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Thread: Do you own any Retro Consoles or Handhelds?

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    Do you own any Retro Consoles or Handhelds?

    Heyo people,

    I have a fascination with retro consoles/handhelds/games. I'd love to own every single retro Nintendo console but yeah I am not made of money lol! I was just curious if anyone on here had the same love for the older consoles and handhelds and what games you have for them, well that's if you have games for them! (retro games can be so pricey ugh)

    Anyway I'll start off with my collection so far:

    -Probably my most prized retro console is my boxed Gamecube. I bought it from CEX for about 40 and almost cried at how amazing this deal was. I struggled with finding games for it though and when I did get a game, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, I forgot that I needed a memory card. Poor console sat in the box in my wardrobe for a bit. However this Friday I went shopping with my bf and found a shop that had Shadow the Hedgehog for GC and a memory card to go with it! Super cheap as well and now I can play my Gamecube so I'm happy!

    -This next retro handheld holds a personal place in my heart. My first experience with any sort of video games was when I was very young. My aunt had a foster child at the time and he had a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow! I was instantly hooked.. but I was a dumb kid and yeah I didn't know how to get out of Viridian City lol. It was sometime last year when I brought up the Gameboy Color to my aunt. I just had to know if she had it or if the foster child still owned it. She went digging around in the garage and found the Gameboy Color and she gifted it to me as no-one had played it for a very long time. I think the other games she gave me were Gex and some Worms game!

    -Lastly is my most recent retro console. I was very surprised to find an original xbox for a very cheap price in CEX. And I ended up buying it and I had to hide it when I went to work lol. My room isn't the biggest so I ended up leaving it at my bf's house and it now lives there. I sadly don't have any games for it but I'm on the hunt for a few specific ones and they seem so rare D:

    My next consoles/handhelds that I'd like to buy are an N64, the new NES they're remaking and a Gameboy Advance! I'd love to hear your stories on how you got your retro consoles/handhelds

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    Just reading the words "Shadow the Hedgehog" made my head scream "LIVE AND LEARN, hanging on the edge of tomorrow~" yeah not from the same game but holy nuggets I love that edgy emo hedgehog.

    I'm not sure if PS1 and the very first Nintendo DS (you know, the gigantic brick with the actual screen smaller than your phone?) count as retro, but I'm sure we still have an old NES lying around somewhere. Someone broke the controllers though and we haven't bought new ones so it's just collecting dust somewhere in the closet along with most of the original Mario games. As to how we got it, I think my mom got it as a present from her brother when my mom was in a hospital for a while.

    I got my PS1 the same way, I was healing from surgery and I wasn't allowed to speak or run around, so my mom's godson gave up a few of his old games and the console for me. I did get through the surgery but after hours upon hours playing Spyro 3 I got twisted thumbs. I have the original Spyro trilogy (1 and 3 originally from the surgery times, I bought 2 a couple of months ago from a flea market :P) and Crash 1 (a tad broken, only works with cheats at this point basically), 2 and 3 and Crash Team Racing. I can't be the only one who actually hated that game, can I...?

    My mom also owns an insanely old Donkey Kong game. It's this orange handheld console, I'm not exactly sure what it's official name is or if it's just Donkey Kong. My mom got it probably well over 20-30 years ago so it's an old one. But still works!

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    Crash team racing was the best.

    Anyway the most retro things I've had are probably my ps1 my old gbc and if it counts a snes I don't have any rare games though
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    I happen to own a sega console which im very proud of
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