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Thread: Book In Progress

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    Book In Progress

    Hi all, hope you're doing well.

    I began my writing here, on a Pokemon site of all places. So I thought it's be appropriate to share my newest
    project on here after 4+ years of not writing.
    Except for songs/poems, of course.

    Anyway, here is a book that I planned to start years ago, around the time that I left this site (I've done that a lot).
    I plan to update whenever I can, if I'm creative enough. Everything is there, I just need the motivation to put it into words and stuff. I have nothing obscene planned for this one, so don't worry, it just will have reeeeally sad moments.

    So yeah, enjoy, or not, I'll just be happy that someone actually reads even a bit lmao. I'm so inconsistent I might just pop
    back in here every other week, or year, but eh.

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    An interesting start! I'd be curious to see where this goes, do keep going!

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