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Thread: Juan's Pokemon Farm

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    Juan's Pokemon Farm

    Welcome to Juan's Pokemon Farm. Here you can find Pokemon that have been bred from one of my many games. I'm willing to put them up here (Most will be Lvl. 1 Hatchlings). If you see a Pokemon you want that is listed, please comment or PM me. If there is no Pokemon listed but really need it, PM me and I may just find it or even have it in my collection. I just want players to be able to fill their Pokedex/Collection with many Pokemon! This list is updated whenever we get new Pokemon.

    Pokemon Listing Layout:
    - PKM Name|PKM Level|PKM Gender|PKM Ability|PKM Nature|PKM Characteristic|x(Number Available)
    Attack|Defense|Sp. Attack|Sp. Defense|Speed

    Here are the Pokemon available in our farm!

    - Lotad|1|Male|Rain Dish|Careful|Mischievous|x1
    - Misdreavus|1|Female|Levitate|Jolly|Nods off a lot|x1
    - Torchic|1|Female|Speed Boost|Naughty|Good perseverance|x1
    - Bulbasaur|1|Male|Overgrow|Lonely|Quick tempered|x1
    - Larvitar|1|Male|Guts|Bashful|Sturdy body|x1
    - Yanma|1|Male|Compound Eyes|Lonely|Good perseverance|x1
    - Elekid|38|Female|Static|Impish|Likes to thrash about|x1
    - Forretress|37|Female|Sturdy|Rash|Quick to flee|x1
    - Froakie|1|Male|Torrent|Serious|Capable of taking hits|x1
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    I think people would rather see their IVs than their general stats. Another suggestion I have is maybe breeding the pokemon to be more competitive. Like maybe have a look around and see how Pokemon are being used and you can adapt your breeding to that.

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    Okay, thanks for the suggestion! I only have these Pokemon here if anyone just needs it for their Pokedex, but I can do their IVs and make them more competitive.

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    hey i need a lotad in pokemon sword to complete the pokedex so can we trade

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    Seeing as this thread is 5 years old and the OP has not been online in the past 5 year either, I'm locking the thread.

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