Looking for a Rockruff with the Ability "Own Tempo." These originally came from a Mystery Gift on the release of US and UM, and results in the Rockruff evolving into "Dusk Form" Lycanroc. Since the ability can also be transferred through breeding, I'll take an already evolved Dusk Form Lycanroc as well, in order to be able to breed my own UT Rockruff. This is my favorite Pokemon, so I'd really appreciate a trade.

I have plenty of Pokemon I'm willing to offer for it. I'm only going to list those that are noteworthy here. If for some reason you're looking for a basic Pokemon like...Magnemite, or Oddish for example (i.e. not legendary, and can be caught multiple times in the wild in a given game), feel free to ask. I probably have it. Been playing the games and completing Pokedexes since Gen 3 (2002).

I do not yet have a Switch, so this is strictly in hopes of a trade through Ultra Sun/Moon.

[National Dex #] [Pokemon] [[any notes]]
Any Pokemon in the Starter Series from Gen 1-7
Any Pokemon in the Fossil Series from Gen 1-7
#230 Kingdra
#296 *Makuhita [my only legit wild shiny, pretty much UT since capture]
#462 Magnezone
#463 Lickilicky
#468 Togekiss
#476 Probopass [has Pokerus]
#479 Rotom
#481 Mesprit [legit]
#482 Azelf [legit]
#485 Heatran [legit]
#639 Terrakion [legit]
#716 Xerneas [legit]
#796 Xurkitree [legit]
#798 Kartana [legit]

legit = captured in my own game, so I can guarantee it's not been hacked or cloned into existence, if that matters to you. Most of the Pokemon listed here are my own and legit, I just only made a note for the legendaries specifically, as many people prefer to hack these or trade for them rather than play a whole game more than once to catch them all or get more than one. If you want more details on any of them, or are looking for something else, please feel free to let me know; I can send screenshots, make different offers (within reason), or answer questions.