunch of great episodes. Tear jerkers even. Yeah, Alola seemed to be on the road to at LEAST be better than the horror Unova was. It had some stupid arcs, like the Aether Arc with ruined what the games with and made it really stupid. Gave Ash the 10,000,000 volt Z stone to defeat Nihilego which is still unexplained, and just had some really bad stuff in it. Very few eps, like Mallow seeing her deceased mother, Mallow vs Lana at the league, Stoutland passing away, etc, were truly moving, beautiful eps.

Then we have the the Alola League. It begins with allowing any to participate. Whether you completed the islands trials or NOT, you can join in! So, Team Rocket joins! Team Skull joins! EVERYONE WITH A SPEAROW HOPS IN!! YAY!! Ok, fine... I mean, that means us following Ash around on his trials means NOTHING but fine, let's TRY and ignore that. To start, the prelimiaries are all pokemon against all pokemon. If you don't know what I'm saying, it's all 151 (ahahahahahahaahah good one writers I totally dont see what you did there) against each other AT ONE TIME! Sounds cool! But it's not. After that it's one v one battles against the top 16 I think. It seems everyone, Lana, Mallow, Sophocles, Guzma, all have serious battles, and Ash's are all JOKE WINS! Just complete garbage stupid wins! Until Ash faces Hau, in which, oh wait, Rowlett survives off of a JOKE! A joke involving his Rowlett fallign asleep, which, mind you, that Ash lost a trial for the same thing, but now, suddenly, Ash is ok to continue the fight! And then WIN! Against a DECIDUEYE!

Then he has a fantastic match against Guzma and has a decent win, very thrilling. And then, the real kicker. During some kid's show involvign Pokemon that airs consistently in Japan, it's revealed that. Ash. Wins. His. First. League. Yep! Ash's most unofficial, official league, he wins. And I can't believe it. Utterly disgusted that not only Ash wins, but they just decide to spoil it beforehand. Ash had Sinnoh. Kalos. His best moments (he didn't deserve to win Kalos) and he earns his win, in the worst region he has even taken part in. And I just needed to rant somewhere because this is just... wrong. I was looking forward to the Galar anime because it's been revealed to involve every region, many more Pokemon and maybe even old cast members, but after this utter abomination of Alola, I'm so sick of this show wholeheartedly. Goodnight my friends.