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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding spoilers, demo and game release! (Please read, important!)

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    Exclamation ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding spoilers, demo and game release! (Please read, important!)

    With only a month to the full game release of Sun/Moon, the demo's finally been released in most places and most, if not all information already leaked from it, so there's a ton of spoilers floating around the internet.
    Some people can't get the demo or the full game the very instant it's released, so please be mindful of those people who want to avoid the spoilers and tag your posts and use the spoiler function! Please use these tags for at least 1-2 months after the game's been released.

    To use the spoiler function, you put [spoiler*]Spoilers go between these two tags! But without the * mark. Just delete the * and it'll work.[/spoiler]

    When done without the *, it will look like this:
    Spoiler: (highlight to view)
    This is what it looks like!

    Highlight the box to see the spoiler! (It's not an actual spoiler, it's just example text, don't worry! I will make a thread where you can discuss spoilers and will link it here, DO NOT post any actual spoilers in this thread!)
    Feel free to try the function in this thread! This function also works in the chatbox.

    Please note that using these tags is extremely important and failing to do so may result in warnings or infractions.

    UPDATE: Please discuss spoilers in this thread:!
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