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Thread: A shot in the dark(rai) / shaymin

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    Lightbulb A shot in the dark(rai) / shaymin

    Hey guys, I come before you today in hopes that someone has a legit darkrai or shaymin that they'd be willing to trade for the best cause on Earth.
    I have this huge crush on this hot gamer girl that's way out of my league. She's hilarious, never stops giggling, and makes me smile 'till my face hurts. I know she likes me because she's flirted with me 3 separate times (I counted every time) and besides that, she said there was something special about me. I'll never forget the time I was playing a game with her friends while she cheered me on. She had her fists clenched at her chest (palms facing her tho) and her eyes shut, screaming my characters name and singing his themesong.
    I wish I had just randomly come up with this idea, but I didn't. The other day, she shared with me a truly tragic story that happened to her about 10 years ago, when she was only 12 years old. See, she was one of the lucky ones, who actually had the opportunity to attend one of Nintendo's mystery events to get a legitimate shaymin in pokemon diamond. She loved her shaymin, and believed with all her heart that it was the cutest pokemon she had ever seen, let alone owned. That is, until someone talked her into trading it to him for his darkrai. She was just a kid. She trusted him.
    She's always had a taste for all things edgy (you should see her discord server), so there was some appeal in the darkrai. She was incredibly happy with her shaymin and proud to call it her own, but she also thought that darkrai was very cool, and when she was put under pressure to make the trade, she thought it seemed fair enough to go along with.
    Until later when her new darkrai got wiped from her cartridge because the fake legendary pokemon had been hacked into the game .
    She felt so taken advantage of. He continuously refused to return her mythical pokemon. Her trust was betrayed.
    Cut back to 2020. I heard her story and I said I would try my best to find her a new one. This is me doing that.
    Let's talk about what I currently have to trade. My favorite game was Sapphire; I played every gen before that, and I didnt continue playing past gen 3. My team consists of 6 level 80+ pokemon. I wanted to stay away from starters and legendaries, to keep a sort of realistic or down to earth vibe, yet being as epic as possible within those boundaries. They are: Gardevoir, Machamp, Slaking, Manetric, Milotic, and Salamance. The salamence was bred from a male gyrados to know Hydro Pump, a very rare move acquired only through precise breeding. What makes that salamance even rarer is that it has near perfect IVs, which is a pain in the butt to get on a hatched pokemon, but I wanted him to be special. He also has completely perfect EVs. In fact, the same could be said about all of my first-string pokemon IVs and EVs from sapphire. I spent a very long time hatching eggs and throwing pokeballs to get near perfect IVs on the entire team, and every one of them has been fed the perfect enemies (flinstones vitamin gummies) to ensure ideal EVs. I ensured that Milotic came with the amazing ability Marvel Scale. This pokemon alone will wipe an entire level 100 team if the enemy forgets to bring an electric or grass type. Rest restores HP while you gain a massive boost to defense thanks to Marvel Scale, and if you know what youre doing, tap into your inner gamer and hit em with the Sleep Talk to spam Ice Beam WHILE sleeping and enjoying near invulnerability. Rinse and repeat baby, it's overpowered. My milotic dunks on my enemies. Then manetric knows Thunder; gardevoir knows Psychic and Dream Eater. They all slap super hard.
    If anybody out there can help, they're all yours. I'm also open to grinding for your favorite shiny from your favorite game. Just tell me what I have to do to make it happen.
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    I appreciate the time you went to write this story but you can’t trade on any games before gen 6. So nobody here can help you with that and you would need someone irl to help you out. You maybe coulda cut the stuff about being all flirty with this girl too.. to me it seems like you’re only doing this just to get a chance with her but maybe that’s just me..

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    As stated, it is no longer possible to trade in Sapphire online. You would have to find someone in real life to make the trade happen. Your best bet for that would be an a convention of some sort where a lot of people also play pokemon. (anime convention, gaming convention, ex.)
    While it is sweet that you've found a girl you like, please don't put all your hopes on this Darkrai, if she likes you, she'll like you without it too.
    You seem very excited about her and I think that's neat, but you are also coming on a bit strong there! It's awesome to have a crush but take this from a girl on the internet: counting the times she's flirted with you does sound a little weird!
    I'll lock the thread due to trading being impossible online in these gen games.

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