• [SPOILER] Possible first gen 8 Pokemon revealed

    Today in the network traffic of Pokemon GO a new Pokemon was found. Not new to Pokemon Go, completely new. This Pokemon is tagged internally as Pokemon #891 and is expected to be the Pokemon that can be gifted from Pokemon Lets Go: Pikachu and Lets Go: Eevee in to Pokemon Go (being released in November). Of course the Pokemon may change between now and release but for now here's the Pokemon as it currently is:

    We'll keep you up to date with new information as it appears. For now, what are your thoughts on this rather unique design? Lets us know in the comments below.
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    1. S.A. Natsu's Avatar
      S.A. Natsu -
      i like it myself. just hope it isn't an evo of Ditto cuz that's just stupid. Hoping the answer is something better. It also doesn't look like a Ditto evo. But it does seem to appear to have something to do with it somehow. Very interesting