The last game i played before pokemon OR was pokemon platinum, hence i don't really have anything on hand to breed. I was trying for hours to get started up again but RNGeezus was not doing me any favors. I've been looking around on boards and sites dedicated to distributing obviously hacked 6iv dittos but they all require you to sign up 2 weeks in advance and conduct numerous trades AFTER those 2 weeks before supposedly handing you one. I'd go mad trying but in 2 weeks time i could probably hatch a 6iv whishmur and work from there, waiting 2 weeks is not something i'm willing to do.

After multiple days of failed breeding and egg-move shenanigans i'm now looking for a 6iv ditto. I won't be using it for shiny breeding so i don't care what region it's from or even what nature it has. I also don't care how it came into existence; at this point i'm desperately trying not to throw my 3ds out the window at every failed egg i hatch.

Please help me out.

IGN: rlag
ID No.: 49987
FC: 4914-6620-3356