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Thread: ACTUAL STORY: Behind these blue eyes.

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    ACTUAL STORY: Behind these blue eyes.

    We all know her... Well most of us. Blue eyes, from Pokémon ranger, guardian signs. This is what happened AFTER you saved her. After she was fired. After watching you...

    I sat, leaning against a tree. I couldn't get him out of my mind.
    Two grunts came up in front of me. "Miss?" I sighed.
    "I'm not 'miss' anymore. I'm not in the Pokémon pinchers anymore, and until you quit, I have no business with you both. Goodbye."
    I closed my eyes to make my point, but I could sense they were still standing there.
    "Excuse me." I said loudly. "Can I help you both?"

    I heard one of them gulp. "Er.. No, miss."
    That was it.
    "Sorry, miss."
    "ARRGGHH!!!" I screamed, waving my hands in the air.
    "GO AWAY!!!"
    The two grunts scuttled away nervously, while I sighed, and counted to ten to calm myself down.

    I stood up, abruptly. I needed to get out of here.
    So I ran.
    "Miss! Miss! Where are you going?"
    I ran straight out of the yard, and onto the street. I didn't look back. Then I somehow ran into someone. A ranger.

    "Oh, Jesus! I'm sorry!"
    The ranger turned and looked at me. He wasn't quite like anyone I had ever seen before.
    "Oh, no! It's my fault!" He said.
    He held out his hand.
    "My names Spenser, I'm from the fiorre region."
    "Um.. Er..."

    He looked at me strangely.
    "Sooooo..... What's your name?" He asked me, obviously trying to steer the conversation away from it's awkward fate."
    "Um... Blue."
    He was looking at me weirdly...

    "So, blue. Do you have a last name?"
    "So your name is "Blue eyes?"
    I nodded. "Yup."
    He looked at the ground, awkwardly.
    "OK, I'm lying. My names Solana."
    I had always liked that name...

    "Oh, so you're the solana that applied for a position as a Pokémon ranger in fioree?"

    Think fast, think fast, think fast...


    The adventure begins...

    "Well come on then! The boat for fall city leaves pretty soon!!" He exclaimed, grabbing my hand.
    "Wait! What the.. What you doing! I need to.. Um.. Pack!" I yelled.
    "You're going to be a Pokémon ranger! You don't need stuff!" He yelled back.

    Yup. This my belief, that Guardians happened BEFORE the original ranger. The blue eyes IS solana, except solana's now stuck somewhere, waiting for Spenser to come, when in actual fact, he's teaching the once evil "Blue eyes" the ways of a Pokémon ranger.


    In case any of you have NO CLUE who she is, here is her bulbapedia article:

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    Do more! :3

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    "So, Solana. Why did you want to become a Pokémon ranger?" Spenser asked, staring at me.
    "I... Uh.."
    Spenser raised his eyebrows.
    "Because I want to help people, and.. Uh.. Pokémon.."
    "That's why?"
    He didn't sound impressed...
    "And... I want to become a better person.. And stuff.."
    He glanced over to the port.

    We were currently waiting for the ship to come, and I was getting quite impatient, as the pinchers could be here any minute.

    "I've got a FUN idea!" I said loudly.
    "Let's play a game!"
    He looked at me oddly.
    "What.. Kind of game?"
    I looked him in the eye.
    "A FUN game." I said aggressively.
    He looked kind of startled.
    "S..such as?"
    "I spy."

    Spenser looked relieved.

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